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Let go/ stuck with?

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Have we had this topic before? If so, forgive me, my memory isn't what it use to be.

We all had ideas of what sorts of things we were going to do with our babies. Some we have stuck with and others we have let go... Or like me, never started. So what has it been for you?

Things I have stuck with-
Cloth diapering (I think I've surprised even myself with how long I've stuck with it
BAby led weaning

Things I let go-
Elimination communication- I got good at catching her poops around the time we moved, then after the move i got sort of lazy with it and now we don't do it at all

Sign language- I read the first page of the book someone gave us and that's about it

Baby wearing- I still wear her when we are out on the town, which isn't often but after my fall and her injury, I don't wear her on our daily walks around base.
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Good idea! I have to admit that I never was around babies much, so my expectations were pretty small, but I still had a few:


Stuck with:

*cloth diapers. I agree with you Stormy that I'm surprised at myself. It's super easy and I don't really spend any more time on it than with disposables.

*pumping at work, even though it's a pain in the a$$

*being minimalist with stuff. I skipped the infant car seat, didn't buy many toys, minimal clothes. although somehow the stuff is slowly creeping into the house...


Let go:

*getting any kind of exercise :(  the whole 9 months on, 9 months off idea seemed so great to me... except now I'm 1 1/2 months away from 9 months and nothing is off.

*spending any 1on1 time with DH

*let go of the idea that equal parenting meant doing everything even-steven. I think DH and I are pretty close to equal in our parenting, but that means that he does more of some things and I do more of other things. We used to share most of our "duties" as 50/50, so sometimes one of us starts to feel like they are doing the lion's share of things around the house, until we talk about it with each other and realize the other person is doing just as much, just different stuff. But it's hard.

*being stroller-free. I don't have one yet, but I want a jogging stroller so badly! I'm waiting until we figure out if we are staying in HI before buying one more thing that we'll have to ship back to the mainland.



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Stuck with:


cloth diapering


baby-led weaning


Gave up:

baby wearing. My back couldn't take it.

no plastic. I'm picky, but the teethers are nice (I like the ones with water that you freeze)

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Stuck with :



BLW'ing (like I could stop.  The kid is a freaking vacuum cleaner...)



Let go:

Pumping to build a stash/offer a bottle so we could go out alone.  Finn won't take thawed milk.  So.  Oh well.  Guess he won't take a bottle, lol.

Using the cosleeper.  Finn sleeps with me and DH is upstairs.  Works wonderfully and we all sleep as well as we can!

I only CD part time, like I did with DD.  I thought I'd be more "into it" this time.  Nope.  It's just who I am.  I can't do it 100% of the time.



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stuck with:

- cloth diapering. in fact, i totally love it way more than i thought i would. is that weird?

- breastfeeding

- cosleeping (planned on using the cosleeper, ended up bed-sharing)



let go:


*let go of the idea that equal parenting meant doing everything even-steven.


- yeah just the way things work out, it just means dh does a lot more of the things i would do around the house or to support me (ex. i breastfeed the baby, he will fetch me the boppy or my water bottle or my phone or whatever while my butt is stuck on the couch). which is cool and all, but dangit if only there were some nights i could be happily snoring away while he feeds and cuddles the baby every hour or so

- the idea that magically we could come up with more money that i could be a sahm before my maternity leave went out :(

- the idea that my sex life and house cleanliness and butt size would return to normal with little to no effort on my part


wasn't expecting to love but i did:

- babywearing - started doing it with her reflux issues, stayed for the baby snuggles and our little bonding time after work

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Originally Posted by nettles View Post


stuck with:

- cloth diapering. in fact, i totally love it way more than i thought i would. is that weird?



No, I love it, too :)

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Originally Posted by Beckily View Post

No, I love it, too :)

Me too!




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We are 8 months in and here is where we are


Stuck with:


Cloth diapering

Baby wearing; my absolute fav but means DH thinks I'm "hogging" the baby.  He needs to shed a few lbs before he can comfortably use the carriers.

Bed Sharing

Baby Led Weaning

EC- we have been doing it since two weeks and it's really working for us.  It was especially important on our last trip.  With the exception of 2 morning poops and the last day where teething came on full force, we caught all his poops which made doing laundry so much easier

Working part time:  So far, I've stuck to my guns which is hard for me because I'm such a workaholic but I enjoy being with my son so much more.  I'm considering going back full time once he hits a year so I can pay off my student loans and then be a full time SAHM after we have baby #2.


Let go:


Working out:  I just have never gone back.  Outside of getting in walks I really don't do much physical exercise.  My diastisis and prolapse should be a motivator but have just become an excuse Boo

Self expressing my freezer stash.  It was too exhausting while at work so I broke down and bought a pump at the 6 mo mark which has turned out to be a blessing because since then I have become a milk donor. 

Romance;  I'll admit it, my love life stinks.  I just have no desire and DTD is still uncomfortable which isn't helping the cause. 

Trying to keep the house as clean as I'd like it:  It's just impossible with a slob of a husband and a remodel that is still ongoing.  I've truly given up on this.  I will revisit it another day.  My house will be clean some day.

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Stuck with:

Nursing - Seth is still EBF at 7 months, which is such a big deal after the problems we had nursing with Aiden. Not only is Seth still only ever given my milk, but he is thriving on it at a massive 23lb and in 12 month clothes. He has finally shown a little interest in food, as just today he watched his brother eat lunch, so we will probably try introducing something this coming weekend.


Let go:

Co-sleeping, like his brother he wouldn't sleep while he was in the bed so we had to move him to a bassinet, and now he is sharing a room with his brother.

Baby-wearing, at 23lb he is simply too heavy to wear for long, so I guess its a good thing we got a double stroller.

Exercise, the little time I get when both boys are sleeping goes on cooking, cleaning and if I'm really lucky getting a shower, so there is still not much exercise happening here.

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I have always baby worn, co-slept, nursed on demand, delayed solids, none of that has changd. I honestly don't know any other way to parent.

What hasn't happened is exercising of ANY kind, there simply is zero time. While i am still working my hours are a quarter of what they should be. Everything else is barely happening, 8.5 months after his birth and nothing is still easy. I am really looking forward to my house running smoothly again.
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Wow, I have been spending way too much time on the facebook group... I want to "like" all these posts orngtongue.gif


Stuck with: Nursing, cosleeping, cloth diapering (surprisingly we do it more now than in the beginning! I wasn't sure about that at all at first), babywearing (though not in the house, DD doesn't care for it if I'm not moving around), EC (also something I wasn't sure about, but it's gotten much easier lately), BLW


Let go: No TV (turning on the TV for a couple hours in the evening is just SO helpful for us to get through DD's cranky time. I feel bad about it though), homebirth (at least this time around, we will see about next time)

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