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Or MW, depending on what time you are coming through, I could meet you in Richmond for lunch. That would be fun! But you guys would have to leave early in the morning to hit Richmond at lunchtime. greensad.gif

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My BIL came to visit us tonight!  It was wonderful.  I talked to him a bit about how I feel and he said he'd talk to mom but not in a way that she knew I said anything.  He's going to suggest they come by more especially when Chris is OOT.  Whew!

Nora was thrilled to see him, too.  She finally got to rough house a bit, and she blabbed on and on about school.  We had pancakes for dinner and he played with the kids and I actually got a chance to BREATHE and chat with an adult!  It was great!


Nora's school pics came out so great.  I'm happy with them.  I bought some prints but not the whole package with the CD.  


We had such a busy day!  I'm wiped!  Finally at 10 BIL left and I somehow got them both to sleep.  No idea how.  They were riled up!


Gonna wind down myself and have some ice cream I think, and then off to bed for me.  It's 11 already!?  Tired!!


ETA - I forgot to mention while I was trolling Target for cleaning supplies this afternoon, I ran into an old friend -- from HIGH school!  She was my best friend back then.  We fell out of touch after a rough patch and didn't reconnect as we grew up.  She had a baby boy in the cart, she said he was almost 2.  She's still nursing!  We exchanged numbers and I think we may really reconnect! I feel wonderful about that!



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Annie - ITA - not every diet works for every person, I am glad you found one that works for you! (really a lifestyle)


MW - I think it would be worth it to go. The ride might suck, but it would be worth it.


Carrie - so glad you got some grown up time and a MIL advocate!  Personally, I am not bothered about printing pictures, because so much of our family is that old school, it's more that it seemed the only reason she was coming by was to GET pictures, squeezed between the ever important hair and nail appointments (I don't mind people splurging on that stuff. It's that she has time for THAT and meanwhile is letting her relationships with her grandchildren go to pot)


AFU: I finally got a massage! DH was like - you are tense everywhere! your calves are like bricks! is there anywhere I don't have knots? I was like, um. well, maybe if I got regular massages . . . .LOL he does say I am his most challenging client.


Gabe and Norah are playing so well together lately - and not just as in - they are in the same space and not killing eachother - but Gabe plays with her and makes her laugh. I love it!


My period is due . . . the end of the week/ the weekend and I'm going to try the instead cups. I tried putting one in and taking it out while not on my period, and it's not that bad. and feels pretty comfortable.

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

Carrie - so glad you got some grown up time and a MIL advocate!  Personally, I am not bothered about printing pictures, because so much of our family is that old school, it's more that it seemed the only reason she was coming by was to GET pictures, squeezed between the ever important hair and nail appointments (I don't mind people splurging on that stuff. It's that she has time for THAT and meanwhile is letting her relationships with her grandchildren go to pot)


You nailed it, Kat!  It isn't the printing of the pics, that's what we do for them always.  It's just...yes.  You got it.  I felt like "Thanks for squeezing us in!"  

Anyway thanks to all for listening to me vent about family stuff.  Love having you guys to just spill to.


I tried those cups pre kids and liked them!  I've heard the diva cup is much better - if you like the instead cups you should try that!  Once AF returns for me I'm going to buy a Diva cup.  They sell them even at Whole Foods.  


I would love a massage!  Ooh one of the perks of knowing someone in the biz!   Maybe once DH gets back I'll go for one.  I haven't had one since I was pg!


If all my signs were clear and not just my body jerking me around, I have about a week and a half til AF is due.  I had classic O signs complete with CM drying up, etc.  Are you temping, Kat?  I can't remember if you decided to or not.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.  I might temp just to have something fun to do with myself for awhile.  lol.gif


We got some sleep last night!  Finn woke only at 4 and 730 to nurse (tho I put him down late, at 10) I can deal with that!  I'll take a few more nights like that, please!  LOL!

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I can't temp. I don't remember, and IDK if I ever get 4 hours straight of sleep. so I am just monitoring CM, and the bloody migraiines that seem to come right before O. One thing about the softcup/instead thing is you *can* DTD while wearing them. Haven't tried, but they say you can. Not possible with the Diva. and I am trying to add some safe- condom free days to our cycle ;) - you can buy softcups at Walmart LOL


You know we are here to vent! it's the perks of a flock! - you should totally go for a massage.

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I realized it had been a while since I had heard from you guys... made my way over here, and 28 new replies. Yikes!


Too much to catch up on, but I Just want to say Carrie-- I completely understand what you mean, and I think you have every right to feel that way. It's soooo not about wanting your parents/in laws to take care of your kids for you. It's about wishing they seemed to care to make them a priority. 


My MIL will constantly drop by with plastic 'things' for Tenley, but if we call to say she should stop by and see her, suddenly she's finding excuses. And she lives two blocks away, and only works one day a week. 


My mother guilts me that she has no pictures to show off at work (and she does work full time, and needs to, so I get that part of it) and that T is growing so fast and won't recognize her, but never makes an effort to comes SEE Tenley. If I want her to come, I specifically have to say that I'm having trouble and need her here, but she won't come just to visit. She only wants us to go out to their house-- which makes a 2 hour round trip drive (and she knows T hates the car), AND even though she swore she would, my mother hasn't stopped smoking yet- so it also means taking Tenley into a house filled with smoke.  It bugs me, because it makes it seem (though I know she'd disagree) that smoking means more to her than seeing her granddaughter. I've told her that I'm not comfortable with T being around it, but it hasn't made a difference.  


Anyways, again, it's still that same 'yeah, I'd love to have 'help', but more than anything, I just wish they both wanted to see their granddaughter'. 


In contrast, my father asks about T all the time, and so we finally had him over to watch her on Monday so we could do some work in the basement, and as soon as he got here, he put cartoons on, and kept asking her "why aren't you watching them?" lol

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JJ: all the grandparents have made their houses non-smoking - only allowed outside. Each and every one does.still.smoke - but only out doors, or in the garage if bad weather. Is that an option?



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JJ ~ I wouldn't take my baby to a smokey home no matter who lived there. I would insist they com to see me. If they didn't, too bad for them.

lol.gif about grandpa putting on cartoons for her to watch.

I don't think I told you all that Ryan got one of those e cigarettes. He hasn't had a regular cigarette since 2 days after he got it. He also says he "smokes" a lot less. Sean's been kind of weird about it. He said they had to medivac at least 4 people out of Afghanistan because those things blew up in their faces. I searched online for any stories about them being dangerous and only found one. The guy who got injured had apparently altered the thing, though.

Annie ~ I don't think we'll have time to visit unless we stayed an extra day. We can't stay an extra day because Ethan has baseball practice on Mondays. greensad.gif
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That's great about Ryan! Cutting down is cutting down. And hey, maybe there's a chance it could 'go off', but... it's still something that kills you (albeit slowly), so... it's not like it's been marketed as a super safe product. I'd say he's still safer than getting all the extra chemicals and the actual 'smoke'. 


akind- she smokes in the porch or in her office (downstairs) when we're there, and seems to think that makes enough of a difference. But we come home, and have to undress at the door, and jump in the shower right away, because even our skin smells like smoke. She's supposed to be moving and buying a new house this summer, and I really hope she's quit before then. I don't want them to ruin another house. 

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That's why my parents made themselves smoke outside all the time (several years ago), and we told the ILs the same thing before we moved in. It makes no difference to do it once in a while, you have to do it all the time. You have to want to change.

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And smoking in one room will result in the smoke being throughout the house. Ryan has tried a few times over the years to get away with smoking in his room but I always smell it. He tried lining his door with blankets and towels. He even popped the screen out of his window and tried half hanging out the window but I could still smell it. I think the AC vent in his room is somehow directly connected to the one in my bathroom because the smell was very strong in there. He was always shocked when I'd catch him in the middle of the night when he thought I was sleeping. I'd smell it in my bathroom when I got up to pee.
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^ yeah, that. honestly, MIL still smokes in her bathroom at night, because she is too lazy to go outside then. My parents have a deck off their bedroom for that purpose :) and yes, you can smell MIL's smokes downstairs.  I will admit, the smell is drastically lessened from when they both smoked in the house the whole time. I could barely breathe.


Gabe is at MIL's house for today, I get him back tomorrow. so, since his bed was empty, I nursed Norah down to sleep there. She slept until 5:30 this morning, Nurses for about a half hour, and now she's back asleep. I am happy she slept so well on her own, but sad too. I think I need to drag the futon mattress into one of the rooms so that can be "her" bed. I *think* eventually I will just have her and Gabe share a bed for a while, but not until she's a bit bigger.(like 12 or 18 months)

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I suck at GD!!!  That's all.  I'm trying and trying but man, Nora is challenging me every step of the way!!  


I have read over and over that this age is make it or break it with GD.  If you can get it to work, then it's wonderful, but most ppl give up b/c it's so hard.  What do you guys think?


I also picked a fight with a friend today b/c she didn't comment all excited on a picture of Finn that I sent her.  I profusely apologized and told her I think I subconsciously picked that fight b/c I'm lonely, and b/c Finn hit so many milestones this week with nobody here but me to see, that I just overreacted.  She accepted.  All is fine.  But I'm still lonely!  WAH!  Chris gets home tonight, probably around 11.  I'll be so tired.  Wah.


Finn is napping so I should get the laundry going.  I'll bbl!  HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!

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dude, I read that as gestational diabetes at first!! and it is hard. you have to find what works for Nora and you. g,

I kniw I struggle every day (1ht, in case it isnt obviou!LOL)


hooray for Chris being home! off to a mommy date night! - both our hubbies are working so we are having a mom in


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I think what's going to work is just surviving!  I wonder some times how much I actually need to teach her vs how much she's just going to do on her own as she matures.

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I wonder that. I hate the phrase "He/she MUST learn to do X sometime" because half the time, no they don't (like sit in a high chair) or it will come in time anyway. Not saying we never teach our kids anything, but so much is leading by example, and not totally concious on my part. At least right now.


Hope you are enjoying time with your hubby.


My notifications aren't working again. ARGH!


going to the Great Cloth Diaper Change today, so excited! looking forward to bag full of goodies, and hopefully winning something too! then to a fair and fireworks. Fun! I get my Gabe back today - I have missed him so much!

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akind1 you guys always go to such cool things! I wish I had your energy...sometimes I get tired just reading your plans!
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Where is MW these past few days?  Did they have plans this weekend that I didn't see?  Hmm.


Wish I had GCD plans this weekend!  It looked so fun!  Oh well, next time (he should still be in dipes)!


Chris is back as of last night so we went for a family walk this morning, then got lunch and hung out in the backyard.  Was fun!  Just put Finn down for his nap and am hoping to get some time to clean the house.  BBL!

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Pretty sure MW took the boys up to Quantico to see her DH this weekend. I know she was thinking about it because we were going to try to meet up but I never heard for sure if she decided to go.
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Hey guys. Yeah, I'm up in Northern Virginia. Right now I'm at my mom's but we've been staying with Sean in Quantico. We're heading home tomorrow. I'm seriously thinking about moving up here to my mom's for the 2 months that Sean is at Quantico. I was so depressed the last week at home by myself. I cried a lot, which I hardly ever do, and just felt like I could not do all of this on my own again. My mom actually seems excited about the idea. She's been trying to talk me into not even bothering to go back home for a bit. The only two things that are keeping me from committing are having to drive home and then back up here by myself (the drive up here was pretty horrible) and leaving Ryan alone in our house for 2 months.

Carrie ~ I think it depends a lot on what you mean by GD. That can encompass so much. It really depends on what you are doing and why? I'm sure you know where I fall on the GD spectrum. I believe that most kids will eventually learn whatever they need to know with time and maturity as long as they are provided with guidance and modeling. I don't think that any form of punishment or coercion is necessary. It's hard to get to that point, though. I've been working on it for years and am still not completely there in my daily practice.

Modeling is my biggest problem. Ethan has taken to calling people idiots. I realized he does that because he hears me say it. He is horrible in the car, just complaining about everything and so dramatic about it. He blames me and tells me I lied if things don't go exactly how I told him that I expect. I've been wondering what has made him so fussy. I'm embarrassed to say that I think he probably learned it from listening to me fuss at Sean. I had one of those, "Ah ha!" moments when he said something that was word-for-word exactly what I say to Sean. duh.gif I've decided that if I want Ethan to be nicer to the rest of us, I need to really start being nicer to Sean.
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