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Dixon, Missouri?

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I know, complete and total shot in the dark on this one.


I also go to the Saint Louis area every once in a while, and sometimes Columbia. :) Mother of 2, one on the way, just....kind of not clicking with really anyone in my area. ("Whut do yew mean ya ain't gonna use forrrrmooola? Yer baby'll staaaaarve!" BAAAH.)

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I'm about 45 minutes NE of Columbia.  I hear you loud and clear! 

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I am going to be in Columbia on Tuesday for a poetry reading. Lol That's the only way I really get any interaction- every now and again taking off for Saint Louis or Columbia. :D

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I think there's a "tribe" in Ft. Leonard Wood/St. Robert area...have you tried an LLL meeting?  They're on Facebook!  Also, still a bit of a drive, but there's a tribe here in Rolla. 

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