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Welcome, welcome ladies!! 

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So excited and happy to see all the new mamas!! Welcome!!

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Welcome nosreves! Sounds like it has been an exciting journey getting to 10+ weeks! So happy to have you in the DDC!

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Hi! I'm a little late to the party and glad to find this group. I'm almost 12w with baby #2. My dating scan is next week. I'm eager to see our baby since right now I'm between the constant nausea and the constant kicking. In contrast to my pregnancy with DS (5 y/o), I kind of forget about this kid sometimes, lol. Here's to happy and healthy pregnancies, ladies!

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smile.gif exciting to have you join cieloazul!!!
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Hi ladies! I'm a little late too.  I'm 12 weeks tomorrow - due 12/13.  I'm excited to be here!

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Welcome Mother Rising!!

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Hi. I am Michele. I have 7 girls and 1 son. We live in NY and moving to AZ shortly after this baby is born. 


Hoping for a home birth, but not finding a MW here. Today is my 1st real appt

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Welcome, lovemyzoo. Hope your appointment today went well.
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It didn't go, I was late so we had to change it. Not sure why it is going to take an hour like they said but what ever

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Hi! I'm Jes, pregnant with my third and last. My family is dh 30, me 30, dd 9,ds almost 2 and this surprise little bean!

This is my first year sahm-ing and our last year (most likely) homeschooling lol.gif both of my other pregnancies brought me summer babies (Aug 12 and July 30 leos), so I am wondering what it will be like to have a winter baby-I've never had a newborn in the super cold months, my newbies could just go in a diaper/onesie! And it gets cold here (western CO US) cold.gif

My edd is early Jan, but I expect baby anytime after Dec 22 or so smile.gif I hope you all don't mind me following this ddc! I'm right on the fence of Dec/Jan, so we'll see.

I think/hope we're having a girl but not sure if we'll find out--we didnt w ds but did w dd. When I was pg w dd, I knew she was a girl and knew her name, and I feel that way with this one, but maybe it's just me wanting a sweet little senorita again and if I'm going to have two littles close in age, why not boy/girl? innocent.gif

Let's see, lately I'm into traditional foods, gardening (or rather eating the food from my garden lol.gif ), and sleeping as much as possible. Some day I'll do creative things again lol (really want to learn more about the fiber arts, I'm actually slowly weaving my first basket) and get back on my long term plan of working in breastfeeding/postpartum support. For now, I'm just tired and busy battling the laundry monster lol.gif

Good to be here! I like the vibe of this group joy.gif
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Welcome craft media hero!!! 

:) your certainly welcome here with all of us. And i think your right :) we have a lovely supportive vibe happening here!

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Hello, everyone! I am de-lurking @ 13 weeks now that I am starting to feel a bit better and can stay up past 7 pm :)


I have one son, who was born at home in April, 2010. We're planning another homebirth this time around, although I am taking a very relaxed approach to this pregnancy. In fact, between staying home with my 2 year old, working half-time once DP gets home to watch the LO and getting our garden up & running I have barely had time to wrap my head around the whole thing. Very different than my last pregnancy, for sure! Last time I gained *way* more weight than I would have liked (I never got a final count, but it had to have been >60 lb) and I had just about gotten back to pre-preg weight when I got pregnant again. I'm really hoping to keep it in check this time, especially because I am not one of those people who lose the baby weight easily when breastfeeding greensad.gif.

Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit more joy.gif

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Welcome, welcome Watchedpot! Anytime I get down close to pre-pregnancy weight,  I get pregnant again! HA! Glad you are feeling well again! 

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Hi, everybody!


My name is Wendy, and I'm expecting my third baby on Christmas Day.  It's been a long time -- my son will be almost ten, and my daughter twelve when this baby comes!  It feels like the first time all over again.  It is the first for my partner and I, her first ever.  We are thrilled, after having tried for a long time with donor IUI for her to get pregnant.  Once we decided to change gears and try with me, I got pregnant the first time (seems like another lesbian cliche; I have heard the same story so often!).  But we are both thrilled now that this little one is on the way!!  I am a former birth doula and childbirth educator, and a current nurse and NP student.


Good luck to all of you for a great pregnancy!

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Welcome Wendy!!!!

Thats so exciting!! Is your partner and children thrilled? I would have loved a little brother or sister when I was 10/12!! Im sure they will too!

Did you go over or under with your son and daughter? :) Or will you really be expecting a Christmas babe?



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Hi everyone!  I'm Lizzie.  I'm a bit late to the party - I'm due December 1st so almost 17 weeks along.  I live in California in the San Francisco Bay Area with my hub.  I'm from England originally but I have lived here a while.  I have three girls - an 8 yr old and 5 yr old identical twins. I also lost a little girl who had a lethal birth defect - she would have been 6 this year  We are expecting a boy this time round - we are so surprised as we just assumed it would be another girl!  We are hoping for a homebirth with this one.  My first was born at home and the twins were a hospital birth.  I expect that he will be born well into December.  My first was born at 42wks+2 and my twins were born at 41 wks after being induced (and I know my body wasn't ready - it was torture!).


Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome CaMummy - good for you for carrying twins for 41 weeks! I know that's one of the biggest issues with multiples - getting them to stay put & cook long enough! Welcome to the group, and congrats on your boy!

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Hi everyone, I'm Courtney and my husband and I are excited to be expecting our first baby! I'm 13w2d along and generally feeling great. We had our first midwife appt 2 weeks ago and heard the very strong heartbeat on the doppler. We live in Anchorage Alaska and just bought our first house (a fixer upper!) 2 months ago so we are definitely going all our this year.

I've been really into researching things we can make for the baby ourselves and generally taking a minimalist approach. Today I made a bunch of baby wipes on my sewing machine out of old flannel items and scraps from other projects. Next project idea is wool soakers.

We have told immediate family and close friends, and I'm starting to tell other friends because I just can't contain myself. Right now my biggest worry is telling my boss. I work at a small non profit - only 5 staff. I'm nowhere near showing but feel like a weight would be lifted if I just came out with it. Also, Anchorage is a big small town and my boss dates a woman who is within my circle of friends, and I don't want him to hear it from her, which is stopping me from spreading the news. Sigh....

Glad to be here!
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