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Weekly Belly Photos!! - Page 12

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themothership I love it! So funny!


Here is one of me any my partner and the belly at 25 weeks.



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Love these awesome photos!  The are wonderfully creative.  Here's us at 26 weeks, trying on the bridesmaids dress I have to wear tomorrow night.  DH barely got it zipped!


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You ladies look amazing!! Kate i LOVE the picture of you and your partner in front of that graffiti!! Esp-You are gorgeous!!

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Everyone does look amazing! I have been super uncreative with my photos. Maybe I should change that! I take them every week since I'm loving my belly and want to document it :) I don't post here every week, that seems too much. I love coming here and seeing everyone else's lovely bellies.


AlaskaAnne - I have a friend who is 6 wks behind me - so about 21 weeks and like you her belly is just peaking out. It will get there! You must have so much space in there for that baby to grow without your belly popping :) I have such a short torso - I popped quickly even though this is my first. I also had a non pregnant belly too, which I think contributes to making the baby belly look bigger :)

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Somewhere around 25-26 weeks.... we are picking flowers for the diner table...

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He was growing upwards for a while, but has started to just grow out as of late. Here we are starting our third trimester!! 27 weeks!

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Cute picture Natalie!


23 weeks here:

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26 weeks!

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Such amazing, beautiful women with gorgeous bellies full of babes ; )

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Here are 26 weeks and 28 weeks for comparison! We are just flying by, aren't we? 


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25.4 weeks.

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27 weeks, resting with Ina May's "Guide to Natural Childbirth" in my lap :-)


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Everyone looks so beautiful and bellies growing nicely. Here I am today in my work bathroom again, at 29 weeks!


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26 weeks, 4 days.  My first pregnancy, and first belly pic. 

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Eeeek ,braving it today with a naked belly shot...27w5d. smile.gif

You see that lump at the top of my belly before it kind of flattens out? This seems to be his butt! Hoping he stays RIGHT where he is...occiput anterior (I think)!?



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24 weeks today

(guess I'll do a bare belly, too - complete with elastic line from slip)


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here is from this past weekend... about 26-27 weeks give or take really...

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Hotel bathroom shot at exactly 25 weeks.  I think I've even popped out more in just the last few days since then (now at 25w3d).




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