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Is this it??? A thread to obcess over labor twinges and signs - Page 6

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My new self imposed due date is May 5.  I'm feeling much better mentally with that date in mind but physically, it still sucks.  My back is killing me today.  The near constant hard, hard BH all night are seriously affecting my sleep as well.  ugh.

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I wish that I could give myself a few more days. Tomorrow is my deadline.

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hug2.gif, adoremybabe - I hope everything goes well and baby decides to come before the induction! In any case, I'm sending you strength and courage for your upcoming birth experience.

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Thank you Chapluqa. I really appreciate your words. I feel like I've been experiencing some sort of contractiong for a few hours now. Nothing definate though. I'm incredibly excited to meet my little baby tomorrow and focusing on that rather than the dread of pitocin. Baby is moving a ton right now and I'm trying to appreciate it for what it is because this will likely be the last night tha tI spend pregnant. It amazes me.


P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday :)

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you can do it!  what a great bday present too :)

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Ctx's between 3 and 6 mins. Feel like BAD gas pains. Mw on her way over. I'll DIE if it's false labour.
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daylicious - here's to hoping you don't need that lemon verbena cocktail! 

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yay day! hope this is it for you!

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Ok, Chapluqa, looks like it may just be you, me and maybe Carolyn_mtl 


I'm totally cool with whenever he decides to come but I'm having one of those really uncomfortable days and hope it is sooner rather than later - like tomorrow!  Think I'll be walking, having sex, nipple stim and EPO tonight.  Then I'm going to take 1/2 a Unisom and hopefully sleep through the crazy BH I've been getting lately.

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Yup, still here! With dd I was one of the firsts to go in my ddc, she was born sept 1st, so being amongst the very last is different. It has been fun though, seeing all the babies and reading all the birth stories, but come on now, Im so ready! No sign of anything happening yet, though I dont anticipate much warning before active labour kicks in, being 5 cms and all.....lol. Just PLEASE come on your own, I REALLY want another natural labour smile.gif
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LOL, Carolyn, if you're already 5 cm, I'm sure you'll be before me, and NicMom, probably you will as well, considering that your due date is 2 days before mine. So perhaps I will have the honor of being the last in our DDC to give birth!  I'm really ok with it, I don't feel particularly uncomfortable and because we're planning UC, there is no pressure to induce. I think at this point I am just waiting for DH to feel better (he's got the cold my mom had) and once he's better I will go into labor, later this week some time. I don't feel motivated to do anything to bring it on 'naturally' since I'm not suffering and I'm happy to hang out being pregnant a bit longer. Of course I'm super-excited to meet baby but I know it will happen soon enough so I will just be om.gif in the meantime.

I hope your babies come soon and on their own!

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