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Is this it??? A thread to obcess over labor twinges and signs - Page 4

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So exciting, I love reading about all the anticipation!

Nothing going on over here...you'd think being dilated 4 cms for over 2 weeks, and over 90% effaced would mean something (WHY do they even check!). Im only 39 wks today, so not even late yet, but i've been dilated at least 3 cms for over a month, so I kinda thought she'd be a little early.. dd was 39+4, hoping I dont have tooooo much longer :)

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yay arby! looking fwd to an update from mom2!

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Funny looking at this thread. My last post on this thread, I was saying I thought this was the beginning of something. Like 5 mins after I posted it, my water broke...active labor came on in full force immediately and I gave birth <2 hours later. orngbiggrin.gif


Hoping that all the action you guys are feeling is the real thing!

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I so don't think this is a sign, but still hoping regardless, but I have been STARVING the past couple days.  No matter how much I eat, I am hungry.  Weird.  This is the first time I am experiencing extreme hunger this pregnancy as I am pretty good about eating every couple hours. 

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Nic- that sounds promising! Usually women want to carb-load(like before a long race)naturally a week or so before birth as this stores the extra energy they'll need for the big day:) FX'd!! orngbiggrin.gif

Absolutely F-A happening here:( 40w3d now and it's starting to get to me. The baby seems to be in a non flexed, posterior position so I'm not sure if this is hindering things getting going? It's frustrating because the baby is so low we can't even really have sex...he's constantly hitting it's head. TMI...sorry:-/
Please Baby, come this weekend...sigh.
Good luck to all the other Mama's! xo
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I had a dream that I was going into labour and I was so excited and READY!  But alas, I awake with nothing more than irregular BHs.
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nobody else is replying to this thread so I'm just going to go ahead and assume that everybody is in labour but me!  Tula??


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nothing's happening for me either.  i had some low crampy feelings, but it was just another full bladder.  ::sigh::  dh says i should just stop peeing, LOL

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Not me!! Ha! Still sitting here, pregnant... lol!
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Sitting here pregnant too!  eyesroll.gif

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I have been horrible about posting during my pregnancy!  Crazy work schedule plus exhaustion :-)  Anyway, I come on and read occassionally and comment very occassionally, but feeling like I need to check in more for some like-minded mamas support.  So happy to have the Mothering forums.  Anyway, I'm 41 and 1 and feel like I'm never gonna have this baby ;-)  The constant annyoying calls and texts and "you're still here?" from my co-workers is NOT helping.  Its funny, I have worked in birth for about 10 years and I feel like it's much easier to trust other peoples bodies...  Isn't that crazy!?!?  Anyway, just looking for others to co-miserate with and to get some pep talks!

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I'm also still pregnant, my EDD is the 27th and I was sure I would have the baby early, now I'm not so sure, and starting to think maybe I will go over a bit. The only crampy feelings I've been getting lately are also bladder-related. But there are plenty of Braxton Hicks every day. 

The way I see it, it's all good, I'm not going to do anything to try to encourage labor.  My mom is here now for 3 weeks so I assume I will have the baby while she's here, and we can celebrate Mother's Day together on the 13th of May! 

Hang in there, everyone, our babies will come when they're ready grouphug.gif

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I just don't know. Lots of discharge, lots of cramping, bh ctx's, and a lot of pain and heaviness in my pelvis. I'm due Monday. I went swimming at the brand new beautiful pool down the road from my house today. It was sooooo nice to float around and take some weight off my belly. Ooooh baby, are you coming this weekend?
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Went in for BP monitoring (everything was cool! yay!) and the midwife noticed that my contractions were registering at around 6 minutes apart. Hoping this means the real deal is nearby.


Of course, we're expecting a freak snow storm tonight with ice and six inches of snow....so I'll probably go into labor.

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I'm really, really hoping today is the day!!!!  I'm 41 weeks 3 days and if I'm not in labor by tomorrow then I have to go see the midwife to start the extra monitoring (NST, ultrasound for fluid, etc).  I really just want to have this baby and skip the testing because I don't want to have to stress about it.  Every morning lately I wake up, not in labor, its such a disappointment :-(  The thought of going back to work tomorrow is depressing too because for weeks now I've been getting the whole "you're still here?" thing every day!  I'm trying not to think that way, but I just really want to avoid any kind of induction-- natural or not.  I know my dates are right on because I was temping, etc.  Anyway, please send me some labor vibes!!!!!  Definitely feeling moody today!

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I started having regular contractions this morning around 6am, but I stayed all snuggled in bed with DD despite the increasing discomfort.  I got DH to call my parents since they have a 2 hr drive to get here and I was feeling really confident.  Finally got up and had a small gush of bloody show.  Things slowed a bit but I checked in with the midwife.  Since I've been up in the past couple of hours.... almost no contractions at all!  *cries*  irked.gif  This is starting to damage my calm!

C'mon... be an Earth Day baby!

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Hazel~  I know! Wouldn't an Earth Day baby be great :-)  Sending labor vibes and positive wishes to you dust.gif

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Ooooooh, Laura! I bet you do have your baby today!! What worked for me with #2...Mine quit when I stood up and as soon as I laid down again to get some rest...whamo! Cx's!!!! Fingers crossed!!! Lots of ELV's coming your way~ xoxo Can't wait to hear all about your beautiful birth! orngbiggrin.gif
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Just read this article that Lala shared on another threat and loved it love.gif  I may have to read it over many times before I go into labor.  Thought I would share it here too:



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Well I've been back into regular contractions for a few hours now, averaging about 6-7 min apart but still short and not too difficult, and having more bloody show so I'm feeling pretty positive!  biggrinbounce.gif

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