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Anyone living in NYC downtown?

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My name is Anya Rose. I just moved to Union Square from living on a boat off the coast of South America. Talk about a culture shock! I'm in my 15th week right now and would absolutely love to have a girlfriend or two around the same time. I don't know a single girl in the area and literally just got to the states a couple of days ago. Any ages, any races, any languages... haha, just looking for a connection. 


Let me know if you want to get together!





P.S. You can see my travels on my photography blog: http://www.hueavenue.com if you want to check it out. (:


-I'm 21, having a home birth (preferably in water), and very very open to hearing about ideas on pregnancy. This little one was a surprise! (:

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Hey Anya,


I live in Queens, but I am in downtown NYC a lot for dance classes, art events and research and just purely because I love it. Also, of course, I go to the UNion Square farmer's market with my little one all the time - it is the best! I took a homebirhting class at the 14th St. Y over there, and I highly recommend it. I had a waterbirth. My daughter is 10 months old now. If you want to connect or talk or ask me anything, please feel free. I will send you my email and phone.

I can also recommend midwives and other knowledge I have gained re: natural child rearing.

Oh, and by the way, I lived on a boat myself, but in Brooklyn.  


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Hi Anya,

I am a prof at NYU so I live a little further downtown than you (Greenwich Village) but quite close. I had a birth center waterbirth with my first (who will be 7 in June!!), and I had a home waterbirth with my second (who was a surprise like yours and who just turned 4 last month; I tell you, the time FLIES). My HB midwife is still active in case you're looking, and just generally I'd be happy to share anything I know about pregnancy, birth, cloth diapering if you're interested, vaccinations, parenting (warning: I know nothing), finding childcare and schools in this crazy city, etc. etc. I'd also love to hang out socially and make a new friend, so I will give you a call when I get back from Canada where I'm headed for a conference tomorrow evening. I checked out your photography and it's amazing! Wow. 

Take care,


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