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Finally got on my laptop to see the slideshow... loved the pics, Christina! thumb.gif

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It's been quite a while since I took really excessive photos of our day.

Today was not a work day.

I was up nursing both boys at 1:30 for 20 minutes and again at 4:30 and 6:15. At 7 Shay got up and nursed for 45 minutes (both nursed) until he was ready to get out of bed.

Pee Shay, start laundry.

8 am
Osha's up and peels Shay a banana while I'm getting dressed.

While I start coffe, O is getting his cereal and asking why the floor is sticky. Shay smashes a tomato on the floor.

Two boys share breakfast while I clean up from last night's dinner (I worked until after bedtime, I'm thrilled that Sara made dinner because a 1 hour visit turned into 3).

Soren's up. He pees and joins his brothers at the table while I hunt down another nana and pour a cup of coffee.

The babies and I eat some oats. While O tells us about his favorite Magic card. Soren finds a cup of juice and encourages me to wash the table and floor. Meanwhile, S brings our bike helmets to us.

O teaches S how to climb up onto the toy boxes to look out the window.

S tells me his pants are wet, he sits on the potty and I clean him up.

Soren fusses while I clean Shay. He's wet, too. Repeat.

9 o'clock.
Ari is awake.

Boys are in the playroom and O and A discuss comics while I fold, transfer and start another load of laundry.

"Soren took a turd." Clean.

Wake Sara for a nursing party. Big kids draw comics.

O brings his newest comic to show off.

Everyone up again. Change Soren again. Kids do chores.

S wets pants, pop him on potty. A shows me how O kicked his blanket onto her bed last night. O and Sa plot about playing Magic Friday. S2 empties all the toys from the bins.

S poops in the potty. Wipe.

Help A pick out clothes.

10 am

Quickly (2 minutes) assemble pizza dough while babies eat crackers, A showers and kids and Sa play Magic.

S asks for a sink bath. Put him in while I wash dishes. S2 protests the injustice of his bath being delayed by dishes. 10 minutes and they're both bathing.

Interrupt Sa to supervise bath so I can work on laundry again.

Return to find S2 added all clean silverware to his bath water.

Brown meat for dinner. Remove boys from bath and pass them to Sa to nurse. Kids go outside to play.

11 am

Put dinner in crockpot.

Shorts and shoes on S so he can go out back with the kids. They come in. Change S's shorts immediately. S2 is sleeping.

Sa leaves for work stuff, kids get into Easter candy.

11:30 Nurse S to sleep. O studies computer programming and A plays a game on her kindle.

12 pm

Pizza making, help O download program, help A make ramen because pizza is gross.

12:30 S2 up, pee, nurse.

S up, pees on floor while I try to figure out download, noodles served, pizza in oven.

Dress babies.

Curse high tops.

Dish up pizza for Sa and babies.

Out the door, half hour late.

Drive, discuss time travel, GPS and stuff.

2:30, arrive at playground.

Play, snack, cool off. Both boys nurse with Sa when she arrives. Before we leave, S2 uses the toilet and we each nurse a baby.

4 pm

Drive home. A and napping S with me.

5 pm

Home. Both boys still in dry diapers we left the house in. They nurse. Sa helps with the download.

Sa put S2 on the pot (#1 and 2) while S continues to nurse and A tries to play with him while also laying across my belly. O continues working on programming.

S uses the potty in a similar fashion.

Sa washes a few dishes while I dish up dinner.

Kids decide to eat outside.

6 pm

I scrape dinner off the floor under the table while everyone else get out bikes.

Bike ride.

Put bikes away.

Sa to have "grown up time" playing magic.

7 pm


7:45 home. Soren pee. Rice cakes for all kids.

8:10 nurse babies, look through craft book with A.


Clean teeth, ready for bed.


S pees on to potty and take it to dump it himself. I find an empty potty and no puddle so I hope he put it in the toilet.

S2 wets pants.

S2 finds one of the kids' drinking glasses and somehow smashes it. Throws kicking, backbending tantrum when I pull him out of it and clean up glass.

Kisses, blow out the lights.

Nurse 2 very cranky boys to sleep.
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I'm exhausted just reading that!  Having 2 babies sounds insane!  I really enjoyed the photos :)

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It is kind of insane. I didn't think yesterday was a particularly bad day. Bedtime was rough because the babies were tired.
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I enjoyed the pics, too. Is Magic fun? I like your dd's whale dress. Do the big kids share a room?
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Thanks, I like it, too. They share a room by choice. They had the option to have a play room or separate bedrooms. I don't play magic. Sara and the kids like it. I'm opposed to expensive hobbies.
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Love it, Sara! Your life looks like fun, if a bit busy! :) We like Magic, too. 

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Fun!!  I should do this again, too!  I love seeing all the day to day minutia of our lives.   Anyone else?

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I want to see all of you. I thought about doing a 10 second video every hour or half hour but I don't know how to put them into one video.

Maybe next time.
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It would be fun to have a thread where we all share pictures of ourselves and families. There are a few here who I don't think I could put a face to.
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Uh, totally just now seeing this. Totally doing this ASAP.
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Do it, Nicole.
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Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post

Uh, totally just now seeing this. Totally doing this ASAP.


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First thing's first. Don't want my stuff getting peed on!


Then it's my turn. Don't want to pee down my leg. ;)


Well, good morning crazy hair. LOL 8am.


20 pounds of pee later, all better!


Getting in my 1/2 cup of coffee for the day.


He likes this toy more NOW than he did when he couldn't walk, because now he uses it to run and slam into stuff.




Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.


Snuggles with his BFF.




All done. I'm sure the dogs are nice and full, too.


He obviously didn't like what we were watching. 99% of the time, when he ends up with the remote, we end up on a porno pay-per-view channel. Today, Dr. Phil.

He's getting PISSED because the remote won't stay on top of that thing. Like, PISSED.


Mommy fixed it. Now he's happy again.

Relaxing on the couch. It's almost nap time.

Hahaha. Totally time for the morning nap.


Morning nap. 945a.


To be continued after the morning nap is over...

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Nicole, those are awesome.
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Nicole you crack me up!
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Love it!!!!!

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Morning! 12p.

Hi, Dad.

Hanging out.


Nap time! 2p.
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Dude, that kid can sleep. I'd like to keep Conner's schedule.
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5pm. Outside time.

Dinner time.

Digesting dinner.

Stealing my ice.

Bath time!

Potty time after bath. This has never, ever resulted in anything. Ugh.

Snuggles with mommy.

Story time before bed.

8pm. Goodnight, child. Time for mom to suit on her ass.
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