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Making Cloth Diapers

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I noticed there was another thread about cloth in this group...but I'm wondering if any of you have MADE your own cloth diapers? I think what I would like to have is an AIO, one size...kind of like the bum genuis freetimes and 3.0's that are out. Anyone have experience with this or have some patterns or ideas. I feel so lost and overwhelmed with all the options!

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I have no experience making my own diapers, but I have some bumgenius 3.0 diapers that need to have all the velcro replaced.  I have the kits from BG to fix them, but no time, and few sewing skills.  If anyone wants them, I'd happily sell them for $5 each, including the BG adjustable inserts.


Now, if anyone has questions about knitting wool diaper covers, I can answer tons of questions, there!

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I have never made them, I feel like by the time that I buy all the supplies and fabric I am not saving anything.  If you want AIOs I am a big fan of the BG Freetime.  I in no way need more diapers, but I am selling all my BG 4.0 pockets and replacing them with Freetimes.  At work we call it the third baby diaper, because by your third baby no one wants to stuff diapers, lol.  


Just remember that OS diapers don't fit all babies at birth.  They are workable, but bulky at about 9lbs.  My personal favorite "system" for at home is flats and covers OS, cheap, and easy to wash.  I still keep pockets and AIOs around for sitters though.

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I've made what feels like millions of cloth diapers!!  I used to make them to sell, even!  But... that got quite un-fun (making them when I *wanted* to make them was enjoyable... but *having* to constantly maintain stock and finding time among young children was not fun anymore)... so I quit.  I still make them for us and for anybody else that uses cloth (I mail them.. nobody here does!).


I have experience with tons of patterns, but I've never actually made any OS AIOs... I do have a couple OS patterns.. I just haven't made them into AIOs!


I'll try to get back to this thread in a bit.. but I have to get dinner going NOW!  ack!

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