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RH Neg question

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Should the baby of an RH Neg mom have the cord clamped sooner?  Does babies blood remain in Placenta?  Can it be removed in anyway before encapsulation?  Is it ok to consume placenta of RH Neg mom?  Can it hurt baby?

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Curious about the replies you'll receive...I'm RH neg too

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I am Rh negative and my husband is Rh positive. Cord clamping was never mentioned to me as an issue for Rh sensitivity (which I'm assuming is what you're trying to avoid.) The placenta has two parts, the mother's side with her blood and the baby's side with his or her waste products- the mother's side develops from her uterine tissue and the baby's from the same sperm and egg union that made the fetus itself. So the placenta would have both blood types in it. However, eating it encapsulated would most likely not sensitize you- your stomach acids would break it down and your body wouldn't develop antibodies to it. With regards to hurting the baby, Rh sensitivity could only hurt the baby if the mom was already sensitized, because her body might attack the cells as foreign. If it's the first baby, even if the mom becomes sensitized, the baby is almost always fine, it's only subsequent pregnancies that need to be worried about. The mom eating the placenta could not possibly hurt the baby. I am not a doctor, however, and this is just from research I did. 

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I do not think the cord would need to be clamped any sooner. I've encapsulated placentas for Rh negative moms and it wasn't an issue.

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