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Preterm labor/disability/bed rest support

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Some of us will be having these problems soon, sadly, so I thought I'd start off the support thread.  If you're having issues that have you on bed rest, out on disability, or might lead to a premie, come on in!


I'll start in.  I've had a bad feeling about this pregnancy for a couple of months, and have learned (the hard way) to trust my feelings when they're that strong.  At any rate, I've been having a lot more BH contractions that usual, and since pretty early, but lately they've been getting harder and more painful.  Last night at work they turned into actual contractions, ten minutes apart for about four hours.  My midwives are unconcerned, and just told me to eat and drink something (duh, didn't help).  So I guess I'm dealing with this alone.  I am praying for viability.


Anyone else?  I know we have some high risk mamas here.  Maybe you're all doing ok and no one has anything to add to this thread - I hope so.

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My next ultrasound is scheduled for 3 weeks from now and we will have a better idea of what is going on then.  I too had an unsettled feeling about this pregnancy from the beginning and hesitated to tell people, buy maternity clothes, or really accept it for a while because I was fearful that the pregnancy wouldn't stick.  Well, I'm getting more and more attached and we are making big changes to our house to accomodate two little ones so obviously if something happened now I would be devastated. 

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*hugs* mama, by the ime you get to your next ultrasound, you'll be viable!  I'll send you all my spare sticky baby vibes!

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Have you been tested for any of the bacteria or illnesses responsible for preterm labor? I honestly wouldn't base all of my fears on braxton hicks contractions. They are more intense and frequent each pregnancy, often starting earlier than the last time. I'm not trying to invalidate your worries, just trying to say if your midwives are okay with what's going on and you've told them everything including your fears I might sit back and just affirm that all is well.


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Me?  They brushed me off over the phone and told me to just go to L&D if it happens again.  I didn't even get to speak to a midwife, just the office nurse.  And they weren't BH, they were real contractions, I know the difference.

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