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How can I tell if this baby is breech?

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My MW is out of town til Sunday, and we don't do U/S.  I'm 38W1D...


My last appt was 3 weeks ago, and baby was head down at that time, but not engaged quite yet.  DH and I went away for the weekend, and during the night, the baby woke me moving/flipping from side to side like crazy.  It really freaked me out, but felt more like a side-to-side turn than a top-to-bottom turn.  DD was breech until about 37w, when she turned head-down, it hurt!


About a week ago, the same thing happened, baby woke me up flipping over, I'd say almost frantically trying to flip from one side to the other.  Again, freaked me out!


After both these incidents, I've been worried that the baby turned breech on me in the night.  After the 1st time, I realized the baby wasn't breech b/c I could palpate the top of my belly and feel bum, thigh, and leg.  After this last time, I can't tell, my belly is too hard and baby is still very mobile.


The baby has been having hiccups all the time, and just now, it felt like the hiccups were at the top of my belly instead of the bottom where I'd been feeling them, and I'm feeling strong pushes and movements down low and am scared those are feet and not hands I'm feeling on my pubic bone.




ETA:  At night, I lay down on my left side w/ a body pillow for about 2 hours, get up to pee, then go to my right side w/ the body pillow b/c my left hip hurts from laying on it...then 2 hours later, I pee and go back to my left...2 hours later, back to my right.  Am I spinning this baby into a bad position?  It doesn't normally move that much at night, but lately I've noticed when I get up and go to the other side, it wiggles a little like its' gettting comfy again, but not really flipping over.

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I am probably not a big help as i never had a breech baby BUT with my second i was sure that i felt hiccups under my rib.  That was at 40+5 and the next day i had my son who was perfectly positioned LOA.  So just because it feels like the hiccups are up high does not mean that he is breech.  As for the sleeping positions you sound just like me!! I go back and forth all night too.  I do not think that that could cause baby to be in a bad position. Try not to worry about it too much redface.gif

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I've found that hiccups aren't very accurate for telling the position. I've felt them ALL over while baby is still head down. Do you feel anything round under your ribs or in your pelvis? The head is harder and rounder feeling and if you push on it, it moves independently and sort of bobs back, but if you push on the butt...it feels more like the whole baby moves with it. You might be able to feel boney shoulders near the head and if the baby is anterior, a smooth back connected to the butt. I'm sorry I'm not more help. :( If the baby has just spun around and is now posterior, it's harder to make out parts. But you'd likely feel all the little parts like feet and knees when you palpate.

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Thanks, ladies!


I'm going to call the MW tomorrow to set up our next appt, but I think the baby is head down now.  I did what you suggested, and it feels like if I push on the bulge at the top, the whole baby moves, leading me to think it's a bum up there, lol.  But sometimes, it feels like the baby is sideways, and that makes me nervous, too.


I'm a nervous nelly!

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