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Pregnant with a STUBBORN yeast infection

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Hi all...

I have a yeast infection and I never get these, pregnant or not. However, being 6.5 months pregnant....it's just not fun any way you slice it. I've been treating it with home remedies that do not seem to full do the trick. I have a Dr appt tomorrow, where I bet I will be handed an over the counter cream. At this point, I might just be ok with it, but wanted some input before hand on what had worked for you. Also, I have not had that gross white thick build up in a few days, but the area is still a bit itchy or sensitive.


Ok here's what I have tried (in combination) since last Saturday:

- Fresh raw garlic suppository

- Plain, no pectin, no sugar yogurt suppository with all necessary probiotic cultures in there

- Apple cider vinegar baths

- Apple cider vinegar spray

- Probiotic capsule opened up on / in the area

- I just put tea tree oil/water dilution on there via cotton ball



All of these seem to help, but the issue isn't completely gone. I read about hydrogen peroxide as well as boric acid, but am a bit scared to try these without a few testimonials of success during pregnancy.


I cut out processed sugar, but I can't cut out all fruit, though I have minimized it. I do not eat meat, so turning to protein isnt that easy. I'm looking more for a topical / vaginal solution, as these infections do not happen to me so I am not worried about systemic candida. Beside, even I was to worry about it, I can't do any cleanse now or in the near future.


Any treatments that worked for you? Please advise!

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Your poor thing! I totally know what you're going through!  I had horrible yeast infections after the birth of my 2nd and had thrush at the same time.  The thing that finally kicked mine was going on an anti-yeast diet, but that might be tough for you.  (I cut out all dairy, bread, and fruit.)  My son and I were passing it back and forth breastfeeding and he was even having gas from it, so we had to do something drastic, but it sounds like you're just about over it already.


However,  there are a couple things that you can still try without using the prescription cream...the problem with those anti-fungals is that they have been proven to actually contribute to yeast issues in the long run, as the yeast in your body builds up immunity to them.  I have a few suggestions for you, hopefully one will help...some of them might seem kinda basic, but I want to mention them just in case some of it will help.  I'm actually (verrry sloooowly) writing an e-book about yeast because I had such a horrible battle with it, and hope to help others avoid the problem!


--white, 100% cotton underwear only, and change them several times a day if it's hot outside or you're really active...or just go commando!


--sleep without underwear, and in very loose pants or a gown


--keep as cool and dry as possible, if you like using powder, feel free, but nothing scented, or cornstarch based- yeast feeds on it!


--Gentian Violet...a very old treatment but even many mainstream Gyn's still use it (it needs to be swabbed into your vaginal wall and entire labia area with a cotton swab...you can find this at any health/natural foods stores for a few dollars...beware, it stains everything.  (I have a friend that suffered with a yeast infection during pregnancy that got so bad that her skin was bleeding, and her Gyn had her come in every day for 4-5 days for Gentian Violet treatment and it finally worked, after 3 weeks of trying everything else!)


--eat lots of unsweetened yogurt, avoid aged dairy products, chocolate, and caffeine


--Sometimes several different treatments used together, even natural ones, can make the problem a little worse..this was the case with me...I was trying a little of this and that, and none of it had time to work.  I had the best result for quick, topical relief using plain yogurt with several high-quality acidophilus capsules mixed in.


I really hope that some of this helps you and that you start feeling better very soon!  I wish you the best of luck getting over it!  Oh, and I almost forgot...congrats on your pregnancy! :o)


--Pam, water-birthing, breastfeeding, no vacc'ing, unconditional parent to my DD, 8 and my DS, 3, with a whole-lotta help, love, support and dish washing by my very, very DH!


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Thanks. I am at my wits end now. I need something to take this itch away. I have no discharge or any physical signs other than the exterior itch, although it must still be there. Driving me batty!

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it may be worth getting a swab to see what kind of yeast your dealing with, just in case its something like bacterial vaginosis or something - which would make treatment different. Hope you feel better soon!

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I had the same issue when pregnant. After a whole month of trying natural remedies I finally purchased some monistat and it cleared right up. Good luck!

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How do you use the garlic?

It helped me a lot when I put it plain down there (no gauge etc) and sliced. You need to change it often, say every 3-5 hours and eventually it should clear up.

I'm on the GAPS diet at the moment (you may want to look into this as it can eliminate Candida from your gut; vaginal yeast infections are due to gut dysbiosis and topical treatments they just tackle the external symptoms) and recently I had a nasty die-off in the form of a yeast infection and the only thing that helped me was tampons soaked in home-prepared kefir. You can apply kefir externally as well to relieve the itch.

Kefir is much more potent than yogurt, just make sure to prepare kefir at home.

Good luck with this, I know how awful this feels, I had recurrent yeast infections when I was pregnant with my DD.

And she ended up with food intolerances and was wondering why, it wasn't until I read Gut and Psychology Syndrome that I learnt about the connection between the two and then suddenly everything made sense!

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I use the garlic on its own as a suppository. I don't have a gut issue. I never get YIs and I know where this came from, but it's still a pain of course.

Anyway, ended up on monistat 7 and the itching and inflammation were gone almost immediately. Don't wanna use conventionals often, but glad they are there and useful for some things.

Thanks to all for the advice. YIs are nasty little buggers.
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Yeast infections and thrush can be caused by low iron.
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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post

Yeast infections and thrush can be caused by low iron.


Actually it is the other way round: yeast and bacteria in the gut feed on iron that is why people with yeast issues also have low iron levels.


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Originally Posted by Gingercat View Post



Actually it is the other way round: yeast and bacteria in the gut feed on iron that is why people with yeast issues also have low iron levels.


Huh.  That's interesting.  I got that little tidbit off of kellymom when I was struggling with recurrent mastitis with my last baby.  It didn't explain either way, and I just assumed low iron was a cause, and not a symptom.  I do know, though, that if I take a daily iron supplement, my symptoms go away.

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Originally Posted by Gingercat View Post



Actually it is the other way round: yeast and bacteria in the gut feed on iron that is why people with yeast issues also have low iron levels.



Oh my gosh, I never even thought of that. I should've, but didn't...I started taking iron and started developing the YI. As I said before, I never get them, and I never take iron either. This all happened recently (and I'm pregs.) 

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This sounds weird but after years of chronic yeast infections (including one during my last pregnancy that lasted 3 straight months) I've found that taking Niacin, Vitamin E, and Magnesium has made them go away completely. I know for sure I wasn't iron deficient during that pregnancy or this one so that wasn't it for me unfortunately.

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Interesting. You could cut out the iron supps and just make sure you eat healthy natural sources of iron and see if there's a change.

Also watch grains, they are often overlooked when cutting out/minimizing sugar.
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