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My default food was bananas (even though he didn't like them lol.gif). I realized Sean hasn't bought any the last few times he went to the store. I guess I need to write them of the list every time. Oh, no I don't because he won't be here to shop after this weekend.

Yeah, if he were going to stay in his original job, he would have been here. But he got picked to go to Quantico to be on a promotion selection board. His superiors tried to get him out of it but they can't, so off he goes. On the upside, he says he'll make a lot of extra money off it because he'll get a per diem that is way more than he spends. The downside of that is that it will be the same as his trip to CA. We have to pay/charge everything up front and wait to get reimbursed after he's done.

I keep forgetting to tell you all that I had a huge gob of ewcf a while ago. I marked it on the calendar and marked 13 days later as the earliest I would expect AF. That was the 10th and no AF so I guess it wasn't actually O. 8 months and counting. I hope I can go at least a year. Still kind of hoping I'll go straight into menopause but I'm probably too young for that.
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MW: you never know!  Norah is younger than your boys (yours and Carrie's) but she really only gets solids at dinner, because that's the only time we all sit down to eat. (sad, I know). she gets a bit of whatever we have.


Bummed that Sean is leaving so soon :( after this training, will he be home for a while?


I am too tired to think. BBL!


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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

MW: you never know!  Norah is younger than your boys (yours and Carrie's) but she really only gets solids at dinner, because that's the only time we all sit down to eat. (sad, I know). she gets a bit of whatever we have.

We all sit down for breakfast and lunch, too, and I feel bad that I don't have anything to offer Dylan half the time. He wants something to eat, or at least play with. I have to plan better because I don't usually cook those meals. I tried getting sweet potatoes to keep on hand but they just rotted. Apples were good except that most of them were getting wasted after the tiny bit he'd eat.
Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

Bummed that Sean is leaving so soon :( after this training, will he be home for a while?

I have no idea because he was supposed to stay home now.
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MW that stinks about your DH getting transferred. If you guys come up to visit him, let me know. If I'm free, we'll pop up to see you guys. Here's a list of what Ava eats if you want some ideas: cinnamon toasr, scrambled egg yolk, toast, cheerios, banana, apple, peas, green beans, meatballs, spaghetti w/olive oil, black beans and rice, pizza crust, guacamole, chicken noodle soup, cheese sandwich, mum-mums, pancakes, waffles, broccoli, corn, lima beans. I think that's everything she's had and liked so far. I just got some Dr. Praeger's spinach bites today that I'm going to try with her. I tried ricecake but she wasn't thrilled.
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Ya know what I just realized. This may affect our Williamsburg trip. I planned based on the fact that Sean would be the OIC and be able to take off whenever. Since he'll have to take a different position when he comes back from Quantico, he may not be able to get the time off. I guess since it's over a weekend, he'll at least be able to come up for that (unless he has to go out on maneuvers). He also may not be able to go to Asheville like we had planned. greensad.gif
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I am assuming he is a career Marine; how much longer does he have until that goal? There has to be light at the end of the tunnel somewhere! We are so forturnate that my dad chose an MOS that required no deployment. The worst was when we lived in Okinawa, because they use that as a way station to send troops elsewhere - he spent a bunch of time in Thailand and Australia. And all that time away did seriously damage my parents' marriage, but they were able to get back on track. (but we were older and they could take time away to be by themselves to focus on that a whole lot easier)


If we are sitting down to eat, Norah has to join in. she is  mad otherwise. What do ya'lll eat for breakfast and lunch?

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Yeah, he wants to be in until retirement. That's another 10 years. Ethan will be 18 then. We've talked a little about him getting out and getting another job but he's not really interested. Ethan tells him all the time to just get a different job. I know he would if I insisted but I'm not going to do that. No point in both of us being miserable.

I don't usually eat breakfast, but if I do, it's almost always a bagel with cream cheese. The boys usually have cereal or toast or frozen waffles. Sometimes I make scrambled eggs and bacon or polenta or pancakes. For lunch, it's usually sandwiches or canned soup or mac & cheese. I need to just make sure that I always have quick and easy fruits on hand for D.
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Moved to Parenting by request of MarineWife


Please contact me, TiredX2, with any concerns (via PM).

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Finn eats cereal or frozen waffles!! There's a brand of organic vegan ones I sometimes buy got quick breakfasts.

Lunch... Yesterday I quickly cooked a can of black beans with onion powder, garlic salt, a touch of cayenne, and a tiny bit of vegetable oil. Simmer on medium with just a little water, delicious. Finn loves it.
He also likes chunks from vegetable soup.

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I hope you all don't mind that I asked this thread to be move to Parenting. It seemed we talked about a lot more than just babies, maybe even more about other stuff than babies, so it would be more appropriate in Parenting.

I know I can give Dylan those things but I don't really want to. I'm trying to stick with whole, unprocessed foods, foods with lots of ingredients and no grains or legumes. It's hard! I don't do it all the time. I did give him pancakes once and sometimes give him bread to keep him busy when we go out to eat. This morning I cut up a bunch of fruit; pears, kiwi and oranges, for everyone so I gave him some pears and kiwi. Sean started to give him some orange and I told him not to. Then he got mad at me for giving him kiwi because that's citrus, too. IDK, maybe I'm being too cautious? shrug.gif I need to look up the citrus guidelines again. Sean did give him some mandarin oranges last night when we were at Golden Corral. Sean commented on how much Dylan liked them. I was like, "Yeah, probably because they are in syrup." eyesroll.gif

I was just thinking this morning that I need to figure out how to cook canned beans quickly without a recipe since Sean is leaving again. I can't dig up recipes for every time we eat. I need some quick and easy meals I can just make on my own.
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Originally Posted by MarineWife View Post

I was just thinking this morning that I need to figure out how to cook canned beans quickly without a recipe since Sean is leaving again. I can't dig up recipes for every time we eat. I need some quick and easy meals I can just make on my own.

I have a very easy bean recipe if you want it.  I have it memorized but here it is.  For our family of 4 now we triple it, so do the math to figure out how much you would need to do.




Parenting forum is fine with me!  Makes more sense since our kiddos are all ages and developmental stages.

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I am totally not cautious when it comes to introducing foods. I start giving yogurt at 6 months. Cheese at 6 months (I read something about cheese not really even counting as dairy since it is so processed). I think I give eggs around 9 months. Citrus I don't really pay attention, but oranges are hard to give to the littles because the white stuff seems to hard to chew. I remember Lina would eventually just spit out all the crap she couldn't get through into my hand......gross.


Peanut butter I wait until a year, but that is about it.


Then on the other hand I don't really give my kids cow milk at all.......I am a weirdo lol.gif


Does anyone know how to soak beans? I want to start eating more beans, but I don't really want to do the canned beans unless I have too. I am sure I can look it up online too.......maybe youtube! 

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Soaking beans is easy. Just put them in a bowl or large pot, cover with water a little above the beans and let sit over night. That's it. They'll be ready to cook the next morning. I like to do that, too, when I remember but I keep cans on hand when I need something quick.

I don't give babies cow milk, either. I don't think that's weird but I guess it's weird in the mainstream. My older kids have milk but only for cereal or if they want chocolate milk. I don't make them drink a cup at every meal like is recommended and like my dad made me do. And, to be even more weird, I get whole milk for my older kids rather than reduced fat. I've been trying to switch them to coconut milk. It seems to ebb and flow. One day they'll proclaim that they really like vanilla coconut milk and the next they only want cow milk.

I don't plan to give Dylan yogurt or cheese, either. I'm trying to move away from all dairy as much as possible but it's really hard. The only way to do it is to eat only whole foods and make everything from scratch. I am just not going to do that. Any of you who do or have tried that, do you notice that you are hungry all the time? When I try to stick to snacking only on fruit and veggies, no grains, no dairy, I find that I am never satisfied, always hungry. If I eat a piece of cheese, I'm good. lol.gif

Here's part of my issue about being so cautious about introducing solids to Dylan. Last night he tossed and turned and squirmed and kicked all night. I don't think I slept a wink. I don't know how he slept at all. He wasn't fussy just restless. The only thing I can think of that would cause that is gas from food because every so often he will fart and then settle for a little longer. He was very fussy like that as a newborn and I'm pretty sure that was from gas. If I want to try to figure out which foods cause that, I need to introduce them slowly and one at a time. Sean just gives him whatever all willy nilly so that I don't even know what he may have had.
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The only things I haven't given DD yet are peanut butter, citrus, berries and tomatoes. No real reason on the berries other than we haven't had any and her skin is really sensitive so I'm going to hold off a bit longer on the citrus and tomatoes. My 18 month old niece just tested positive for peanut allergy. Ugh. So I guess I need to be cautious with that.


Sleep...ugh, you guys, I'm having a really tough time with this right now. I thought I had solved DD's sleep issues by giving her a warmer blanket. But the last couple of nights, we're back to hourly wake-ups. I know intellectually that if she's waking to eat, she must need it but man, it's tough, especially when all the other babies around me IRL seem to be able to just magically go to sleep at night and not need their mom every 30-60 mins throughout the night! And I know that it's not an apples to apples comparison because the other babies were either a)sleep-trained or b) formula-fed or c)both but geez, I'm getting burned out! Last night, DD went to sleep at 7:30 PM. She was calling out at 8:10 PM to eat again. So I fed her. That held her until I went to bed at 10:30 PM which woke her up and I fed her again. Then she ate on and off until the bottle ran out around midnight. I went out and got a new bottle and she ate that on and off until I got up at 3 AM to pump. Came back to bed around 3:30 AM and she ate that bottle on and off until she really woke around 5 AM. Had to change her diaper and walk around with her until 5:30 AM before she went back to sleep. She wasn't ready to be awake for the day otherwise I would have just taken her out to play. She was still wanting to sleep but every time I laid her down, she would cry and she didn't want me just sitting and holding her and she didn't want to eat. Then she woke for the day at 7:30 AM. I feel like I haven't slept!

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It can be gas or indigestion, but remember it can also be developmental, or just his personality.  I wouldn't go too nuts over every bit of food he gets, b/c eventually it's going to get away from you.  Eventually he'll sleep better regardless of what he eats.

He could also be hungry?  Idk.  I find Finn sleeps better, and sounder, when he has solid dinner before nursing to sleep.


Can babies have mayo?  I use soy based mayo.  But I make my own "tuna" by mashing chickpeas (canned or soaked/cooked) mix with mayo, salt/pepper/paprika.  I put pickles in b/c I like it.  I suppose it's like hummus, but there is no tahini in it, so it is good alone or on pita.  Well, anyway, Finn LOVES it.  I put it on a fork and he brings it to his mouth.  He is finally starting to get past sweet/fruit preferences, and is getting into savory food.


No cows milk here, annie!  Not that weird to me!


Finn cut his first tooth!  At one day shy of 8 months! joy.gif

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Dylan woke up around 7 am this morning, too. Luckily, Sean was here so he took Dylan and I was, amazingly, able to sleep for a couple of hours. Sean said Dylan fell back to sleep at around 7:30 for another half hour or so. He's been doing the constant restlessness thing all night for 3 nights now. One night I was able to get him back to sleep without nursing. I just patted his back and he fell asleep. I was shocked. That didn't work last night, though.

Yeah, you really can't compare an exclusively breast milk fed, co-sleeping baby with babies who were sleep trained and/or formula fed. Especially with sleep-trained babies, there's no way to know that they are actually sleeping through the night vs. their parents just not responding to their wakings.

I'm pretty sure from Dylan's behavior today that the solids are at least partly to blame. I've seen him a few times working at getting some gas or poop out. That's seemed to never be easy for him. Maybe I shouldn't give him solids in the evenings?
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Re: dairy free. I don't find that I need to cook everything from scratch. Tho, I do use processed food, like daiya, tofutti, etc. if you want to avoid things like that, you really can. Dh doesn't eat half the shit I eat. Rarely anything processed. I just don't ready see what is so hard about it, besides wanting it or craving it.
Im hungry when I dint get enough protein. Im really trying to get in excess of 75 g a day, which is an effort for me. I joke that im a carb-atarian.

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Yeah, as I've said before, I don't want to sub soy for dairy, especially for my boys and for a baby. I don't mean that it's hard to go without dairy. I don't really crave anything anymore, even cheese that I used to love. I meant, like you alluded to, that it's hard to find ready made dairy free and soy free foods and I am not one to spend much, if any time, cooking. I really dislike cooking. I find it boring. I've tried periodically to make a commitment to cook more but I don't stick with it. That's just how I am. I'm not going to fight it anymore or feel bad about it.

Protein and carbs don't satisfy me regardless of the source. I'm pretty sure it's the fat that my body wants. I could eat tons of chicken or beans and still be hungry 30 minutes later. Beef usually keeps me full a little longer depending. Cheese is an easy source of fat. I think that's why cheese works for me when I just can't seem to get full. Other salty, fatty things work, too, like potato chips but I don't really like them.
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what about almonds? They've got good fats in them, don't they? Plus the protein. 

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MW, what if you started adding flaxseed oil to stuff? Or flaxseed meal? Good, healthy, non-dairy fat! I'm thinking about coating DD's pasta in flaxseed oil instead of EVOO. When she gets a little bigger, I'll definitely be making her smoothies with flaxseed oil. I already give the big kids that. Also on the cooking thing, I feel you on that. I hate cooking for 1-2 people so I hardly ever cook when the big kids are gone. So what I've started doing is if I fix a meal that I know Ava likes, I try to make a little extra and freeze it in individual servings so I can just pull it out and defrost it in hot water for her. For instance, I made spaghetti and froze individual servings for her. I froze the leftover pancakes and waffles. I bought some of the adobe black bean soup that she likes from Whole Foods, made some brown rice and then made little individual servings of rice and beans for her. I did that when I made a pot of lentils too. Or if you have a grocery store near you that sells Amy's organic frozen meals, there are a number of them that are dairy and gluten free. They may still have rice in it though.

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