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Weekly Belly Photos!! - Page 5

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Finally took a picture! Here I am, 10wksweek 10 004.JPG

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hooping at 14 weeks

I know it's not really a *belly* picture, but I thought it was too fun to share. 



14 weeks, 1 day

And here I am today, with a tighter, more belly worthy shirt on. smile.gif  14w1d

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9 weeks 002.JPG

Here is sometime last week or so, so 9 1/2 weeks-ish.

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This is me earlier this week at about 12 weeks.


For reference the below one was taken at about 8 weeks. Mostly, I feel like I am just looking chubbier in the stomach, not really pregnant. But I definitely can no longer suck the gut in and even my "fat jeans" can't  be easily buttoned. I am mostly living in empire waist dresses these days.



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Ack! Sorry those looked so huge, they didn't look quite that big before I hit submit.....

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Bump!! (Pun intended!)

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here is 13.3 weeks. officially second trimester woohooo!


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I'm 16 weeks today, but seem to be shrinking. I'm guessing my uterus is pretty tipped, as I feel this baby all the time! That and the fact that I can barely cross my legs anymore, so I know something's going on down there!   I just can't wait to have an awesome bump :)



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12 weeks 



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Naww you guys! Looking so cute!!!

I promise to chuck my recent ones up soon! DH has them all on his phone!

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I still can't believe how hard it's been to get consistent belly photos! We've just been so busy. I'm really impressed by those people that get one in the same spot every week, etc. I took one with my phone last night just to have it...


photo 1.jpg

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15 weeks and I feel hugebedain 15 seth texas 059.JPG

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AHHHHHH sooo cute!!!! Chica and Sweetmilk!! You are both so cute with your bumps!! :) And they certainly are bumps now!! Exciting!!

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yay bellies! You all look lovely ladies! 


I felt baby move a ton last night and I'm loving it! This morning I feel like I'm showing way more than I have been. I may have "popped." 



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Purposeful, I see a difference in your belly and your dreads! They have really changed since your earlier photos! Cute, cute, cute!

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Isn't that (the dreads,) crazy!! I'm amazed at how much they are changing everyday-  and I don't do anything to them!! Totally showing now, as I was at the store yesterday and a complete stranger asked me if I knew what I was having. I was so caught off guard! 

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Here is today's photo 17w5d. Naked belly!



I think I'm totally showing. Haven't had strangers say anything yet :) I'm sure it will happen sooner or later!

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gorgeous bellies mamas!

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Snapped another one today. Really confirms what my pants have been telling me: there's definately a growing baby in there!





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Nakie picture alert!!










Here's this body at 17ish weeks :)


17ish weeks #3

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