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Transverse lie at 30+ weeks

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I am almost 31 weeks and baby has been transverse or diagonal for the past 4 weeks. It all started after going to the chiropractor (which is odd since chiropractic work is supposed to HELP positioning). It's my third baby. At what point would you be concerned about a transverse lie and what would you do about it? Thanks 

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DOes your chiro have experience with Webster or other positioning? Mine was able to get him about breech with the Webster + ligament massage.

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she does do webster technique, but i'm really nervous to go back to the chiro since this transverse/breech/diagonal nonsense all started AFTER starting chiropractic care :(

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I wouldn't worry, but I would probably start doing some positioning exercises to help get baby to move. DS was transverse until about 25 weeks and that was very uncomfortable, i bet 31 weeks doesn't feel good either!


Have you looked at spinningbabies.com? They have great instructions and videos of exercises you can do. I also loved my prenatal yoga class and think that really helped with DS's positioning.  As for your chiro, it sounds like you aren't comfortable going back. Are there any other chiros in your area who do webster?

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My babies love lying transverse! Both the boys(two years apart) were hanging out "hammock style" right up until 37 weeks. I did do spinning babies suggested positions. Mine turned late, but they did finally move into good birth positions, so just so you know. Try not to worry, some things we can't control. Best wishes.

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My second dd flipped to transverse a lot in the last few months. I don't remember exactly when she settled into the vertex position and STAYED there, but she did a lot of flipping those last couple months. I do remember that. It was nerve-wracking. I know that at the time, my midwives asked me if I'd been doing a lot of regular, old sitting - in chairs, cars, etc. - and I had. Have you been? If so, perhaps try a ball or squatting or something. I don't know that anything helped my dd stay head down. I think it just got close enough that she was ready to be in the right position, but I know I did a lot of hands and knees, sitting on a ball, and squatting, so maybe some of that helped. I really think it was just time for her to turn, though. :) Good luck.


Oh yes, and my current baby is head down, but definitely not in a good position for birth - at least not all the time. It flips from one side to the other and usually has its shoulder where its head needs to be. I'm 32 weeks and not worried yet. :)

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My first was transverse at 39 1/2 weeks, when she finally flipped head down (she actually did it during an ultrasound), and apparently stayed.  She had a pretty unstable lie througout and had gone from transverse to head down and back again a few times before that.   Because of the unstable lie, there really wasn't much to be done, as everyone agreed that while a version of acupuncture could probably flip her, she'd just flip right back.  They thought about doing a version at 37 weeks, followed by an induction, but I wasn't willing to have such an early delivery merely to avoid a c-section (as much as I wanted a vaginal birth).  So I just did some of the spinning babies stuff and mostly just waited. Had she been stably transverse througout I definitely would have tried accupuncture and probably a version too.


Good luck! It's still really early for you. I would try not to worry yet.

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This little one was transverse all the way up to 30.  Sometime between 30 and 32 flipped to breech, and then to vertex between 32 and 34.  Babe seems to be holding steady at vertex now at 36. 


Don't blame the chiro work for baby flipping - it may be related, but it may be a complete coincidence.  I would follow some of the positioning techniques on spinningbabies.com, and if baby hasn't moved by 34 or 35 weeks, go back to the chiro. 

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I'm at 35 weeks, in chiro care with a Webster-certified chiro (if that's relevant to you), and my transverse baby just turned!  Webster can take awhile to kick in--often about 5 weeks to "open up" the pelvic floor area for ideal positioning, so be patient on results.   


I finally processed my worries about a cesarean delivery, though.  My attitude is that if I had to get a cesarean for transverse baby, at least I would know that it would DEFINITELY be necessary.  Also, psychologically speaking, I'd feel better about getting a c-section for this--where there simply isn't another alternative--than something asinine like being denied a VBAC or breech delivery in cases in which either would be medically viable options.  I don't know if this makes sense or even helps, but adopting this attitude helped me get through the "freak-out" phase with my transverse baby.   


Sending you "turning vibes"..... goodvibes.gif

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My baby was transverse until just about 33 weeks. He turned then and has been head down. I'm 35 weeks now. I crawled on all fours when he was feeling active, not sure if it helped but I was willing to try it. smile.gif
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