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can we talk about weight?

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weight.  i hate it and yet i am obsessed.  i weigh myself every day, and usually two times a day.  sometimes three.  sometimes every time i go to the bathroom.  i have been overweight my whole life.  i have been on a diet pretty much since i was in 6th grade.  the weight "rules" for overweight pregnant women really piss me off, and complicating the issue further is that i had preeclampsia in my first pregnancy.  being overweight is a risk factor.  well, here i am pregnant with my second and at about the same starting weight as my last pregnancy.  my midwife gave me a pointed look at our first appointment yesterday and mentioned a "special diet" for preeclampsia, which is the brewer diet and don't get me started on that.  i know my diet is better than it was in my last pregnancy, and i am exercising which i pretty much gave up on for the first 5 months of my first pregnancy.  i just got back from a run, in fact.  i also used to drink a lot with my friends, and i have given that up totally.  j've have 1-2 glasses of wine max at a time since my son was born 2 years ago. 


all that to say, i know i am a lot HEALTHIER than i was with my first pregnancy.  BUT.  the weight on the scale does not reflect that.  i lost about 35lbs last year, and gained back about 25 of them over the holidays.  irked.gif  not helping my "healthier" argument one bit here...


anyway.  i just wanted to talk about it and hear some of your stories too.  have you gained weight so far?  i am 8 weeks today and i have gained 2-3lbs.  my weight fluctuates that much in a week anyway, so i am not too worried about that, but i was wondering if that was "normal" or "average" or "hugely fat."  what about you all?

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I don't know.  I won't step on a scale.  I am scared, though.  I started this pregnancy heavier than I wanted to be.  I was losing weight, but still had a lot to go.  Now, the first part of the day has me either out of my mind starving or out of my mind nauseous and eating solves both.  BUT, if I stop eating the hunger/nausea comes back.  Then midday hits and I feel great, then the second half of the day I have this feeling like I ate too much and don't want to eat anything.  Luckily, I am only interested in really healthy food (except for a rare milkshake, which I think I will force myself to give up), lots of protein, not many carbs, but not as many veggies as I usually eat (all my favorites make me want to gag right now).  I don't know how this is going to turn out for me greensad.gif  I did join back at the gym and have started back to swimming.  I swam during my last pregnancy and it really helped me with not feeling awful physically as my pregnancy progressed.  I am hoping this time it helps to keep my weight somewhat in check.  I have never had a provider hound me about my weight, but I know I am concerned this time.

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i was a lil over weight last yr, but healthy eating and regular cardio +weights training helped me lose 35 lbs. over the holidays i gained back 15lbs though :(

and since being pregnant (almost 8 weeks now) - i still go to the gym every 4-5 days / week, but i am so tired these days that i barely run...just manage to walk 3-4 miles and thats it. 


So far in last 2 months, i have been eating more than usual...feel hungry all the time !

And i am obsessed with weight too...so i weigh once everyday....

although i haven't gained weight in last whole month, but i have grown fat.... i can't fit anymore in my regular jeans. I feel bloated!

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I was not overweight before getting pregnant- I was doing the paleo diet and eating pretty low carb.  As much as I resolved to stay low carb this time, that has flown out the window.  I can't stand many veggies that I used to eat in large quantities and I'm mostly craving carbs.


I don't own a scale so that I cannot obsess about my weight (I surely would obsess if I did own one).   But I do weigh myself when I visit my dad.  So I know for a fact that I have gained over 8 pounds so far :-(  I say "over" b/c that was 2 weeks ago and I know that I have gained even more since then.  I'm not eating huge quantities of food, but for me, the carbs just pack it on... coupled with the sluggishness and fatigue that keep me on the couch a lot and it's just not good.  I'm hoping things will slow down/even out once the 2nd trimester energy boost hits.

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I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and I've already gained 3-4 pounds.  I am 5'6" and typically weigh about 139.  I gained about forty pounds with my other two pregnancies.  I am really hoping to keep it more around 30 lbs this go around but we will see.  I have a heinous sweet tooth that is only amplified during pregnancy.  It is even more difficult when I have a bowl of candy and constant pastries staring me down at work!  No matter how hard I try to stick to munching my apples and eating my yogurt the sweets always win me over.

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I'm 9w3d and have gained 7 pounds - but that was taken when I got my BFP around 5 weeks right after I had the stomach virus.  I still had about 10 pounds or so to get to my pre-baby weight as I just had a baby 13 months ago.  I've gained at least 60# with each of my pregnancies.  I'm bloated right now, and I'm not eating that crazy amounts but I'm having some terrible issues with being "regular". 

I'm trying to drink more water and to not fall into the sugar trap.  I remember with my first being so nauseous and eating bags of jelly beans in one sitting...  I've been trying to make healthy choices - eating an apple instead of candy, nuts instead of chips, etc.  Of course as I'm tryping this all I can think about is the bag of Dove easter eggs in my nightstand.  Good grief.

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Weight and pregnancy is a really big deal to me. I can't prove it, but I suspect that one of the reasons I lost my first two babies was because I was too thin. The first time I got pregnant, my BMI was 19.2. The second time I got pregnant, my BMI was 18.7. Though I don't know if my weight played a factor, it is true that the miscarriage rate for women with a BMI of 19 or less is significantly higher than for women with a BMI in the low- to mid- 20's. If I'm remembering the statistic right, it's about the same miscarriage rate as for obese women.


(Now I know BMI isn't a good measure of a healthy body. But since the figures for miscarriage are measured against BMI, that's what I'm using.)


When I got pregnant with my daughter, I had worked really hard to get my weight back to something reasonable for my height. I started out the pregnancy almost 10 lbs heavier than I was at the previous pregnancy, with a BMI of 20.2. It was a good, healthy weight for me, and I gained a solid, healthy 25 lbs during the pregnancy. I felt good about myself. I felt really happy about my weight the whole time. The only sticky point was that I tested borderline for gestational diabetes.


This time, I'm starting 5 lbs above my starting weight for my last pregnancy. That makes 15 lbs I've gained in the last 4 years. I'm still not overweight, but I'm starting to not like my body quite as much. I have to keep reminding myself that the extra fat I've got is going to help me carry this baby and also help me with breastfeeding when it's born. Of course, I am more concerned about GD this time. I'm hoping to avoid it, but since I'm starting off 5 lbs heavier, and I'm already gaining weight faster, I'm not feeling super optimistic. But I'm going to do my best.


I do weigh myself every day. I've done this ever since my first miscarriage. I step on the scale every night right before I step into the shower. It's a routine for me, and it's helpful for me to watch the trends. I know that I gain weight in the spring and summer that I always lose in the fall and winter. I know what my normal weight range is, so I don't really worry about those minor fluctuations. It's been good for me, and it's actually helped me obsess less about my weight.


Now if only my scale would stop telling me that my body is 40% fat...

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I still had 10lbs to get back to prepregnancy weight to lose when I got my BFP for this pg.  (Which doesn't include another 5lbs I needed to lose from my first pregnancy.)  I have gained 40+lbs with each of my pregnancies; lost 35lbs the first time and lost 30 the second.  Usually I gain a pound a week from the beginning, so the fact that I haven't put on any appreciable weight is a big deal to me.  (This morning's weight shows NO weight gain this pregnancy.  It's fluctuated up to 2lbs above prepregnancy, but that's all.)  I am hoping to gain a little less this time because of how high I'm starting, so I'm shooting for maybe 30-35lbs.  I know I gain a LOT of water weight, so I'm okay with my weight going up a good amount.  My BMI is at the top of the healthy range, but still fine.


I'm showing, though.  I don't know if it's because I know I'm pregnant now (since I've still looked pregnant ever since ds was born) or if my body's rearranging itself.

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I am definitely overweight.  I'm healthy though, and that is what I am trying to focus on.  It's hard, but I am lucky to have a supportive doctor, who doesn't comment on my weight at my pregnancy appointments. In fact, that is one of the reasons I picked him.  I am trying to make some healthier choices, but I know that now is not the time to lose weight, or try to diet.  I just want to give my baby the best nutrition I can.  I am going to ask the nurse at my Dr's office to not tell me what I weigh, because I don't want to know.  I want to focus on the baby - not lbs.  It's hard, but I think for me that is the thing that will keep me most happy/healthy.

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I was working full time and going to graduate school full time before i got pregnant with my first. Heaviest ever. I lost 15 pds in the first trimester because of ms and no alchohol and gained an average amount during the pregnancy. BUT I love 60 pounds in the first 8 weeks post-partum with nursing. Basically, all of the pregnancy weight was gone in a flash (must have had a lot of fluid) and all the graduate school weight. Being thin was awesome again.


Second pregnancy I was super thin at the start and gained more weight because I got into a habit of eating a lot of sweets and carbs while nursing. And much less ms.  I did burn a lot of calories (and donated more than 700 oz of bm) but not enough. I hung on to ten pouds post-partum and GAINED 20 pds in the last 2.5 years.


So this time around, I need to be really, really careful with diet and sweets. And exercise, must exercise more.

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I also was doing the paleo diet before I got PG - lost 82 pounds since last June.  However, I just can't handle it right now.  Most protein and vegetables make me want to gag, so I've been eating a lot of eggs and sausage (and bagels).   I really would only like to gain 15 pounds this pregnancy, but we will see. So far, there has been no change in my weight.

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I normally weigh around 114-116 prepregnancy and have no idea how much I weigh now. I don't own a scale since my sister has an eating disorder & I don't give her tempation. I normally gain 25-30 pounds and do the Brewer diet for protein. It helps develop an awesome placenta!!  I haven't had any issues losing the weight...I give myself 8 months to get back to "normal" . I figure it doesn't go on overnight, so it shouldn't disappear overnight either.


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Weight - it hasn't been my friend in the past.  But once I went to a Paleo diet (animal protein, vegetables, minimum fruit, and fats) I have stabilized my weight and am healthier than I ever have been before.  The kicker for me is hyperemesis in the beginning.  The one thing I can keep down well is carbs (which I don't usually ever eat) so I've gained more weight in the first trimester than I would want to (probably 5 lbs) but I expect that once the nausea stops I'll just go back to eating my normal menu so it will be just the baby associated weight that I gain in 2nd and 3rd try versus overeating weight.  I actually miss eating my usual way but I just can't keep down certain foods.  :(

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I'm 7w5d today and my weight has been fluctuating depending on how much I'm eating (which depends on how nauseous I feel). I was about 126-127 when I found out I was pregnant and was 123 this morning. :\ I'm sure it will even out when I'm further along.

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I am terrified of gaining weight this time... and go figure I have already gained 5 lbs  (at 6w) because all I want to eat is carbs, which I usually don't do.


I gained 39lbs with DS1 (trying to follow Brewer but on crap food--we had no kitchen, and I'd end up getting my protein from McD's or the like a few times a week because fast food was cheap (ugh!)), but a bunch of it was water and all the weight was gone by 8-10w PP. I started my next pg at the same start weight, but had a m/c at 10w and then managed to gain another 8 lbs in the next month because I was so depressed and just ate sugar. We conceived DS2 that same cycle, so I started 10lbs heavier. Only gained 22lbs (didn't aim for as much protein this time but also ate much healthier), BUT aside from that first 10lbs that came off with the birth, it took over a year to lose the next 10, and even then I was still 10 lbs over my original pre-pg weight (158), which, for a woman of 5'5" is still overweight. I stayed at that weight until the start of this year. Calorie counting & cardio did nothing. For most of last year I was eating 1200 calories + whatever I burned from running, and lost and gained the same 4lbs over and over.


We went Paleo at the end of February, and started with a bang by doing the Whole30. I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks, finally this side of a healthy BMI (though just, and not that it's really a good thing to go by, but was nice to see "normal" for the first time). We'd just finished the Whole30 when I found out I was pregnant (major surprise baby--the Whole30 healed my LPD). And I am struggling big time, because I have already gained 5 lbs back. All I want is carbs. And raw milk. I've finally just lost half of the weight I want to lose, and now I will inevitably regain it. Ugh.


As soon as I'm feeling halfway decent again, I'm going to go back to paleo/primal--will probably keep my grassfed butter and raw milk. I honestly feel so much better eating like that, and I don't crave carbs or eat a lot of fruit, either. I really do not want to gain a bunch of weight this time. If anything, I am hoping to improve my body composition. A long shot, perhaps, but I have heard a lot of paleo women have done the same during pregnancy.

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Ugh...rough subject for me. I have a lot of weight to lose and this pregnancy was sooo unexpected. I was in a good groove of losing but still had a good 50lbs to go to get to goal. I've gained 60+ lbs with both of my previous pregnancies and I just hope to god I can keep it to like 20lbs this pregnancy. I'm like 8w4d right now and am up 1-2 lbs already (fluctuating) so I can't say it's going swimmingly at this point disappointed.gif

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I am already up 10 lbs and my goal is to only gain 20lbs this pregnancy, since I still have 20lbs of baby weight to go from DS. I have been excersizing and eating healthy. I dont know what the deal is. I do eat alot more just to curve my morning sickness, but snack on healthy stuff. I don't allow sugar in my house (because I would eat it all if It was).  I guess I am going to try not to obsess about it, but I really dont want to gain a ton of weight. I was fitting into my "fat jeans" from before DS  before I got pregnant again, now sad to say maternity pants are way more comfy and I think I will be putting my "fat jeans" on the shelf for awile. 


I also feel like I look way more then 10 weeks pregnant (more like 5 months).

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I'm nine weeks and started pre-pregnancy at about 123. Right now I am 130. I'm 5'5".  My first pregnancy I ended up being 200 lbs by nine months! It was very uncomfortable and I got really depressed. Second pregnancy I was about 180. I felt much better and was more mindful of my activity and what I put in my mouth(no more pints of ben and jerry's!!!) The weight thing is honestly the most difficult thing for me in pregnancy. It takes me a while to surrender to the fact that my body changes a lot during pregnancy. I have been practicing yoga for years and teaching as well. Plus I am a birth doula, so I often feel hypocritical to even go there with myself and the feelings of disappointment with my body and weight gain, as it is not what i "preach" to others.(i don't really preach, but you know what i mean!) Honestly, I feel my best when I am thin. Not skeleton unhealthy, just really fit. Calling myself out here...eeks! Sometimes I think I have some body image issues. I know I eat very healthy(except for the whatever works meat and carb fest of the first trimester!!!) and that I am strong and that as women our bodies can change tremendously. Creating a mantra for myself: I LOVE MY GODDESS BODY!!!  Gotta love the body that nurtures the baby! Surround that babe with LOVE!!!

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It's been great to hear everyone's stories! It really gives me some perspective. I think I have managed to not gain in the last 1-2 weeks. I feel pretty good about that.
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My problem is not pregnancy weight gain, as I usually lose 5-15 lbs in the first trimester. My problem is that about 6 weeks after my babies are born, and after I'm down to 110-115 lbs, my hormones go wacky from breastfeeding and I gain 25-35 lbs in just a few weeks. irked.gif But as soon as I start weaning my babies and my cycle comes back, I easily drop most all that extra weight without having to do much. Since I was still nursing and my cycles hadn't really stabilized yet when I got pregnant this time, I am carrying a bit more weight than I feel comfortable with. I am 5'3" and weigh in at about 125-130 right now.  I feel most comfortable around 110-115, I have a very petite bone structure, but I have a big bubble behind and a 34F chest. I am trying to build some extra muscle this pregnancy in hopes that it will help my hormones regulate and not want to keep such a large fat reserve for nursing. lol.gif

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