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Weekly Belly Photos!! - Page 15

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In the Gettysburg Battlefield. we were on our anniversary vacation... think we are around 32 weeks?

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Not the greatest pic of my belly (31 weeks), but DS3 decided he wanted to be pregnant too... so we were comparing bellies ;) A lot of the kids took turns being pregnant with balls & balloons. So cute!

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29 weeks

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33 weeks <3


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Natalie that photo is stunning! 


And Kel, you just keep getting cuter and cuter!

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xox and congrats!!

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kate - finally remembered to check out your wedding pics - so great :) Congratulations :))))


mamaharrison, love your belly art ;)

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33 weeks!



aken 1 day apart--the differene between a pro photo and a hubby photo is huge! haha


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Loving these photos!

30 weeks!

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Anyitara, that is beautiful!

Here is me today at 33w3d...700

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Kate, i love your dress! So beautiful!


All of you ladies are looking so gorgeous. :)


Here's 31 weeks...



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Oh you are allll soooo gorgeous!!!!!
Ohh bumps! I love em!! joy.gif
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You all look AMAZING! 

AFM, Finally back home joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif this is me at 32.5 weeks :) 





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32 weeks.


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I love seeing everyone's bellies! You are all so beautiful!


Here is my naked belly this morning in our newly finished bathroom!






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33 week belly. It feels HUGE!!!



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Beautiful pics, ladies! luxlove.gif


This was two weeks ago, so 33 weeks. Need to take a new one because my belly button is way lower now...lol


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Sego, love the pumpkin!!
Zebrachick, you are such a cute pregnant lady and I love your head wrap! If I knew how to do them I think I would wear one everyday!

OK, so I have been on here talking about how this baby changes position all.day.long! These pictures are taken one day apart and my belly is shaped completely different in each picture (AND it looks like I have a couple stretch marks from last pregnancy that are showing up on camera)! These are 34w...






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