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Streamlining electronics

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I'm having an issue with (for my liking) way to many electronics in the house.


I would like to have ONE system that takes care of all our media needs.


I got rid of a partially broken mini stereo system yesterday. We were down to using one out of 3 functions

and for that it just took up to much space and collected to much dust. And that one function was used maybe twice a year.


I have an internet radio that we use from time to time.


We all have Iphones and Ipods that we use daily. 


Is there a system out there that combines radio/internetradio/stereosystem/iphone/ipod that I haven't seen yet?


Also the "kids"(17 and 19 lol) have blown thru a lot of speaker systems for ipod, alarm clocks with dockingstations, headphones for ipod and also for the computer. The amount of electronic trash that collects in this house is crazy!


But no matter how much money we spend on an item, it all seems to break within weeks/months. Headphones are really bad here... they don't last at all.










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What if your kids were to purchase their own speaker systems? Then they could take them with them when they leave home and they may be more likely to care for them in such a way that they don't break so quickly. My kids are young teens and they now use their gift and work money for any electronics and accessories they want. When we made that shift, it was astounding how headphones stopped getting "lost" every couple of weeks and how things stopped breaking all the time.

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My husband is a musician he uses his headphones A LOT. He finally upgraded to dr. dre. beats, and they still look BRAND NEW. 

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I use my ipod touch for everything.  The speakers have an alarm function but I just use a little battery operated alarm clock.  I mostly listen to Pandora as I've gotten rid of most of my old CD's I was tired of listening too.  We have a DVD player but rarely watch TV anymore so I'd like to just get down to using the laptop for the occasional DVD from the library or a netflix membership.

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