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Tulafina, So sorry about your mastitis and hope it clears quickly...I'm with Jess, compresses and hand expressing (and massaging the hard areas in a downward fashion toward the nipple) plus Rosie's suggestion of ibuprofen are  the same things that got me through mastitis with DD1 (undiagnosed tongue tie, ravaged nipples, etc).  Sorry you feel alone, it's SO hard.  I thought I'd be able to deal with anything after that, bf wise, but when it started all over with this baby, I wanted to give up!  Fortunately we got the tie diagnosed this time and corrected and once my nipples healed, things have been really good!  I hope you get to that place realllllllly soon!!  Hugs!!
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jess in hawaii-- not totally.  i'm not as forgetful of stuff... but words are escaping me all the time.  it's been unfun.


tula- ack! get as much rest as you can. your body needs it, but so doess your spirit.



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help me out... Nak = nursing at keyboard?

Odin got clipped today. Doc and friends strongly encouraging nipple shield for my one really raw nipple. What are the cons of partial (just one side) shield use with a healthy, gaining baby?
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Rosie, we used a nip shield for about a week because my nips were so messed up from the ONE day before M got clipped. I'm not aware of any problems--I know it can make them lazy, but doing it for long enough for you to heal, on one side, shouldn't be that big of a deal.

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Nak  = nursing at keyboard



I had my first PP chiro visit today. Boy did I need it. For about 5 days after my hospital stay I was so unsteady on my feet in the middle of the night all due to back pain. Everything was out of place... at least that is how it felt. DD had her first chiro visit too. I felt movement in her neck/shoulder area and sure enough, something was out of place. She slept through the whole thing!


We also have a belly button! I didn't even know that her cord fell off until I looked at the floor and saw the remnants at least 20 minutes after the fact.

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Rosie -- I agree that just using it long enough to heal and only on one side shouldn't develop any long term issues for you or baby. Just be sure you stop using it as soon as you are healed enough to go without it again. 

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DH brought home shells and a shield. I put the shells on with such relief...I had been bare breasted and unsupported all day in an effort to completely dry my nipples. I took a shell off and there was a freaking half ounce of milk in there!!! I haven't leaked more than a couple drops before! The pressure they create expressed my milk better than a double electric!

Also, I just started bleeding again. Not a ton, just enough to keep changing liners, but it went from brown to red. Ugh.
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Rosie - the increased leaking could also be due to the lecithin. When I started it I began leaking from a part of my nipple that had previously never leaked after only 3 pills. Then I put a hot compress on the pluged part and over half of the plugged area leaked out just by sitting there. It was so good to see! LOL!

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I am using the nipple shield because Gracen won't latch without it :-(  I still can't get her to and she is now 2 weeks old.  Really, really hoping to be rid of it soon.

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Rosie is 2 weeks old tommorrow, is it normal for me to still be leaking milk all over the place if i've gone for more than an hour or two without feeding?  I feel like I'll never be able to leave the house again...
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so, i have finally stopped bleeding.  haven't worn a liner or anything for almost a week!  but, the skin on my face is absolutely ridiculous!  it is so dry and is driving me crazy!  it's been this way since about the second week pp and today i am 5 weeks pp.  the lower part of my face along the jawbone is the worst.  looking in the mirror it doesn't look too bad as long as i've put some coconut oil on it.  if i haven't, then my face is covered with white flakes.  when i run my fingers over my face it just feels so rough and i have had some days when my jawline has just itched like crazy!  is anyone going through this?  i don't remember this happening last time. 

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tara - I would say yes. I'm assuming that when you leak, you also have letdown. I also leak with some compression to my breast (holding baby) if it is full. I typically experience letdown until 4 months PP. So I wear nursing pads. I'm not a fan of them but I dislike wet spots even more.

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