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pumping suction problem

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Hi,  I have a medela freestyle that is about 3 years old that I used with my first child and now I'm using for my twins.  I recently started to have problems with the suction and was wondering if anyone else had this issue and how they corrected it.  While pumping my nipple/breast seems to get stuck in the phlange and doesn't move with the vacuum or express milk.  I have to break the seal to get the pumping action going again - sometimes that will solve the issue but often it will happen again 30 seconds later.  I've tried different size phlanges as well as different suction powers (both less and more) but I can't figure out the problem.  It was working pretty well until about 2 weeks ago (my twins are 5 months now).  Any suggestions?



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I'd call Medela customer service. They will give you some tips or tricks to try and could help diagnose what's going on. But if your pump is 3 years old and has had a lot of use, it may be dying. greensad.gif
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