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Up Poop Creek without a paddle... (3 day potty training)

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Hi Everyone!


I need some advice. I was surfing MDC a few weeks ago and came across a thread that talked about the 3-day potty training method. Some kind soul had described the steps for each day. I told my husband about this method and we were on board for PT DD (23 months) this holiday weekend, since we'd have 4 whole days to work on training.


My first problem was that I couldn't find that original thread that got me motivated on the 3 day process, so I had to go by memory. It seemed that day 1 was no pants, and frequent sits on the potty. Eventually we'd put some pants (or undies) on her.. maybe day 3.... Clearly I can't remember much, so I just went with my own type of method. DD has been naked (lower half) for 2 days now, except for naps and night time. She has figured out that pee goes in the potty and even interrupted her dinner with whining so she could have a pee. We were pretty happy with the result. But now we're kind of stuck. I have no idea what the 'next steps' are, and am worried I will screw it up. DD has also hasn't pooped at all in day for the last 2 days. Last night she pooped in the tub (and we knew she had to go, but she was not interested to poop in the potty) and tonight I'm pretty sure she had to go but she didn't. She's been having loose stools for a little while, and goes at least 2x a day, so I'm wondering if she is holding her poop cause she is afraid/doesn't know what to do.  


Does anyone have any advice for me about what the next steps should be? How do I get her to poop in the potty?


Would really appreciate tips from 3-day BTDT mamas!




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It sounds like you are on the right track!  We did the 3 day potty training, it actually took us 4 days though.  DS was very resistant the first couple of days but gradually caught on my day 4.

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This links up to another site, but gives a pretty good explanation of the 3-day "system": http://www.babycenter.com/0_potty-training-in-three-days-or-less_10310078.bc


We modified in our house to start including underwear, doing this as essentially two weekends - the first weekend got her to use the potty with nothing on. And then we had a laid-back week spent mostly at home and mostly naked. The second weekend we essentially repeated the steps of the first weekend with training pants (though in retrospect I would have gone straight to normal underwear).

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I'm interested in this thread.  My son (turns 3 in a month) has NO interest at all.  It has nothing to do with me or my husband (we're ready to go and have broached the topic with him many times) but he's still resistant.  He also hates to be naked.  My daughter (5 yo) can run around nudey all she wants but to even go from his bedroom to the bathroom for a shower, he gets upset.  :(  We have no idea where it's coming from as we're an open family.  He's great in the tub/shower, just hates being naked when he "should" be clothed.  


Both DH and I are ready for him to be trained (we have baby #3 arriving in November) and we'd like him to be good by that time. 


thanks for starting this!


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We did some impromptu training about 2mos back after a really nasty diaper rash and in 3 days DD went on the potty, completely by herself about 20 times (no poop though), only in a diaper for bedtime, but ok to sleep naked for naps without issue.  But then FIL was back in the picture watching her and the potty "phobia" returned, and we've finally come to a compromise where she can run naked and be fine for 3 or more hours and then tells up when she has to go, we try for the potty, then grab a diaper which she removes herself once she pees, even puts it in the diaper bin for me (once she dunked it in the toilet then ran into the kitchen with a soaking wet diaper proudly proclaiming "mommy look - I wash a diaper!").  So for now I'll take it because I can't eliminate the FIL from the picture (he's our babysitter) and he just doesn't do things the way I ask him to, but I'm sure at some point I'll have it out with him about how he's confusing her :-P  She wants to wear undies and talks about the potty, even sits on it to color or read a book, she's just getting mixed signals about how to do it consistently.  I think poop is a bit scarier for them at first.  We've had successful poops on the potty, maybe 5x from about 12-15mos, then we hit a fear period and that went by the wayside. 

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