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re hemrrhoids- is there any reason to seek out pure witch hazel instead of the otc options?

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someone mentioned ravaged nipples-- EART MAMA ANGEL BABY NATURAL NIPPLE BUTTER IS AMAZING!!!


my friend gave me some as a gift and it has helped with pain/ cracks/ blisters/ scabs tremendously!!!! 


ok, one handed typing.. i'll be back later ;) 

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Annnnd the hormones are hitting. I can't look at her without crying. I am so in love with her. She was a huge surprise to us and a huge shock to our life....and she is all I can think about now. I am officially a blubbering mess. 

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Hi everyone! I was going to say that the Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama Bottom Balm is rocking my 2nd-degree stitched world at the moment! I don't like the tucks pads as much because it feels like one more thing to be sitting on, but the balm seems to do the same thing, and I smell so nice all the time now, which is a funny side effect.

6 days in now, and things are going great. I feel pretty good physically, though my hips and tummy are still sore from the workout. Two questions for you mamas, though:

First off, I got some fancy new stretch marks during labor, which are now really itchy and sore and red and like nothing i've ever seen before (my other stretch marks are all just purple and sunk into my skin, which is fine). Is there anything I can do other than vitamin E oil? We've been doing that, but the itching doesn't go away and I don't want to make them worse!

And secondly, how do you get a deeper latch? I've got big boobs and although E is a champ nurser, one side is getting a little tender. It doesn't hurt the whole time, but like Jenny said, I kind of hold my breath at the beginning when she gets going over there. Do tehy just need to be toughened up? Poor little E has blisters all over her lips, so at least I feel like we're in this together, but it still kinda sucks (haha!)
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pretty-- I've had success with coconut oil on my belly... you might try that, or even vasaline may help if you apply at night and wrap your belly in gause.  it'll just keep the moisture in enough that it may alleviate the itching more than normal creams


nipple soreness-- from what i know, it's somewhat normal in the beginning, but probably shouldn't be getting worse.  the nipple butter from earth mama angel baby is amazing, so you might try that.  for a deeper latch (and i'm no expert) i've just tried to wait to baby opens WIDE and then give them the breast, don't let her have it until she opens up big...


good luck! 


rik-- i hope the hormones are easing up a bit! 

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riki- I'm right there with you.  I am head over heals.  


What I want to know is how the same hormone cocktail can make me melt with love when I look at my newborn, and cringe in irritation when I consider my husband.  Anyone have an answer there???  :)

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I finally have two hands to type! Oh wait, I spoke too soon. LOL. I'm 7 days pp today and feeling pretty good. I had one nipple that was pretty ravaged, but (thank GOD!) is now on the mends. It was so painful that I dreaded giving her that breast and would break out in a sweat from the pain. For some reason, I have one weird nipple that is different from the other and it has given every single one of my five children a problem with latching in the beginning. Lennon seems to want to nurse constantly and it just doesn't seem like I have much milk. My milk has come in, but my breasts barely leak, they get a little engorged feeling when it's been awhile since she nursed, but NOTHING like I remember with my other kids. My let downs feel really weak and at 7 days, she isn't having big EBF poops yet. It's still that darker colored "in between" poop and they are pretty small, although she is peeing like crazy. I don't know why I would have a short supply...maybe it's hormonal? I am way less hormonal feeling (much more level) than I remember ever being postpartum with my other children. I'm also taking Lactation Blend Nursing Support capsules by Vitanica. Maybe when I start taking my encapsulated placenta, it will help? They should be ready by Thursday.


Otherwise, baby is great and I'm doing well. Just a little concerned about my milk supply but I'll just continue to nurse her constantly and see how it goes.


I hope everyone else is recovering and adjusting well!

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i feel like this time pp hasn't been too bad!  i had a small tear up top and got one stitch.  with DS, i had a tear in the same place but on the opposite side and didn't receive a stitch because the on call doc said that i hadn't torn.  when i looked later with a mirror, it was very obvious to me that i had torn because it looked different than before i had her.  i haven't had any stinging going to the bathroom like i did when i had DD.  my bleeding has been pretty light since about a week pp which has been nice. 


DS is doing well nursing which is great because he has a tight frenulum.  he latched on immediately after he was born and has done pretty well ever since.  we were worried about whether or not we'd have to clip his tongue, but i think we should be good without having to do it!  at his 2 week appointment, he was already a pound over his birth weight so he's definitely getting enough to eat!  i think it also helped that my milk came in the day after he was born!  i definitely wasn't expecting it to come in that quickly.  the only issues we've had is sometimes he starts coughing at the beginning of a feeding due to a strong flow.  also, he sometimes falls asleep quickly, which the LC at the hospital says could be due to the tongue tie and the fact that it's harder for him to get the milk and so he tires easily.  we're working on that. 


sleep is great!  he is a champion sleeper!  i actually have to wake him up in the middle of the night to change him and feed him.  sometimes i wake up knowing that it's time, and other times i've woken up because i've either soaked the bed or my breasts are rock hard and just about to start leaking.  it was definitely not this way with DD.  with her, i barely got any sleep at all.  i think all of the extra sleep has really helped with my emotional stability. 


this was the first time that i've dealt with afterpains and it was definitely not fun!  thankfully it only lasted a couple of days.  i don't think i could have handled it if it lasted longer than that. 

the only other pp issues we've had has been with DD.  she has some jealousy issues which is to be expected, especially since she has been such a mommy's girl since birth.  DH has been really good with her which has helped.  thankfully i had DH home for 3 weeks total, but unfortunately only for a week after DS came.  he actually went back to work for 2 days and then was gone for 3 days to take part in a grant on teaching history.  it was a pre-planned thing and couldn't afford for him not to go since once he's done with the little bit of work involved in it he will be bringing almost $1000 home with him.  with me out of work for a few months, that $ is going to be very needed!  we survived having DH gone, but not without a hiccup.  DD had one day with no nap due to my doctor appointment, so the afternoon and evening weren't too pleasant and included a few timeouts.  the next day she took an extra long nap and was much better!  she still has her occasional issues with not listening, but we keep reminding ourselves that she is only 2 1/2 and this is to be expected whether she has a new sibling or not. 


i hope everyone else is doing well and taking it easy!

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I went to the midwives for my 2 week pp appointment today, and baby has gone from 8 lbs 2 oz at birth to 9 lbs 13 oz at 13 days.  Ya, I make solid cream.  They also felt for my uterus and said it has all but disappeared, around where most women are at 12 weeks.  I guess that's a good thing?  I've almost stopped bleeding, which I didn't do until about 6 weeks with my previous births. I'm not sure what to attribute that to, but the only thing I've done differently this time is encapsulate my placenta, so I'm guessing that's it.  If that's all it does, I'll do it again! 


My older boys are acting up a little too. They are actually really good with the baby, no jealousy or anything, just general craziness.  I'm sure it will just take some time to adjust, but for now it's a little frustrating.  I'm trying to stay positive and not get after them too much, but that's hard when I'm trying to care for the baby. It will come, I suppose.

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I am right there with you on the big kids and the acting crazy. Mine aren't jealous at all but they are out of control most of the day. I have to ask/tell them several times to do xyz before they do it and they are fighting with each other a lot more. It is so frustrating! When I'm not feeding the baby or doing laundry I try to make time for each of them. I know it is a huge adjustment for them but my patience is wearing thin now. 

Perri was 7 pounds 8 at birth, 7 pounds 5 at discharge, 6 pounds 11 at three days, and back to 7 pounds 5 by 9 days. I had implants 2 years ago so I was really really worried about milk supply. We weren't planning anymore babies when I had them done. One of my biggest fears was not being able to feed my baby. Well, it looks like they are working GREAT! My husband joked that if I couldn't breast feed he was leaving and my friends at work said they were taking cover! 

She is such a good baby. She only cries when we change her diaper and she lets me sleep in 2 hour stretches. 

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saudade- from what I have gleaned at LLL as you have more babies your boobs just adjust better so you might not have that let down feeling like you did in the past. Also from personal experience with babies #1 + 2 I leaked like crazy, with #3 I just didn't, no matter how full or even painful my boobs became they would.not.leak. This time around they leak again. I'd say if she is peeing and pooing enough and seems healthy you have plenty of milk and they may just be reacting a bit different.


Hemmies- it wasn't tucks she told me some herb or something I think. I did get preperation H and it helped a lot. forgot that.

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I haven't had the same amount of leakiness/fullness that I had with DS but she is definitely getting a ton of milk!

So, don't know if any of you ladies can help but any input is welcome.  With DS my pp bleeding was pretty steady for many weeks and lightened up but only to a certain point, still red and needed a pad all of the time until 10-11 weeks.  This time, around a week and a half my bleeding was ridiculously minimal.  Maybe some spotting here and there that was a lighter red.  Well, for the past two days my bleeding has picked up enough for me to wonder about it. Not a huge amount but definitely a reverse from where it was and the blood is red to dark red.  It is the worst/most with a BM. I called my mw and she said to keep an eye on it, I will be 3 wks pp tomorrow, and that if it gets worse to let her know.  I haven't upped the activity level more than what it has been.  My mw said that on Monday if it hasn't lightened up then I can take a medicine that helps with pp bleeding?  You take it over the course of 24 hrs and it is supposed to help close the cervix but if anything in the uterus still needs to come out it can.  I am pushing the RRL tea and going to hopefully get some nettles.  Anyone else have advice for how I can help the bleeding slow down?  I think i am most concerned bcDH goes back yo work mon and i need to be 100%.


On a different note. DD is much more fussy, has a lot of gas and just seems in pain throughout the day.  I tried side lying nursing with her and she just gulped and gulped so I think it is the after effect of that.  My ugh feeling about it is that this means I still have to get up and go into our living room for every feeding at night which is every two hours in addition to her really enjoying a two hour awake session every night.  pp with DS I decided that no parenting decisions or judgements should be made between 10pm and 8am and last night between 3-5am I was really wondering why the heck I don't do pacifiers because I was so tired of DD nursing to settle herself then getting upset and waking up because of gas and then repeating the cycle.  I feel guilty because I felt so much more patient and self sacrificial for DS but right now I just want to be a mama that has some sort of rest so I can be a good mama in the day too.  Part of me is scared DD will be as difficult as DS was over night, which was much more intense, and another part of me (the day time me) just realizes that she is figuring out night and day and that this won't last that long.  Honestly, I am having a hard time keeping my spirits up when it gets dark but by 9 am, I am back to be optimistic. blah and wah.

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saudade- from what I have gleaned at LLL as you have more babies your boobs just adjust better so you might not have that let down feeling like you did in the past. Also from personal experience with babies #1 + 2 I leaked like crazy, with #3 I just didn't, no matter how full or even painful my boobs became they would.not.leak. This time around they leak again. I'd say if she is peeing and pooing enough and seems healthy you have plenty of milk and they may just be reacting a bit different.




That is what I was hoping. Even though she is soaking diapers, pooping several times a day (though they are small and not big seedy EBF poops like I expect) she was weighed today and she is down a whole pound from birth weight at 9 days old. She was 9.2 at birth, 8.11 at 24 hours, 8.10 at 3 days and 8.2 today at 9 days. Not good. :( She never cries, she is content and pooping and peeing lots, so I don't get it. BUT it does seem like she is at the breast sucking a lot but not drinking a lot but seems content about it.  greensad.gif I feel so sad. I'm told to eat more (my hunger is ravenous and I'm trying to eat as much as possible!) my mouth is dry so I'm trying to make myself drink more water and stop and THINK about it. It's hard these days. I'm on major dose of galactagogue herbs now to try to increase my supply. I'm steeping 4 bags of mother's milk tea, covered overnight in 4 cups boiling water then adding 4 droppers of mostly fenugreek with some motherwort tincture to sip throughout the day plus taking 4 caps of Lactationblend nursing support by vitanica (capsules). Hopefully this helps. My midwife is going to stop by sometime this weekend with a scale and weigh her really quickly to see how she is in a couple/few days. I'm also doing breast compressions while I nurse her and WOW THOSE REALLY WORK!!!


My placenta wasn't done being encapsulated today. Hopefully soon because that will help too. I was doing really well with PP blues and stuff until it was confirmed today that my breastmilk SUCKS and all I want to do is cry now. :(

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Saudade - How utterly frustrating. :hugs:

Flavorful - your mantra of no parenting decisions at night has stuck with me. I lie here at 4am with baby painfully attached to me, thinking "why am I doing this?" (BFing)

I think we have lost our ability to latch well. We haven't used and artificial nipples, but I have let Odin suck on my finger three times, for a pretty short period. He never seems to open wide anymore, and if he does he readjusts to put less tissue in his mouth. Ouch! How do I fix this???
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I think we have lost our ability to latch well. We haven't used and artificial nipples, but I have let Odin suck on my finger three times, for a pretty short period. He never seems to open wide anymore, and if he does he readjusts to put less tissue in his mouth. Ouch! How do I fix this???

We are in kind of the same boat. One day she just stopped latching well. Every time I put her on, we get a few good sucks and then the smacking noises start as her mouth gets smaller and smaller. She has a marginal tongue tie that hasn't been an issue so far, but I called my mom (an RN and a lactation consultant) to ask if tongue tie issues could appear this late (DD is 4 1/2 weeks), and she said it usually gets better as their mouths get bigger. So I'm not sure what our problem is. I also have let her suck on my finger, a couple times a day actually, to give her probiotics, but only for a few seconds as she sucks the powder off.

I'm going to give it a couple more days and if we can't figure it out, we'll go see a LC again. When we saw the LC before for pinched nipples, she said most people hit their stride BF-ing around 6-8 weeks. Looking forward to that!
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DS has been asleep in his bassinet for nearly 2 hours, so I am catching up around here before I wake him. I have been mostly sleeping with him at night, which I never did with the other kids. He just hates to be alone and is already great at nursing side-lying, so I have been going with it. I do want him to sleep in the bassinet though because I miss sleeping with my husband. We have been downstairs for the week since his birth, me on the futon and DH on the couch. Tonight we are moving back to our room upstairs, and I am just not sure about 3 of us in the bed. Last night he slept 2 , 1 hour stretches in his bassinet. I know this isn't what a lot of folks do around here, but I usually rest better with the baby in his own bed.


DS is so much bigger than my other kids were (9-9 instead of under 8lbs) that he just seems really big and strong. He nurses like a champ. I have wondered about my milk as well. My breasts are heavy and full, but I have had no leaking at all, which is very different from before. It is good to read that this is normal.


My bleeding is tapering down, and I am ready to switch to my cloth pads because these disposables are not comfy. I just haven't been up to the laundry before now. I managed to birth my huge baby without a tear, which is incredible and makes a huge difference in recovery. My pelvic floor feels very weak, however, so I am trying to kegal the best I can and hope that time helps A LOT.


DH goes back to work on Monday, so we are trying to figure out what our new normal will look like. Getting settled upstairs is the first step. Sending DH out for one more week worth of disposable diapers is the second. bag.gif


Thank you ladies for being so amazing. I have been reading even when not posting, and I just love the support here.


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Tracy - sorry to hear you're in the same boat.
Mom2SJ - same sleep issues here. DS sleeps well in bed with us and less well in the bassinet, but I really need some DH cuddle time. Let me know if/how you transition to the bassinet. We thought about an arms reach but it seems like it won't work with our bed.
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We have an Arm's Reach that was working pretty well and DD was sleeping about 1 1/2 hrs at a time. Then one night she wouldn't stay asleep and I let her sleep next to me in our bed, and she slept 4 hours! Since then she's been sleeping in our bed between me and the co-sleeper and consistently sleeping 3-4 hours at a time at night. I would like to get her back in the co- sleeper (even though I do like the cuddles in the morning!), because our bed is only a queen and it's a little cramped. But I'm not sure I'm ready to give up those 3-4 hour stretches!
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Same thing here. 3-4 hour stretches with him in bed, much less without.
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I want that 3-4 hr stretch!  we are down to two hours or less with a long chunk of awake time in the middle of the night- 2 hrs- and I have ended up in tears every night.  Last night was the worst because DS woke up and needed help in between DD waking up so I was up over 3 hrs helping kids sleep.  Today, I broke down and ordered an infant swing on amazon.  I really don't want to put my baby to sleep that way and felt conflicted but I also need help at 3am.  This is just so odd to me but she can't really nurse to sleep, i posted in the other thread about this, but I feel like I am physically failing at this because I am so tired that I am having difficulty walking and rocking her to sleep for so long.  It doesn't help that I am really trying to heal or figure out why my pp bleeding is worse and have a deadline of improving by monday or I will need to take meds to help with it.  Just kind of struggling with figuring out the sleep thing, recuperating thing, and having some anxiety about DH going back to work.  


On an up note, I have never heard such man sized farts come out of someone so little as the ones DD is producing right now, way to go girl!

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