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I know how you feel, Katie.  We have been trying for 5 years and I can't believe I'm pregnant.  It seems very surreal and I'm also so attached to the baby and I want this baby to stick more than anything... I worry in the back of my head about a miscarriage but so far everything seems great and I try not to worry to much.   I would rather daydream about having the baby...


My symptoms so far have been a heavy feeling in my stomach - I feel bloated.  I also feel faint at times and I get really hot at night and wake up around 4 or 5 am.  I keep turning the thermostat down so it's below 60.  My husband is freezing and I'm still so hot! 

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Excited to be posting here!
3 weeks 4 days
Sore boobs, tired, FREQUENT URINATING, weird cravings (burnt salty fried eggs 2 hours after I went to bed last night ha ha)
That's about it!!
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I thought I had the stomach flu!  I got so sick I had to go to bed for fear of throwing up.  You'd think I'd recognize morning sickness by now!  lol


I've had hyperemesis with my last 3 pregnancies so I'm a little nervous about what I know is coming.  I've done a lot of researching and have some new things to try...hoping for some relief!

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I began to suspect something was up when I fell asleep putting my toddler to bed and still felt exhausted the next day. My breasts are tender and feel heavier than they have in a long time. Also, I feel some mild nausea. I expect that will intensify over the next week or so.

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One thing I've noticed is being tired very early. Also, just in the last few days I'm having trouble comfortably wearing a few pairs of my pants. I think this is just bloating, right? Eep! Further, I'm snacking all day. I've been getting nauseous if I let my belly get too empty. I've also been experiencing intermittent twinges in what feels like my upper tummy area. I think this is just indigestion. I'm generally a super healthy eater, so maybe this is a symptom?

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One word: EXHASTED!!! Napping every day with my 3 year old! Lol
Not sure if its pregnancy or my super active DD?! No nausea yet, but I am sure it will get me in a week or so wink1.gif
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Is there anyone not having symptoms?  I'm only 4w5d but I'm having no symptoms - no breast tenderness, no nausea, no bloating.  Its kind of hard to believe that I am pregnant.  Took another test and it is definately positive!

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I wish I were having no symptoms! That sounds delightful! But I don't generally feel anything until about 6w myself. So it may come ... but I hear there really are women who don't. How I envy them. I'd have gobs of babies if that were so for me.

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WOW- I am 5 weeks along and I didnt expect to have any symptoms this early! I am SO TIRED. I have definitely has a few bouts of nausea already, and am experiencing loads of cramping/stretching/bloating or whatever you want to call it. Last night I got up off the couch and felt like I pulled a muscle- ouch! I think it was ligament stretching. And ofcourse- there is the breast tenderness. I really hope all of this is normal- I am paying waay more attention to my body, of course, so there is that to consider. I'm so excited to experience all of this womanly goodness with you all! :)

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I am right around 7 weeks and starting to have nausea, have no appetite, and feeling extremely tired. I've always been full of energy, now can hardly get off the couch. Work days have become so long and exhausting. I hope this feelings goes away soon.  :(

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