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What's your work out plan while you are preggers?

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I am athletic, I followed an intense work out schedule before conceiving. I know most doctors recommend to continue doing what your body is used but avoid bouncing and long distance running. So considering my history of two miscarriages last year, this time around, i decided to do things a little differently, reluctantly I gave up running, doing bikram yoga and taebo. Now I just limit my self to brisk long distance walks and elliptical or stair master at the gym. Have to remind myself constantly this is the time to nourish and do what's right for my baby and worry about achieving the next level in fitness when the baby gets here. Goal is not to gain over 25lbs though. What's everyone else doing? Has anyone seen any weight gain yet as a result of pregnancy? I still weigh the same.
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I'm torn on this myself. I've been taking a really intense boot camp style class to try and lose weight and get in shape (and it has been working!) but it definitely pushes my limits, which I'm not sure is a great idea right now. I am going to talk to the trainer who teaches it and see what she says, but I've been keeping up with walks and other lower key activities. I'm not as active as you are, but I definitely don't want to lose what I've gained over the past year or so of getting in shape!

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I'm planning to keep up the intensity as long as possible. Newer research says its ok as long as its the same thing you've been doing, ie running, etc.  I'm sticking to the brewer diet to prevent Pre-e this time, so need to work out to keep the weight gain down! I gained 45lbs last time mostly because of Pre-e swelling.  Don't want a repeat!

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Yoga 2-3 times a week plus 30 minute power walking/jog 2-3 times a week. Trying to keep my diet full of fruits and veggies and limit carbs as much as possible. Gained 45 lb with my first and trying to stay within 25-35 mark smile.gif
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I'm hoping to keep my current workout the same for as long as possible, but it already feels much harder : (


Ballet 2 times a week, Baptiste yoga once and jog/brisk walk up the crazy steep hills in our neighborhood 1-3 times a week. Despite extreme nausea and inability to eat much of anything with the first two pregnancies I gained 35-40 lbs each time. I carry so high and forward that it's really hard to function towards the end. Yoga's especially tough as I get big, but ballet and tough walks should be more doable. Here's to early stage optimism!

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Originally Posted by tetiana View Post

 I know most doctors recommend to continue doing what your body is used but avoid bouncing and long distance running.

Awesome, so that means I'm justified in sitting on my keister for the next nine months! ROTFLMAO.gif


Ugh, I kept trying to start a workout routine over the past year and kept getting injured. Before I got my BFP I had planned to search for a good PT to help me get my hamstring back in working order so this won't keep happening. I suppose I should still do that; it will be miserable if it recurs when I'm in the third trimester.


My plans, aside from the afore-mentioned keister-sitting, are yoga and walking. All jokes aside, I would think that keeping up a normal exercise routine would make sense, but I'm not sure boot camp or bikram yoga is included in that. Your body has to work really hard to grow this baby. You're not a delicate flower, but your body is also not the same as it was pre-pregnancy. You can get dehydrated much more easily, for example. Anyway, good luck to all you fit mamas.


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Well, I'd switched my more intense workouts (weight training, kickboxing) about six months ago when I was wondering if maybe that had something to do with why we weren't getting pregnant.  A few months ago, DH and I figured it probably wouldn't hurt to pick things up a bit, and we started training for a 5K.  That's slowly transitioned into 2 to 4 mile power walks about 4 or 5 days a week, which has been a lot more of a sustainable exercise plan for us, and we haven't had much trouble sticking with it (especially since the weather has gotten a lot nicer here).


I am concerned about staying in shape for this pregnancy. I'm not concerned about losing weight but I definitely don't want to gain any more than what is recommended for someone my size. I also want to stay active and build up my endurance -- hoping for a natural childbirth and I know staying in shape can go a long way towards helping me meet that goal.


I'm thinking about adding some other exercise in once we reach the second trimester, and I feel a little safer ramping things up.  Maybe I'll add back the weight training, but not the kickboxing, and maybe I'll try yoga to help with relaxation and flexibility. Yoga was always a little too low impact to hold my interest for long, but I'm looking forward to trying it out again.

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When I found out I was pregnant with #2 I had been training for a half-marathon so since I was ready for it I went ahead and ran it. Everything was fine and it was an amazing experience. This go around I haven't been running so much but I like to run, lift weights, and do yoga. I'm going to keep doing my normal routine for as long as possibly and then switch to walking instead of running and maybe back off on the weights, we'll see. I feel like being in good shape really helped me have two previous natural deliveries and it certainly can't hurt so I want to keep it up. I kept up working out through both of my pregnancies, especially the second one.

I think what others have said about keeping up your previous levels sounds good and if you're not doing anything some walking and yoga can't hurt!

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Hooping smile.gif

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Actually, you can continue to do what you did beforehand, but avoiding lifting heavy weights and scuba diving. :) Just remember to stay hydrated.

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Katielady you are funny! But  completely agree with you on bikram yoga and  boot camp, thats a no, no! SweetTea i want to stay in shape and have a natural birth too! Epidural freaks me out. I heard pilates mat is great for strengthening core during pregnancy. I want to try it. Also, for anyone interested in pregnancy yoga that is NOT boring or too easy,(thats what i thought of yoga  before i started doing Bikram yoga four years ago) try Rajashree's pregancy yoga DVD. Its a variation of bikram yoga, but without the heat.  :) I bought a DVD, but will wait till 2nd semester to start it.

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My workouts won't change because I don't do any. :-P  Unless you count chasing after a two year old and a 3 1/2 year old and the heavy child lifting that ensues.  One day, I will be able to start working out again, but it won't be until after the baby is born.  Hey, perfect timing - the Y always has a no enrollment fee promotion in Jan so this might work into the post baby weight loss. :)

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I'm just trying to get in some long walks, and some moderate hiking on weekends. I also have an elliptical, and do some light weightlifting and yoga. I did two rounds of P90X, and was doing some boot camp workouts before I got pregnant, but I'm guessing I should stop with the 10 pound weights and put the marathon training plans on hold for now.


At this point, I'm ready to fall asleep after about 30 minutes of doing anything, so I'm happy with the decreased intensity. I'm not worried too much about weight gain--I'm still eating really healthy, although I let myself have a little treat after dinner.

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I thought about getting a pregnancy workout DVD...anyone have one they like/recommend?  Its hard reading the reviews on amazon, they're so mixed! I already do the crunch pregnancy yoga one on netflix.  Would love to have a cardio one.

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So far, my workout plan consists of laying on the couch and eating DS's Easter candy, lol.  We do walk/jog/run twice a day with the dog (speed depends on DS), and I would like to start doing some yoga.

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Originally Posted by Bugglette View Post

So far, my workout plan consists of laying on the couch and eating DS's Easter candy, lol.  We do walk/jog/run twice a day with the dog (speed depends on DS), and I would like to start doing some yoga.

ROTFLMAO.gif I laugh, because I was just laying on the couch eating Easter candy from my kids baskets, lol. 


I do like to walk and try to get out a couple times a week for a quick 3-4 mile jaunt. Running just isn't for me. I do have a great pre-natal yoga dvd that I try to do 1X a week, and I'm searching for a pilates dvd.


I seem to use the word "try" a lot! Really, I TRY to work out. lol


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Last time I had to pee SO much I couldn't get a walk in and wasn't feeling great at first. This time I feel great (didn't know I was even prego until I decided to test after being a week late) so I'm sticking to my daily walking and jogging. I had such bad round ligiment pain with my last one so I'm hoping if I can keep up exercises and get a little yoga in it will help. I only gained 20-23 pounds with my first 2 kids so I hope this time I can keep that trend :)


Funny too that I've only known for 2 days that I'm pregnant but the mind turns so fast into pregnant mode and I want to eat better and drink all my water in. That will help stay healthy too!


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Well this morning I am going to ring up my local yoga class and get this (soon to be) bump into a prenatal yoga class!! I am going to go nuts there!! I will be like a kid in a candy store with all the glorious bumps!!

haha can you tell i am still so excited/ in shock????

And I am going to drag myself to Zumba each week too- obviously going slower when I need to!


I am so excited about being pregnant!!!

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3 kids under 5.  ;)


Seriously though, I would love to say that I'll keep running but I know that's not going to happen.  We take family walks daily and hikes every Saturday.  I think that's going to be the majority of my work outs!

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I try to do 10 minutes of yoga four days a week; half an hour three days a week; and walk/jog twice a week. I've also been dabbling in hooping, but I haven't learned any fancy tricks yet!

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