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Hi everyone - welcome to the December 2012 Due Date Club! 


Please de-lurk and introduce yourself! love.gif

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This is my first Due Date Club. I'm pregnant with #3 (who woulda thunk!). I haven't told anyone yet so I feel a little funny telling the interwebs first : ) but wanted to get the intros started.


I'm due December 2nd or so but both my first kiddos were more than a week late. I have very big babies... I'm praying for a 7lb-er but my clothes are already feeling tighter, alas, probably not meant to be.


I start work crazy early, something I wasn't doing with the first two pregnancies, so I'm a little worried about how I'll handle the nausea/fatique bit this time round.


I feel a little sad because my mom, who is a big part of my and the kids' life, is stridently opposed to anyone having more than two kids. (The source of our worst arguments.) So I'm trying to keep the pregnancy a secret from her for as long as possible. Oh well, I guess she'll get over it. I hope? But it gives this pregnancy a different feel.


Thanks for starting the group!

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Well hello! smile.gif My name is Kellie and I am a mama to two little boys, ages 2 and 4 and wife to an amazing husband. I just found out YESTERDAY that i'm pregnant with my third child! It was a bit of a surprise, but it's all good. According to an online due date calender, I'm due December 9th. What else is there to say...I also have a couple of blogs and I own a shop on Etsy. I am a big believer in natural and simple living. I try to follow a traditional foods/whole foods diet and I love it! I can't wait to meet all of you mamas and congratulations to us all!

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Glad to see Dec. DDC is finally up and running! 


DH and I found out a week ago that we are expecting our first. It was a natural conception after a year of infertility and a couple months of failed fertility treatments (Clomid, IUI). We had been NTNP while waiting for me to undergo surgery to correct some problems and to diagnose suspected endometriosis. That surgery was scheduled for today, in fact, and instead, we got to check in with the fertility specialist to look at the sesame seed on the ultrasound monitor. Everything looks great so far, and after a year of fearing that we might not get to experience this without a hell of a lot of medical assistance, I am just happy and grateful that it happened and that we are finally on our way to becoming parents. 


I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all better over the next several months. Happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancies to all!

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My name is Holly. I found out this morning that I'm pregnant with baby # 4. I"m really early, though, so who knows what might happen. I believe I'm 4w3d?? My LMP was 03/05, so I believe that means I'm due 12/12. This was a very unplanned pregnancy for us, lol. I'm graduating from nurse midwifery school in 4 weeks and DH is finishing up his first year of medical school. So needless to say this wasn't amazing timing, but we were using NFP in conjunction with a diaphragm, so we knew this was a possibility.


I have 3 boys. I VBAC (in a hospital). We vaccinate. We don't circumcise. I've been on MDC forever, but went lurking for a long time. We cloth diaper (mostly). So, yeah, that's us. :)

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Hello everyone :)


My name is Jess. I'm expecting baby #2 on Dec 10th. I have a 2 year old daughter that was also born in December so it's going to be a busy month for us! She was born Dec 26th and my husband is Dec 31st. I had a feeling we would have another December baby :) Nice to meet everyone!

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Little Griff you and I have the same due date mine is dec 2nd too!!! I had two miscarriages last year both at 7.5 weeks. We get pregnant fast but so far no luck in carrying a baby full term greensad.gif(( I pray this time is different. Hope we all carry healthy babies full term. I am not experiencing any nausea, but have an aversion to meat, have sore breasts and periodic pulling and tugging in the uterus area. My first docs apt is 4/10 I am very anxious that date can't come soon enough. Has anyone one had an ultra sound yet? Has anyone gained weight already as a result of pregnancy?
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Hello everyone! I was supposed to start Mon. (I'm always spot on schedule) so I took a test today and it was super faint. Couldn't stand it so I went out and bought a couple of those expensive ones and it also had a faint line. Still have one more so I can't wait until morning to try it again. But as of now I'm tentatively excited. I've also been super tired and starving so those are two of my main symptoms. This is my third pregnancy and we already have one Dec. baby and I wasn't thrilled about that but its all good. :) I guess I'll check in again tomorrow to confirm but if this is for real I'm due about Dec. 10th. We have two precious little girls who keep me pretty busy but in my "spare" time I like to refinish furniture. Nice to meet y'all!

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Hello everyone!


My due date is supposedly December 3rd! This is our first pregnancy, and my husband and I are over the moon about it. I tested 3 days before I was expecting my period because DH was leaving for a while that morning, and I wanted to find out while he was at home, if possible. It was our first cycle not charting to avoid (I just stopped charting, as much as you ever can when you've been doing it for years...) and I knew it was  distinct possibility that we would get a positive result, but I was pretty shocked when I saw that 2nd line! :-)


I've had lots of "cramp" type twinges and other symptoms, but no nausea yet. I'm hoping that stays true!

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Finally the December DDC is up and running! Got my BFP at 9dpo after 4 months of trying, so very excited! I'm due Dec 10 with our second DC. Planning another homebirth and slowly trying to live more sustainably. Can't wait to meet everyone!

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Yay! So happy to see the group started! Ok few words about me. I am a SAHM to a 3 year old girl and expecting our second somewhere in the first week of December smile.gif We are super excited especially because last 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage greensad.gif really hoping this one will stick!
Got some early symptoms of fatigue and some cramping/lower back pain, no nausea yet. I had extreme morning sickness with my daughter so hoping this little one will give a break this time! smile.gif

Happy to meet you all ladies! Hope we all have happy and healthy pregnancies!
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I am pregnant with number 5. What a surprise. I had been charting to avoid, but I swear I ovulated twice in March...Is that even possible?? I have 4 children under 7, and we'll be planning another UC. I'm due around Dec. 1st.
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YAY!! Congratulations to everyone!! My name is Nikki. My husband and I are expecting our 3rd child. We have been planning off and on since 09 to get pregnant. We are so excited. Our due date is Dec 18th. DH wants to wait to tell everyone until the faint lines turn bold. Faint lines don't seem 100% to him. I think he's worried about getting his hopes up. We have 2 beautiful daughters. We are military currently serving over seas and loving it. I've have backaches, sore breast, lil nauseous, some cramps, and LOTS of fatigue. I can't wait to grow with all of you. 

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Hi everyone! 


We are expecting our first and are so excited! My due date should be around 12/7 according to an online calendar, which is my birthday. :) Excited to hear more about you all and learn from you -  especially ones who have experienced all this bliss!  I have my first appointment on 4/10 for blood work. My husband works and is in school for software developing and I work as a pediatric nurse. We love the outdoors, and healthy, simple living. 


Nice to meet you all! 


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Nice to meet you all. I am due with my third very late Novemeber or early late December. I wasn't keeping very good records so I'll need a dating ultrasound next week. Dh is...neutral on the concept right now. Still trying to get over the early pregnancy hurdle plus CVS before I consider this a "real" bundle of joy. But I really like to have another child so I hope it is sticky and healthy.

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Hi all! Welcome, and congrats to everyone. love.gif


We are cautiously excitedly crazily expecting our third. I have a son who will be six in May and a daughter who was three last November. We'd been on the fence about a third for a while, and had just decided to go for it and BAM, pregnant first cycle. We're both a bit stunned but happy, especially considering I needed some fertility help for both the other pregnancies. I'm a little nervous because I did have an early miscarriage between the two stickies, but I'm trying to be chill about it. If all goes well the due date is Dec 6. This will be a second VBAC for me. First was "emergency" eyesroll.gif cesarean, second was an amazing HBAC, this one will also be an HBAC. I have this feeling about twins, so if that turns out to be true it will certainly make for an interesting birth planning experience. I want to feel out my potential midwives' feelings on twin home VBACs without freaking them out. lol.gif


I'm a SAHM and trained doula, though not currently taking clients. DH is a computer programmer. I'm currently also caring for my mom who has terminal cancer and moved to live in our town about a year ago. She doesn't require a lot of care yet actually, but is dependent on me in other ways so I definitely feel the "sandwich generation" thing going on. Taking it one day at a time and appreciating all the good stuff as much as I can!


That's about it. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Hello ladies!!! Today, while educating my almost 5 year old about childbirth, (I was drawing a placenta for her, :) she told me she would love to be my doula for the next baby in my belly!! Then I had that "oh crap" moment and ran over to the calendar. Sure enough, I am already a week and a half late and the only times I have ever been late were my two other previous pregnancies. So, DH picked up a few tests for me today and sure enough, as soon as the pee hit the stick there was a BFP!!!  This was totally not planned, as we just bought and were renovating an rv, getting ready to be fulltimers this summer. So, plans have already changed!! AGH!!

I'm super excited for this baby though and know how incredibly blessed we are to have it. I have two daughters, almost 5 and 2.5 and this will be my second home birth. I'm also a birth doula and have a wonderful community of birthy friends, but am so excited to share on here! My due date is 12/3 but I carry pretty late so I'm just hoping to have this one before the end of the year! biggrinbounce.gif

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Hi everyone!


I am 5 weeks pregnant with our second child. We have one DD who is 2.5 years. We are due Dec 5.


I am feeling a little nervous jumping in as I had two early miscarriages last year and we've had a long infertility journey to have kids at all (all my pregnancies have been IVF conceived). But my blood work this week has been great, good strong betas that are doubling appropriately and I just "feel" like this is going to work, more than the other 2 miscarriages. Plus I am already feeling pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs, queasy, EXHAUSTED, totally turned off food, and emotional) and have been since like 3 1/2 weeks!


I WOH F/T as a nurse (doing project work until the end of Nov which means no shift work - yay!) and am finishing up my MN - will be done in June.


Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Hi everyone!  My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 5 long years and just found out I am pregnant... it was such a surprise and so completely unexpected!  We were struggling with MFI and "cured" it through a lot of research, perseverance and patience.  My period was a week late and I had started taking vitex this month so I thought the vitex was just delaying my cycle... nope!  So far I have been having a heavy, bloated, crampy (but not like AF cramps) feeling in my stomach.  My due date would be 12/7.  


I love our group icon of the pregnant mama walking in the snow.  Looking forward to a Christmas baby!  

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Hi ladies! My name is Selena and hubs and I have three kids as it is. Hopefully, this one will be our fourth. We were not trying for another child AT ALL, so it was quite shocking to see the positive test result...lol. We're in a 3BD/2BA house, so we're hoping it's a girl since our boys are already sharing a room. Heading to the doctor in a couple of days for my first exam. Hope we all have healthy, happy journeys!

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