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Vision Changes Post-Pregnancy

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I recall us having a discussion about vision while we were still pregnant... but I can't remember what was said or where it was located. So I thought I'd start a new thread!


Has anybody else experienced vision changes post-pregnancy? I'm bummed. Beyond bummed. I had LASIK done 2 years ago and my eyes were 15/20, better than perfect vision. I didn't have any vision problems while pregnant. Now just this past month my vision in one eye seems to be declining pretty dramatically and quickly. It was just a nuisance at first but I swear it got even worse in just the past week because now I can't put off an eye exam any longer... It drives me nuts not being able to see far away.


To anyone's knowledge, is this something that might just be hormone-related and could still correct itself once I'm done breastfeeding? I've read that vision changes during pregnancy can correct themselves, so I'm just really hoping this is the same kind of scenario. The LASIK procedure changed my quality of life dramatically, and I can't even fathom going back to wearing contacts or glasses again. I had major issues with both. greensad.gif Not to mention the added cost would not be fun. The place I got LASIK from offers a lifetime of free touch-ups for things like this, but I honestly don't know if I could handle going through the procedure again. It was a tad traumatic for me even though it was just one day of hell.



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A few quick thoughts. IME, vision changes continue throughout the time you are pregnant or breastfeeding. There can still be a lot of change, even though you aren't pregnant. Dry eyes can decrease how well you see. I have severely dry eyes, but it's been so long that I barely notice. I have to use thick eye drops and ointment frequently.

LASIK touch up is not nearly as bad as the first time. I've had both. The flap they cut on your eye comes up easily, so they don't have to use that machine. The place I went gives you Valium beforehand. That helped. Though I would be extremely wary of anyplace willing to do the procedure while you are still nursing. I was pregnant and/ or breastfeeding for five years straight and my vision was all over the place. You may just have to try to deal with it. If your vision gets too bad, you can go get glasses for a temporary correction. That was my plan, but my vision improved recently.
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Sadly, my vision hasn't improved.  I lost most of my vision in my right eye while pregnant.  I was really hoping it would come back post-pregnancy, but I am facing the fact that it isn't.  So, permanent semi-blindness in one eye isn't so bad, because I'm used to it now. 


I have a follow-up appointment this Friday to re-check my vision.  I noticed a week or two ago that I had started squinting a lot.  I'm hoping this doesn't mean my vision is going in my left eye as well.  One eye isn't so bad, but both eyes--I don't want to think about that.



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I have noticed a decline the last 2ish months.  Ive been holding off an appt as long as possible, but I know I need one soon.  It was really bad at the begining of my pregnancy then got better and is now getting worse...

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My glasses broke partway through my pregnancy, and I didn't want to get them replaced while pregnant because I knew about the eye changes. I hadn't heard of breastfeeding changes until after Oren was born, so I am still putting off getting new glasses, hoping it will sort of "settle" into a breastfeeding vision. So far it was really bad for the first few months and has been getting better a little. I think I'll get an exam at 6 months PP. The other problem is that we can't really afford new glasses right now - and I have a huge head, so I can't get them from places like Clearly Contacts or Warby Parker, I have to be professionally fit in person. 



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