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Possible Pregnant!?

So with DS1 my cycles returned when he was 9.5 months old - he was nursing still and self weaned at 13.5 months old. Even if I nursed once a day, I wouldn't/couldn't get pregnant even though I was cycling.

DS2 is 11 months old - nursing all the time.  Eats a ton during the day but also nurses at least 6 times a day. We call him "beast" tee hee. I have not begun cycling yet. I have had changes in cervical position and fluids, but no real temp changes (I'm using Lady Comp to aid with charting). Thus far I've been in the ambiguous yellow category for over a month since I bought the Lady Comp. 

Lately I've been feeling, well, odd. I've done my old habits of checking online for the "could I be prego again while nursing, before cycling" but haven't gotten very far.

Thus far, I feel tired (but nothing extreme and it's not consistent). So one day, I'll be full of energy and the next, a little more sluggish, but I think that has more to do with when the baby wakes in the morning and when I get to sleep at night....

I feel tummy bloat and I'm peeing more. I've also had a couple of "could I be pregnant dreams?" which for me, tend to indicate something. 

Also, the baby is nursing for longer stretches. So a feed that normally would be 5-10 min on one side then the other is now taking 20 - 30 min. Could this also be a symptom of my milk changing or am I just comfort nursing him after he guzzles it all down!?

For kicks I took an HPT a week ago but it came back negative. Then again, I'm not sure when I would need to test as I haven't had a period in which to use as a reference point. 

Has anyone had experience with this? Know what this about? Is it wishful thinking on my part!?


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Honestly..I think it's wishful thinking :)  And I know how that feels believe me ... So anyways, if you're having all these symptoms, if they were pregnancy symptoms, the pregnancy test would have come up positive, because the HCG count which the test measures would have been high enough to be giving you all the preggo symptoms.  So there's your answer, in my opinion.  

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It is possible to get pregnant before your first PP period. If you ovulate and then catch that very first egg you can get pregnant.  But it could also be just wishful thinking. Why don`t you take a test with FMU?

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I experienced severe "pregnancy" symptoms when my first cycle returned with DS1 at 15 months. I really thought I was pregnant too. I was also extremely nauseous, tired, bloated. Anyway, a week or two later, AF arrived. I'd bet it's that for you as well. But really, only time will tell.

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Thanks guys! Well I'm not pregnant so there we go - well according to yet another pregnancy test. 

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