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Have you told family and friends yet?

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I found out on March 22 that i was preggers, third pregnancy for me, the first two ended in misscarriage last year both at 7.5 weeks. Last two times we told or close family and a few close friends. This time my husband and i are doing it a litte differently, the only other person who I shared the news with (today) was my mom. Otherwise keeping it quiet till 12 weeks.


Are any of you part of any social network? Facebook, etc?? When are you planning to break the news on there? And how do you plan to do it? One of my friends posted a picture of a bun in the oven,and everyone for the most part guessed what she was referring to! :)Thoght that was very creative. I am not planning to annonce on FB until i am at least 20 weeks.

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It's a tough question. I told my best friend, my mom, and my ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) support group. I figure I'll tell anyone who I'd want to also discuss a loss with, if this pregnancy results in loss. I ended up telling people pretty early with both my sticky pregnancies though, mostly because I had such bad morning sickness it was obvious to everyone around me that something was wrong. I had to tell my boss with my first at 7.5 weeks because I wanted to ask to work from home 2 days/week; the commute by train was horrible for my nausea. Definitely would prefer to wait til after the first trimester if possible. And I will go "facebook official" sometime in the second trimester I guess- 20 weeks sounds good. :)

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So far,  I've only told one friend, who guessed (she knew we weren't avoiding any longer). I'm planning to tell our families (immediate family) this weekend, and probably clue in a couple of close local friends. My DH is out of town for an extended period, so I know that I will need their support if I were to miscarry. I'm also in a wedding this summer, so I figure the bride deserves a call. wink1.gif I actually already called the dress place to up the sizes on my dress, so I suppose I should call her soon!


I'm hoping I can keep it on the down-low with everyone else until at least 16 weeks, as that is when I am planning to tell my boss and my staff. Once I've done that, I'm planning to tell far and wide (including facebook). 


My biggest thing (which is why one friend already knows) is that I refuse to lie to people. DH was all for making up excuses, etc, but I just don't want to lie to anyone; if they ask me something, I'm not going to make excuses or lie...now if I can gently sidestep, then I will. 

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As soon as I found out I told my immediate family, called my midwife to give her a heads up, told two close friends, then got on here and joined the group. I wanted at least a few people to know, so if this one is lost I'll have support & to help me get out of "ohmygosh, a third baby!!" mode and help me calm my fears about this pregnancy.  

I'll probably tell others if I run into them and I am either showing or they ask. I won't go public online until at least 13 weeks, if not longer. Most of my family is on there though, so it's nice to be able to keep in touch that way.  

This time, I will NOT be using a due date when I tell people.  A huge pet peeve of mine is people asking from about week 36 "when I'm going to have that baby already?" Since I go so late, that gets old fast! I'm just going to stick to "sometime in December." 

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After everything we've been through to get to this point, I've only told my BFF so far. We're telling family and very close friends after the first ultrasound 4/23. I'll be at about 7 weeks then. We plan on putting an "I'm going to be a big sister!" shirt on our dog and letting her run around my in-laws until they notice. We don't dress her up, so they should catch on pretty fast.


I'm telling work and everyone else at 16 weeks. I haven't decided how yet. I might make a big announcement, or I might just make comments and let people catch on. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest will start getting suspicious soon, but I'm not really worried about acquaintances who I don't know in real life knowing.

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Nope. I wait until after 12 weeks and after my CVS results are back.

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I told one of my friends and my husband told his best friend.  We know they will keep it a secret and we don't plan on telling anyone else right now.  I will probably tell my family when I hear the heartbeat.  I'm not going to tell anyone at work... I'll just wait til they figure it out.  I almost got caught by my coworker today because I was shopping at Target and headed over to the baby clothes to just look... I ran into her right before I got to the baby stuff... close call because she knows I have been trying for a long time and she would have guessed!

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I have only told DH and my best friend yet... We are waiting for a little bit to tell others. Will tell my sis and her kids/my bro and his kids/my mum on Mothers Day in Australia at which i will hopefully be 8 weeks preg :)

And will tell DH mum before that.. prob around 6 or 7 weeks.

Then everyone else will be told at prob the 12/13 week mark :)

Cant believe this is happening!!

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I told my sister (who is in labor as I type this!!), my mom and my best friend.  I will probably tell other family, friends and FB around 12-16wks.  My BFF is a photographer and we're already discussing announcement photos.  Probably, something along the lines of this:


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I told my sister (who is in labor as I type this!!), my mom and my best friend.  I will probably tell other family, friends and FB around 12-16wks.  My BFF is a photographer and we're already discussing announcement photos.  Probably, something along the lines of this:


I saw this on Pinterest! Love this idea!


We blabbed to my sister, who told her DP, BF and MIL. I wouldn't be surprised if she told my dad. My dh told his immediate supervisor "just in case". He's in the military, so if something happens it's just better for him to know. It will be easier for my dh to take a day or two off then. And I told my neighbor, because I could hardly contain myself when she told me she pregnant and due the same day I think my EDD is. We're not sure how we're going to tell our parents and other siblings. I'm sure there will be a riot involved, because this is #4 and a good part of my family think I'm nuts for having 3! lol

For the kids, we are going to hang up our recent family/individual photos square, kind of like a collage. The top left will be a pic of DD1, top right will be DD2, middle pic will be the family pic, bottom left will be DS1, and bottom right will hopefully be an u/s picture with the words JOINING US DECEMBER 2012.  Hope that makes sense. When I get it done I will post a pic.


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Just my husband...and the midwife's office! lol 


I think we'll wait to announce this one...probably after my DD's first birthday, maybe on Mother's day?

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After we called the midwife, I had to text a close friend. She and I have both been TTC while nursing for over a year, so we're on this journey together. I dearly hope that she is close behind. We ordered an "I'm going to be a big brother" shirt for J and we're planning to use him to share the news when the time is right. Not sure when that will be yet. I had pretty bad nausea and vomiting last time, so it's impossible to keep it a secret from people I see regularly. We'll probably come out on Facebook around the end of the first trimester, maybe after we've heard the heartbeat.

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Back in the early days of waiting to try, and trying, DH and I had talked about waiting at least until 10 - 12 weeks before telling family. That was before it ended up taking us a year to conceive. I had been seeing a fertility specialist for about three months and had been diagnosed with with a handful of problems that he felt I needed surgery for. We'd scheduled the surgery for this past Wednesday, and then told everyone about the infertility and treatment plans. And then I found myself pregnant a month later. Huge surprise, and after telling everyone about the problems over the past year, as well as the surgery I was scheduled for, it just didn't feel right not to share the good news right away -- even though it is still VERY early.  But we just felt that if we lost the baby, we wanted to at least be able to look back on memories of family and friends having had the chance to celebrate the good news with us. 


So all the people we care about most already know we're pregnant. We'll probably tell everyone via Facebook at the end of the first trimester (or maybe a little longer).

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Mothers Day special for us. DH knows but we'll try and hold out until the holiday to tell everyone else. Going to be hard with us being so darned excited!!!

My husband already asked me in front to the kiddos "Are you going to sign up for the mothering due date club again?" rolleyes.gif

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I have told a couple of close friends. We are planning to tell DH's family on Mothers Day as well when we visit. I am visiting my mom next weekend and I can't imagine not telling her even though I'll only be 6 weeks.

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Just my parents and DH's sister (MIL passed away a few years ago and he's not close with his father).  So far we are keeping mum but I haven't seen a few close friends since my BFP and I'm not sure if I can keep it zipped.  :)

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I have told my DH, my sis, and a group of 6 women I met in a nursing moms group when our toddlers were all in their infancy. I see all of these women weekly and several of them I see a few times a week so I couldn't imagine not talking about it with them. One is currently pregnant and another just had a mc in February.
We are waiting to tell our mothers on mothers day, we already took a photo of dd in a big sister tshirt and are making them into cards. Once my mom knows, the whole world knows.
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I had a miscarriage in October, my first. It was very early on but I told too many people and it was very very painful having to tell everyone that we had miscarried. I am not making that mistake again. So far I have told a group I am close to on Facebook (private group so no one but them sees the post), and a couple of close friends (one is already pregnant). I'll tell my mom sometime next week. She wasn't very supportive with my miscarriage though. My husband's parents are going to be really unhappy, and I suspect a lot of our friends are not going to be happy for us so not a lot of excitement at telling people this time around. Sigh. I might wait on Facebook until we have the "big" ultrasound (we will be looking for gender this time) and maybe post a picture saying "Oh YEAH! We have another beastie."


As for people around us...well I no doubt be showing soon:P

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Only my husband. I just found out today. I don't know if my family will be supportive; I don't get along with my in-laws. I will start telling friends around 12 weeks, and family closer to 20 weeks.

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i've only told DH and my mom. we are waiting till at least after we see a heartbeat to tell anyone else. i mc'd in january and with that one we told our families and close friends right away and it was so awkward and hard to then go around telling everyone that we'd lost the baby. so family after the ultrasound, and then friends whenever it feels natural after that, and facebook a few months in. with my dd we told everyone right away and i loved sharing the excitement, but after a mc things are different this time and my excitement is very cautious. i only told my mom so that if i lose this baby i will have her support.

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