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Homebirth in upstate New York

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Anyone know a homebirth midwife in upstate New York (Sidney in Delaware County)?? I am looking for someone who, if possible, accepts medicaid. I am due in early August.

Also, how can I find out about the homebirth laws?



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Hi, There are midwives not to far from your area. If you contact http://woman-wise.com/ and request information for a NY state provider, someone will contact you. And I remember someone else, too. Try http://www.nyhomebirth.com/. I'll bet the midwives have the answers you are looking for.

Best wishes


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Thank you Tricia!

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I know of a great doula that also might have some resources... her facebook page is Newborn Naturally and she's pretty wonderful. She lives around Binghamton and I believe she is getting ready to work more now that she's recovered from her baby!! 

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Hi there!  I live near Sidney and have had a homebirth.  Feel free to email me if you like and I can tell you who I used and try to answer your questions.  Best wishes.

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