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double digits

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Anyone hit the 10 week mark yet?  I will on Sunday.  Crazy to think the pregnancy is 25% over! 

can't wait to hit 13 or 14 weeks and breathe a sign of relief...



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I'm 9 weeks, will be 10 sometime next week. I've got a midwife appt next Thursday and am hoping to hear a heartbeat. I've been having light brown spotting at least once a week since really early on, and I know it can be normal (so far it hasn't led to anything more serious), but it's still bugging me. :/


I hadn't thought of it as 25% over! Wow.

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I will be ten weeks tomorrow. I have my first appointment on Monday, hopefully after that I can breathe a small sigh of relief smile.gif
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I was 10 weeks on Thursday, yesterday.  I had an appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and we heard baby's hearbeat!  It took a while to find it.  We kept thinking we heard it for a second and then it would go away.  I drank a bunch of water though, and then we were able to find it for a good long while - 160 bpm.


I still am super exhausted and horribly nauseous, but I'm happier!

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Baby is 8 weeks, but I guess with LMP I'm in my 10th week.  I see my midwife this coming Tuesday - can't wait.  So hoping to hear the heartbeat!   I too have had light brown spotting occasionally throughout which is different than my 1st pregnancy so I've been more worried and nervous....

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I'm officially 10 weeks today - maybe 11, we're not entirely sure as to when we conceived.  I always have late babies though hence me being in the November group!  :)

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I am not quite 10 weeks yet.  I will be 10 weeks on Thursday.  That feels unreal to say.  There is some big milestone about hitting those double digits!  


I'm having strong signs of pregnancy right now (particularly loss of appetite and nausea, as well as exhaustion, sore BB's, and emotional as can be).  I'm still nervous, as my latest loss was at 12 weeks, but I just keep telling myself that every day that passes is a day longer that I'm pregnant. Right now that's the best thing I could ask for!



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finnegan'smom: Looks like we're due date twins. I am 10 weeks today. It feels so unreal.

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Anyone hit the 10 week mark yet?  I will on Sunday.  Crazy to think the pregnancy is 25% over! 

can't wait to hit 13 or 14 weeks and breathe a sign of relief...



Thank you so much for pointing that out! I am 10 weeks on Wednesday and it just have me a much needed boost to realize that it's 25% over. I'm trying to savor it as this is likely to be my last pregnancy but the nausea and exhaustion make it hard. Bring on the energy and enthusiasm!
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10 weeks today too, finnegan's mom and Gemmine wave.gif

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Congrats at getting to that 10 week mark ladies!  I'm starting to feel better...not as gaggy and not quite as exhausted.  This is a tough week because it's when our mc baby passed away 2 years ago, hoping my doppler comes soon so I can hopefully get some reassurance.  Can't wait to get over that 12 week mark...2 more weeks!

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Feeling crampy today which is totally freaking me out, but I think it is probably just digestive issues (I had a lot of cheese yesterday since it is the only thing that sounds appetizing, but I am lactose intolerant). 


The weekend was really nice, even though it was really busy.  We didn't have people in our house to help with our daughter who has special needs for two whole days, and while normally it is wonderful to have the extra hands, it was AMAZING to just sit around in my PJ's and not feel like I have to be "on."  Today starts back to 5-6 straight days of people being in the house from 8am - 7pm and I am feeling a bit anxious about the crazy busyness that the week will be.  

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