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Less wet diapers

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(This is kind of a piggyback to a previous post of mine.)


I am worried my DS may not be getting enough.  He is 9 weeks old and is having less wet diapers.  I used to have to constantly change him.  Every time I turned around, he was wet again, going no longer than an hour without a wet diaper, day and night.  Now, I notice he will go hours without a wet diaper, like 3 or 4 hours. He's been doing that the past few days.  I've had concerns about my supply already because my breasts felt soft and empty, but my research assured me that that does not always mean a low supply; however, that coupled with his less wet diapers is concerning me.  I think he is still hitting the mark of 4-5 wet diapers a day but him having much less the amount of wet diapers than he did previously bothers me.  Is this normal? And what could it mean? I'm trying to think of all reasons before I conclude that I have a low supply and he is not getting enough.  I wonder if he is just getting more hindmilk now that my supply has regulated itself and maybe that's why he is having less wets?? At his last well visit, his weight was great but he hasn't been weighed since then because this issue has just started the past few days, basically when I noticed my breasts were softer. I just don't want him to lose any weight since he has been thriving so well so far.


Should I be concerned?


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I would say that it's pretty normal for your breasts to get soft after your body adjusts. You could always take baby to a lactation consultant and have baby weighed. Then weighed again after a few days or a week. If you really think your milk supply is getting low, you could drink something like Breastea to help increase your milk supply. Make sure you are breastfeeding as often as possible.

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After about 6-8 weeks I think my little guy started to pee less often, but heavier pees. So instead of having 3 pees in 2 hours, he'd go 2-3 hours between pees, but pee the same amount of urine as combining those 3 pees before. Does that make sense?


If your little one peeing more but less often?

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