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Bajingo Babies & Mommies: Spring 2012

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babyf.gif We've got babies! babyf.gif

 jumpers.gifWelcome grads of TTC #1 in our 30's & Pregnant with #1 in our 30's groups. jumpers.gif



birdie.lee:  L born 11.20.11 babyboy.gif

Blanca78: E born 04.24.11 babygirl.gif

LivingSky: Kayden born 07.14.11 babyboy.gif

Rambuzo: born 1.29.12 babyboy.gif

Tank: Wolverine born 11.08.11 babyboy.gif

Tear78: A born 7.15.11 babygirl.gif

ValH: Jacob born 10.4.11 babyboy.gif

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Yay, thank you birdie! joy.gif Can you add me?

A born 7/15/11 (girlie picture)

LivingSky: we're loosely TTC now, too. We've managed to be intimate during my fertile time the last two cycles because that's the only time my drive kicks into gear enough to MAKE time these days. lol...
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Hey girls! 

wolverine born 11/8/11


Birdie, I think yhe hair loss thing is because when you are pregnant your hair doesn't fall out, the PP all the hair that would have fallen out then falls out all at once so it seems like a lot.


I can't wait to TTC again but we are waiting a couple/few years.  Still no AF anyway.


wolverine is 5 months!  He just popped 2 teeth on the bottom and is working really hard at rolling.  He wants to roll everywhere.  Oh and he really wants to eat big people food.  He grabs food and cups from our hands.  I love this kid.


What's everyone else's babies up to?

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Hi Everyone! Can I be added, too? E born April 24, 2011.


We have thought about TTC later this year or early next year, but I still don't have AF back yet!

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Hi Birdie! I had a girl :)

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I'm here too. Baby B born 1/29!


Birdie: I've heard that lots of hair loss is normal. Did your hair grow alot during pregnancy, I've heard it basically goes back to pre-pregnancy levels.


We've been trying to decided about ttc too. Part of me wants to have another soon (especially since we don't know how easy that will be with the one tube) but part of me feels guilty, like Brody won't be getting my full attention for as long as he should.

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Please add us! Kayden born 7/14/2011, our little man smile.gif Or not so little!

And YES totally about the hair loss thing. I LOVED having my hair not fall out for so long, and then sudenly around 3 months PP I think it was, I swear HUNKS were coming out. It's evened off again now. But it was crazy for a while!
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yeah, my hair isn't coming out in piles anymore, but it'll be a while before it looks even again. Good to see everybody! blanca, I'm glad to be in a group w/ you again!

We're loosely ttc because we don't really expect it to work quickly if at all on our own so I want to determine that asap in case we need interventions. of course if it does work, as happens to some people post infertility, we'll be thrilled. I just can't quite believe we'll fall into that category, probably out of part self protection part residual trauma, lol.
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I'm so glad this thread is started! Tear--it's great to be in a group with you again, too!

Eliza is late w/gross motor stuff. We actually had her evaluated and she qualifies for free PT from the county, but in the couple weeks we've been waiting to be set up w/an appointment, she's been exploding with new skills, trying to do everything at once. She may crawl by her 1st birthday yet! She is trying to crawl, pull up, and cruise, all at the same time. It's a trip to watch. I think this is what's messing with her sleep, though--she's never been a bad sleeper and never been a crazy good sleeper, just always inconsistent, but for a while we could basically count on just one wake up a night. Lately, though, it's been two or three. The last few nights it's been 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. like clockwork, when in the past she's slept all the way through until 6, then another hour or so after that. I think she's used to just being nursed now when she wakes up. We are traveling next week, but when we get back I think we may see what happens if DH goes in to comfort her for one of the wakeups, trying to encourage her back to one. We'll see.


How bout the other babies?

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Blanca, from what I've read if she's trying to be mobile at that point, she's fine. I think A will go right to pulling herself up. She inches backwards pushing with her hands, but she's hasn't figured out how to get on her hands and knees yet. Some kids just skip the crawling phase. A went through a phase when she was up every 45 minutes wanting to nurse. I decided she didn't need to, and I tried comforting her back to sleep in other ways, and eventually it worked and she slept longer at a time. I think having DH try to comfort her might have the same effect. Good luck!
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Yeah, I basically have always done almost all the nighttime parenting, which mostly has meant nursing, so I think if I go in there she KNOWS she should be able to nurse. Hopefully DH can handle it.

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birdie, DD is super happy too, and then when she needs something she makes it VERY clear. I like it that way. smile.gif Yeah..rolling...DD has figured out how to roll all the way across the floor...to the electrical outlet. Enter gray hairs...
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Lurking. orngtongue.gif  Can't wait to join you ladies in June!

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K just started to really sit up on his own for long periods of time unassisted. He's been able to sit up for a while, but if the slightest thing caught his attention he would fall over ("OOOOH! SHINY! *thump*"). Now he can sit up for long periods and correct himself if he leans over too far. He can also get up to hands and knees, but no forward movement, jjust backwards and spinning in circles. He's really frustrated that he can't figure out how to move forward, but I'm pretty happy that he can't do it yet! So far he shows no inclination to pull himself up on things, so at least walking isn't imminent.

We're in a really bad sleep stage right now as he's finally working on his top two front teeth coming through. He's had the bottom fronts since January but these ones have been taking their time. One is almost through now but he is a craaaaaanky baby! At least, cranky for him.

He'll be 9 months old later this week... where has the time gone???

Oh, and to get the pictures going... here's some of my man from March 2nd, so he was just about 8 months (and 27 lbs, 32 inches)
Kayden posing:

Kayden trying to crawl:

And, Kayden enjoying his first taste of pears:
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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

Enter gray hairs...

Ooooh yeah.  And wrinkles/worry lines.  Don't forget those too.


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