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Possible twins....eek!!!

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Hi ladies! Just needed to get this out, lol! I'm 8 weeks pg with #6 and had a confirmation blood test yesterday. My doc's office called to say my levels were really high and I needed to have an u/s to rule out twins or check to see if I'm further along than I think. Twins do run in my family...a lot. Needless to say I'm a bit freaked out, lol. Yikes!!

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That's exciting!  When are you getting your US?

Does your uterus feel bigger?

I'm not having twins but I'm already stalking my uterus....:)

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I'm going back right now to find out if I'm having twins.  First ultrasound was a week ago today, we saw 2 (2!!!!!!) heartbeats in two different places but the doc couldn't see a second baby... just a blob.  Baby was only measuring 6w6d at the time (according to lmp I should've been 9 weeks).  A second doc came in and they both scratched their heads and kept saying "hmmmm"  or "I'm not really sure".  I'm insanely sick and my stomach hurts SO bad the pain is unbearable.  Hopefully they'll be able to tell me if it's twins.


For the record, I DID NOT KNOW bfing increases your chance of fraternal twins by 9xs!!!!!!!  AHH.

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I definitely thought I was having twins.  By chance I had an u/s right as I was ovulating.  After I found out I was pg I got the report back and there were 2 follicles!  Then I was getting my hcg checked and it was doubling really fast.  I went for an u/s last week and there was only one.  I would have been super excited to have twins, but I just really super excited to see that heartbeat!  Good luck!!

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I don't feel any different...uterus is barely detectable by me (although mine is a bit tilted so I have trouble finding it in the beginning). I'm just a bit queasy, super emotional & sore bbs (my normal baby girl symptoms). I go in Wednesday morning to find out. I'm trying to stay calm and enjoy this family filled weekend and just be patient til I know. My mom says she would be thrilled bc she's always wanted me to have twins and my husband is pretty calm and just says we'll be fine if it is. I'm a worrier though and all I can think about is needing such a large car and how we already need a new house but this would really put us over the edge and how am I going to homeschool 4 kids and watch a toddler while taking care of two wee ones. I'm sure if that's the case we'll figure it out and I'll chill, lol.

I did not know the bfing thing....good lord! I've been bfing for 10 years straight!!!

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The same happened to me with DS2--and there was only one. I was quite disappointed lol.gif

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Haha! I've definitely wanted it in the past but now I think I'll be pretty nervous. uhoh3.gif

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Oh my goodness! That sounds terribly exciting and scary all at once! I don't quite now what I would do in your situation...keep us updated.

My friend just found out that she is having her second set of twins...so this will make babies 5 & 6 for them...they were definitely surprised.



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Gray's Mommy:  I have a Grey too!  Except it's just Grey.  Is yours Grayson?  Anyway, beautiful name :)



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Sky, did you find out if indeed there are twins?!

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No not yet...my u/s appt is at 9:45 tomorrow! I'll definitely post back when I know. I'm soooo anxious! I keep having brief moments of terror and then brief moments of possible excitement, lol!

PS- To the Grey/Gray mommies...I adore the name Grayson! I had an uncle Grayson that my family didn't always get along with otherwise I would definitely have that on my list of names, haha!

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Ooh, exciting!!


DS2's name is Jasper Gray :)

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Home from the u/s (and some other errands). Just one baby in there and measuring on time with what I thought! The tech said 8 weeks and 5 days and I thought 9 weeks today so pretty close. All that panic, worry, excitement for no reason! *sigh* I'm happy though. Twins would have been a welcome surprise a few kids ago but now not as much, lol! Heartrate was around 170-180 and little one was so tiny & cute! love.gif

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Wow, great news! Congrats.

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I'm so glad things worked out how you hoped, and that baby is healthy! :D  Congratulations!

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