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Books for an older sibling?

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So, I always like books for Elsa for all occasions.  I've been looking up books about getting a new baby, and wondered if anyone has any suggestions for some they like.  I'm not wanting anything that focuses on rivalry or puts the idea of negative aspects in her head, more of what to expect and what will happen.



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We have this one, and Cecilia loves it. She asks for it a lot. I change the words so that I'm talking about "Cece" and "Baby Brother," when I read it. I also change the page about "making the baby stop crying" to "helping Baby Brother feel better," or something like that. It's nice because it shows breastfeeding ("mimis" in our world) and babywearing. I wish it showed bed sharing, but hey, can't have it all. smile.gif

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We have the same one, Aimee.  I really like it.  My favorite page is "Sleep well baby, you're part of my family now!" love.gif


It's also nice because the children in the book aren't gender defined.  We refer to them both being boys because that's what we have, but you could totally adjust it to your own situation.

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DON'T get "Just Like Me":



Looking for the same thing (books for olders), we got it from the library and it's very, very negative - unfortunately, my son loved the pictures, so he kept picking it up and saying "Baby!"  We ended up changing the words every time we read it until we could get to the library to return it.



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Sophie and the New Baby -- http://www.amazon.com/dp/1408302136/ref=cm_sw_su_dp -- it's mostly about waiting for the baby to be born.

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