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I haven't even told DH yet. He has already asked me, and I told him I wasn't sure, but that was before a BFP. 

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WOW Lilbsmomma that is impressive! I thought about not telling DH until some more time went by. I could only hold it in until her got home from work about 6 hours later! lol.gif

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I had to tell the HR lady at work so we could figure out insurance coverage for home birth. And a couple friends who knew we've been trying for awhile.


We told our parents and my sister this weekend. Largely because I wanted to the reality of their negative reaction to be over sooner than later, rather than anticipating it for months. (Personally, I'd have preferred never to have told them at all. We got congrats from 2 out of 5 though! To heck with the others.) Then we told our little ones. My 4 1/2 year old announced the news to all the guests at his sister's bday party the next morning ... so we've given up on keeping it a secret now. Ha.

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LittleGriff, that was exactly what happened to us! Once my kids knew then so did the neighbors, their teachers, their friends and anyone else who they happened to meet! smile.gif

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I just 'anonymized' my account here to let me join the group and post . . . I'm feeling conflicted about telling people IRL.  This isn't exactly a surprise pregnancy, and we certainly planned to have a fourth baby, but our lives are just so chaotic at this moment that I am not feeling happy and excited, much as I would like to be.  I'm sure I will get there, but I'm not there yet.  I told our kids, ages 8, 5, and 2.  DH knows, obviously.  My middle kid told his friend the minute we walked through their door, so I told his mom and their nanny, both of whom are friends, and not people who will go blabbing.  I told my BFF on the phone tonight.  But I'm really hesitant to tell some other key, important people like my mom.  I know my dad will make snide comments but that doesn't bother me so much.  My mom . . . has managed to say something really inappropriate, but not OBVIOUSLY inappropriate, every time I've told her about a pregnancy.  And, at this point I feel like we relate better when I am NOT coming to her from any kind of needy place.  And I feel needy right now.  I also know that by the family 'rules' it is not okay for me NOT to tell her.  So I am trying to sit with it until I feel like I know what TO do, instead of what I don't want to do, iykwim.  And, I definitely don't want to tell my employer until about the middle of June.  I think I can get my kids to keep quiet when we are there until then!

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Currently just DH and a close friend know. 

With our DD, I told two of my best friends right around this time (5-6 weeks), and I'm debating on telling them again.  Though, I should really tell one of them, because I'm standing up in her wedding next summer - and I should probably give her a heads up for dress shopping!  The other is pregnant herself, and I think it would be nice to have a friend to be pregnant with this time!
Oh, and I'll be telling my cousin on Sunday when we got out for coffee... I told her right around this time last time too..

As for our family, I'm waiting until we are out of the first trimester... like last time.

Though, I suppose it'll be closer (maybe before) this year.  We are going to my parents at the end of May for my dad's birthday, and will probably tell them then.  For DH's family, we'll probably go up for his mom's bday in the middle of June. 

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This is my first group and first time on Mothering.com so hi everybody~  I just found out that I was pregnant yesterday.  I first told my husband of course.  Our immediate family and a few close friends knew that yesterday was the 1st beta test. It's been a long road with these precious ones cheering on our sidelines and really "connected" with what's going on with us. So, everyone that knew that yesterday was the test, we've told that I'm pregnant, reminding them that's it's soooo early, still day-to-day and fragile.  I agree with several others, we'll want the support either way.  Fingers crossed and blessed vibes to our "sometime in December 2012" mama bellies :) Nice to meet all of you and thanks for sharing here. Peace~

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