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Weekly Belly Photos!!

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I know it's super early, but I wanted to start a weekly photo thread for us. I love seeing progress and can't wait to see everyone's bellies when they get big!  Want to join in?!

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I'll be posting mine on Mondays, since that's when my "week" turns and I'll be a whole 6 weeks along :)

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I will post mine too, after my first  u/s which is next week!!!

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It was a LOT darker but you can still see the + on that BFP!!

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lol, that's a great first "belly" shot.  I'll post mine later too. hehe.

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love that +hpt, they always make me smile!! 


here is my first "pregnancy" photo:




my pregnancy was the result of an IVF cycle, so the notations on the sticks are the # of days past transfer (of two 5 day old embryos).  so, 7dp5dt means seven days past five day embryo transfer (and the numbers added = dpo, so 7dp5dt = 12dpo, 8dp5dt = 13dpo etc).   i had tested earlier, at 6 days past transfer (11dpo) and gotten a stark-white BFN, so i was really excited to see a faint line appear at 7 days past transfer, and then couldn't stop peeing on hpts! shy.gif  watching the line darken was just too much fun!


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Junbug, those are so great!! It's so fun seeing them change to +!! 


Here's my first official belly shot for this pregnancy, taken today at 6 weeks:


6 weeks


It's more a before shot but I love doing these :)

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Thought I would join in the fun!  This is from 14 dpo.


Image 2.jpg

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natalie - cute photo! love the silhouette style!


hyp - beautiful second line, yay!! joy.gif

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Here's my first pic! Still got a little bit of a baby belly from last time that i've been trying to get rid of...I always get pregnant right when i'm losing a bunch of weight!  The first 3 are faint middle of the afternoon lines...my FMU ones were even fainter!  Then we went out of town for 10 days so didn't take any tests with me. The bottom one from today is with FMU. So glad to see a really dark one!

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I love how dark that last one is :)

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5w. also 10m pp :)



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Kawa- love!


8 weeks today- no bump yet, just a food baby :)



8 weeks


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smile.gif DH and I have already taken two weeks of photos.. have been bugging him to teach me how to put them on! They will be up in a few days tho!!! Still trying to tell the difference between bump and bloat lol.gif

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Hey Ladies, Im assuming I belong here, I really am not sure when Im due Either Nov/Dec/early Jan... If I decide to see a MW I guess she could give me a better Idea of when I due... anyhow here are our tests... they were super dark, super fast... so we will see I guess... I love looking at everyones photos


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week3.jpg  Week 4! A few days after finding out!!

Week5.jpg Week 5! This has always been a very "tummy" dress.. But woah what happened!!

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Sorry they are so huge! If anyone can let me know how to resize them I will be all ears :)

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You all are so tiny!  I swear I already look 3-4 months here woops!  I'm sure it's the fact this is #5...my body did this with the last one too!  

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Phatchristy, do not worry, I will be GIANT before I know it! And yeah, this is number three, and I'm definitely bigger already than with my previous two. 

Mamatwo8,, those lines are supper dark! I love them! 

Travelmama, first you are adorable! And second- do you know how to export photos? I usually export mine to a smaller size for blogging and facebook. If I don't, they take forever to upload on those sites. 

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PurposefulDoula- hahaha adorable????? Thats a new one! :)

Will have a look at resizing tonight! :)

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