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Is this it??? A thread to obcess over labor twinges and signs

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"The Final Countdown" is running through my head non-stop. I'm 40+1 or 40+3 depending on who is counting. No signs until today, *maybe.* I'm currently experiencing tightness in my pelvis every 10 min or so. Petty sure they're contractions, but not 100% sure.

I'm walking around the house while trying to read the rest of the journal articles I need for today's two seminars. Is bouncing on the birth ball supposed to encourage ctx, rocking, or some other motion?

Who else is watching for every twinge, every wipe, etc? Whatcha feelin'?

(I don't believe in the jinx fairy!)
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I had a little wave of nausea last night and went to lie down--my belly has gotten a lot softer and the kid has definitely moved down some (though not all the way into my pelvis, I don't think). No contractions (or even anything contraction-like) and no mucus plug, though, so my dreams of getting this over with are thwarted for the moment. greensad.gif
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gah! so glad you started this so i can obsess WITH someone and not alone, haha!


i have been doing epo internaly for about 2 weeks now. so obviously iv been checking my cervix inadvertantly along with that. im at a 2...for what seems like forever....ugh. 


both my kids were early, 37 weeks and 39 weeks. im 38 now and cant wait to get some cuddle in with my new baby!


so far here is what iv noticed:

2cm dialated. violin.gif

off and on lower back cramps that dont go away when i change position. but these only last for about an hour, then stop. irked.gif

from 6-10 pm every night i have BH contrax every 5-10 minutes and they stop when i lay down for bed. (for 2 weeks now!) banghead.gif



at my last apointment i begged the doc to ...and i quote... "get this baby out of me! she is stealing my essence!" a little dramatic i know, but i feel like it is time, i guess she just isn't ready yet. innocent.gif



iv been doing rrl tea, birthing ball a few hours a day, cervical epo, and sex. i havnt tried the breast pump yet (ill give that another week) and i just started doing laps around the park while the kids play. so..hopefully it will be soon!!!




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pretty - don't say dreams are thwarted. I've seen no mucous, no blood, no water, but these possibly-maybe-contractions really have me excited about possibilities. Don't dash my hopes! lol


viv - I *knew* there were more fellow obcessees out there. :)  Do you think RRL tea helps? I have to admit, I worry that DH thinks I want sex *just* to start labor...but I want it anyway! (I've been feeling SO MUCH BETTER over the last two days than the last two weeks.)

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I will be 40 wks Monday.  I have a few big contractions a day but not close together.  At 37 wks I was 2cm but haven't been checked again. I can feel the baby's head though! I'm anxious about this full moon tomorrow night, I wonder if we'll see a lot of babies popping out!

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This thread is awesome; so me! I actually texted my midwife at 4:30 this AM because I thought for sure this was it. Woke up this morning still pregnant and not a lot going on. This is my 5th baby and my midwife didn't make it in time for my 4th so every single sign has me wondering if this is it! Geez, I feel like such a first-timer (no offense to those who actually are) I just feel like I should have more of a clue by now! :)

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Originally Posted by jmay View Post

This thread is awesome; so me! I actually texted my midwife at 4:30 this AM because I thought for sure this was it. Woke up this morning still pregnant and not a lot going on. This is my 5th baby and my midwife didn't make it in time for my 4th so every single sign has me wondering if this is it! Geez, I feel like such a first-timer (no offense to those who actually are) I just feel like I should have more of a clue by now! :)

Far from offended, I am quite heartened even five-time ROs hve similar emotions going on. I feel like such a noob!
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Never be disheartened by "no signs" the only sign I had for DS was that I was emotional for two days before I went into labor and honestly, I couldn't tell any difference!  Then, woke up, water broke, bloody show, and labor started all within 15 min.  DS was born less than 8 hrs later so no worries ladies, they can come with not many signs!


I have had some bloody show today with cramping but not much to speak of. I am not going to get excited until I get regular contractions though so we will see.  It is weird to have any signs since I didn't last time.  I have a ton of BH but have had that for a long time. Her head is super low but I am trying to not make it all mean too much.  With my mom (5 babies) and my sister (2 babies) they had their babies within 24 hrs of bloody show.  So, of course my mom got really excited about it.

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Hahaha! When I first saw the title of this thread my first thought was DON'T DO IT!!!! I'm trying not to obsess over every twinge and sign in my body. This is especially important if birthing at the hospital because I truly believe that my 1st and 3rd births which were hospital births were long and miserable because I did this. I obsessed over normal pre-labor/early labor stuff...ended up going to the hospital a little too soon which set me up for interventions that ultimately made for a more difficult labor.  I ran across this website and I think it has really good info: http://www.birthingnaturally.net/birth/progress/elmistake.html


Early Labor Mistakes:


Paying Attention Too Soon

One of the hardest lessons for first time mothers to learn is that you should really try to ignore your contractions until they demand your attention. It seems one of the most common mistakes women make is to pay attention to labor too soon.

When you begin counting the hours of labor and timing contractions in early labor, or even pre-labor, you set yourself up for a very boring and long labor process. It is normal for your body to have mild and painless contractions for hours or days before labor actually begins. Timing the contractions and counting the hours will not make the process happen any faster.

A good rule of thumb is to not time contractions unless you have some reason to think that there has been progress in the labor. You might notice the contractions are much stronger, or the mother is having to work to relax through the contractions. Even so, it is only recommended to time about five contractions, average them out and then not time them again until you see some other indicator of progress.

Another common mistake is to try comfort techniques before they are needed. If your contractions are mild enough to ignore them, do so. Sooner or later, your labor will get to the point that you cannot ignore the contractions any more. At that point, begin to use the comfort measures and labor techniques you have learned.

Trying to force your labor by doing labor techniques and timing contractions will hurt you because you will find the time passes very slowly, and you will waste both mental and physical energy when you could have easily ignored the contractions.


Not Sleeping

Light or mild contractions that start when you would normally be sleeping can be one of the worst starts to a labor. When this happens, many women are too excited or too nervous to sleep, and so begin their labor with a lack of sleep.

Being tired reduces a body's ability to handle stress, including the stress of labor. Fatigue is also an indicator for increased discomfort during labor, and a common reason given for using medication during labor. If you are serious about trying to labor without medication, you need to be serious about getting adequate rest in the days and weeks leading up to your labor.

But even being told that sleep is important doesn't seem to calm the anxious souls of first time moms. In that case, it can be helpful to keep repeating to yourself, "I will not sleep through the birth of my baby." If you can sleep during early labor, and it is a normal time to sleep, you should sleep.

Not Eating

Most hospitals have a policy that restricts eating during labor. This rule has nothing to do with the normal process of labor or the safety of eating during labor. It is a rule because of the possible complications of medications used for surgery. But still, many women believe that they should not eat once labor begins.

The body is designed to naturally decrease the appetite as labor progresses. When the body is hungry it is because the blood sugar levels are low and need to be raised. Not eating during labor will reduce your energy, increase your fatigue, and decrease your ability to deal with the stress of labor. Hunger is a sign you are most likely still in early labor, and should eat something.

Stopping Regular Activity

Inevitably, there are mothers and grandmothers who try to convince women that once labor starts, you have to stop everything and lie down. Just like paying attention to the labor too soon, this behavior will set the mother up for a terribly long and boring labor. It may cause her to become overly fatigued mentally and emotionally.

As long as physically possible, you should continue normal activities during labor. For some women, this will be well into active labor with stops for the peak of contractions. It is not unsafe to go about your regular daily routine in labor. When it is time to pay attention, your body will alert you.

Going to the Hospital Too Soon

Many first time mothers get mixed messages from friends and family members about how to react when labor begins. This confusion can lead to another common mistake in early labor, going to the hospital too soon.

Much worse than just stopping normal activity or timing every contraction, going to the hospital too early removes every possible normal distraction available to pass the time while labor builds. The mother in the hospital finds her activities restricted, and may even feel she needs to remain in bed. This works to prevent her movement, which makes it more difficult for the baby to move through the pelvis and may even cause labor to be longer than average.

Many hospitals will send a woman home if she is not yet 4 centimeters dilated. However, it is common for women to request to stay because of the emotional energy they expanded in coming to the hospital. To be sent home without a baby feels like failure and being let down. So many women will accept medications to speed labor rather than go home if they get to the hospital too soon.



These are the things that I worry about, that I've made the mistake of doing some of them in my previous births. (This is #5 for me). I'm not birthing in a hospital this time but I wanted to share this with you all because I CARE and don't want you to make some of these mistakes that make for a needlessly difficult labor. SORRY TO BE A BUZZ KILL, MAMAS!!!



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I am not obsessing over anything but I have noticed a few things. 


I think she is lower in the abdomen, not uncomfortably so, but lower. For weeks now I have had hard contractions but no pain with them. I mean, my belly feels like a bowling ball. Recently I have had some lower cramping with those hard contractions. At night I am getting hip pain again (which had stopped about a month or so ago) so I hope that means her head is lower. I the middle of the night I get regular contractions that keep me from sleeping well (I still doze). Finally, when I pee now it feels like I really have to go but only a little comes out. Again, I hope this is a sign she is lower. 

I am only 37+2 so I have plenty of time to wait it out. This is my last and I was induced with the previous two 'over-due'. I reallllly want to go into labor on my own this time. I am taking one EPO a day and 4 RRL capsules (2 morning / 2 night).


Oh, I forgot...I have also had lots of back aches with my middle of the night contractions. 

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Originally Posted by vivica2 View Post

2cm dialated. violin.gif


That violin smilie is awesome! This made me laugh so hard!

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Great post saudade! I actually looked to see if there was a way I could hide this thread from myself because I am so determined not to obsess about pre-labour stuff.


As a mw I have seen way too many mamas, especially first-timers, fall into the trap of over-observing 'signs' of pre-labour/early labour ... and then get discouraged just as active labour picks up, saying "but I've already been doing this for X number of hours ..." - well no, you haven't been in labour for 36 hours, you've been timing contractions for 36 hours. There is a difference, and you should have been sleeping, eating, hydrating and IGNORING things as long as possible.


It doesn't sound like anyone is going down that road right now, which is good. And know that I also don't want to ruin anyone's speculative fun while we wait for our babies!

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Hahaha! When I first saw the title of this thread my first thought was DON'T DO IT!!!!


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To be 100% honest, I am SO not expecting to go into labor on my own that I could contract and cramp and lose a million plugs and still sit here waiting to schedule my induction. 


(I would still love to go spontaneously though!!)

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I'm more panicked rather than obsessing over early signs of labor.... I honestly would love it if baby were on her due date or even a day or more later. SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!


It does feel like my body is playing tricks though. Almost everyday I have some form of upset stomach no matter what I've eaten. The past two evenings I've had contractions starting around 5 or 6pm of some level of intensity for several hours. I've also had a definite increase in CM/discharge, but no bloody show.


So, everyday I see these symptoms and think, "is this it?" or "is it going to be today?" and then I whisper to baby... "Just stay in there a little longer, OK?"


I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally am not ready yet.

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usagi, I totally understand how you feel - I'm feeling that way as well! 

Probably because we really just aren't ready yet - I still need to get the birth pool from a friend (today) and I'm waiting for the liner/hose/attachments to arrive in the mail (hopefully today).  And ideally I'd love it if baby would wait until my mom gets here, which isn't until the 21st (I'll be just over 39 weeks then).  The thing is, I was born at just past 38 weeks and my mom was born at around 36 weeks, so I'm hoping that 'early' first babies aren't just the way the women in my family give birth.


The other night I had some strong, regular BH for about an hour that were somewhat painful and I started to quiz DH on what he would do if I was actually in labor....but thankfully they calmed down when I had dinner.



Today I'm officially 37 weeks and I really hope that I still have another few weeks to go!  I seem to be having BH all the time now, throughout the day and especially at night, even after I go to sleep. But most of the time they're not painful, just a strong hardening of my belly. I hope it's just my body warming up and taking several weeks to do so since it's the first time. I've also had some digestive disturbances lately, which is totally new in the past few days.


Let's hope our babies hold out a bit longer until we feel more ready (or at least as ready as we can be!).

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I'm 40+4 now, and I thought last night might be the start of something - strong contractions starting around 6pm sent me scurrying to pack and do things, but then they tapered off when I went to bed.

I had a midwife appt today, and asked for a check (because I was SO SURE I'd be dilating), but was only at a fingertip (but some effacing). She did a NST that assured us that the baby is doing well, the placenta is doing its thing, etc. My daughter was 2 weeks "late," so it could still be quite a little while. (I tell people my babies just love me so much they don't want to leave)


I'm having pretty strong contractions again tonight, but I'm not taking them as seriously as I did. I'm completely content to wait it out. I'll use the EPO the mw told me to try and drink my raspberry leaf tea. I want to meet the baby, of course, but I'm enjoying some relaxing downtime with my daughter & husband before everything changes for us. 


Also, I was induced last time, so of course every muscle twinge or ache or bm (sorry, TMI), I wonder if it's "a sign." I never had the experience of "going into labor," so it's all pretty new to me. 



{The irony is that my husband is the co-chair of the March of Dimes Walk for Babies in our town...we go to these meetings and functions with these TEENY preemie babies and women who delivered before they even really looked pregnant. I think I must, at 40+ weeks and Large and In Charge, look like some kind of terrifying yeti giantess to them.} 

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chapluqa -- My mom has a ticket to fly up on the 21st also. I'll be 40w2d at that point. DS was born at 40w3d, so I'm hoping DD follows in her brother's footsteps, but I was my mom's 2nd child and a week early. So, I'm expecting DD to come anytime between 39w and 41w honestly... and I'm REALLY hoping that she won't come sooner than that.


With DS I had lots of BH, but my cervix did not dilate at all until I actually went into labor, at which point my mucous plug showed, which was when I woke DH up (around 2am).


Last time around I was really obsessed with having the midwives check my cervix and was really disheartened when reading how the other moms in my birth month group were Xcm dilated, X% effaced, etc. etc. This time I realize none of that matters or indicates when actual labor will start, etc. etc. So, I'm a lot more laid back about it this time. Plus there's the whole, I actually am OK with baby staying "in" for a while still. hehe :-)


I really want to get DS moved into his "big boy" room before baby gets here. Just need to paint, assemble the furniture we bought last weekend, and set everything up in there, including moving his clothes/etc. over from the nursery. I also still need to shop for some things to take with us to the birth center, like gatorade, snacks, and a frozen meal for after delivery.


Plus ya know... a zillion other things. :-P



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Originally Posted by NCMtnMama View Post


I tell people my babies just love me so much they don't want to leave


Awww!!! I love that!!!

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saudade - No buzz kill worries. I NEED to hear that. Yesterday the ctx went away and I went back to being a good student, attending my classes and finishing up my work. 


Along the lines of trying to stay calm in the beginning, when do you start telling your DH what you're feeling. Throughout my pregnancy I've tried to give him tidbits of how I'm feeling and how things are physically going, just kind of matter-of-factly, so that he's never surprised by anything. Yesterday I just told him "Probably just practice, but I'm contracting every 10 min or so." He smiled and went back to his conference call (good!). I heard three birth stories from mamas who delivered with my MWs in January (MWs do a 38 weeks prenatal appt where we hear their stories and then participate in their blessingway!), and one common theme was "the tub took forever to fill!" I don't want to miss out on my aquadoula rental!!!

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