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Lipase and work

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I've been back to work a month; 5 month old has refused all bottles so grandma is feeding her from a cup. I thought she was just stubborn, but I tasted some milk the other day and it had a slight throw-up taste to it, so, if it's excess lipase, how do I deal with it if I'm pumping at work?
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You need to figure out how long your milk stays fresh before starting to get the funky smell/taste.  I personally am fine to pump at work, keep it refrigerated and bring it home THEN scald it.  If your milk doesn't make it that long you can scald your milk at work in a bottle warmer.  I just played around with how much water/time it took to get my milk to the scald point by using a candy thermometer that has a scald line on it.  This is the bottle warmer that I use.  Some shut off when they reach a certain temperature which obviously won't work for scalding milk.  So don't get anything fancy. 

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Great suggestions from MadelinesMama  above. My milk is fine for about 24 h, so I just pump at work and send that milk with my DS the next day. He's a toddler though,so if he goes a day without milk I'm OK with that. You may want more of a cushion with an exclusively breastfed baby.

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Ok, will pump at work today and see how it is after work. I've been pumping at 10 then putting it on ice until 3 when I get home. The bottle warmer thing is a great suggestion, but I'm a teacher, so I have no flexibility on how long of a break I have, and I of course can't do anything breastmilk- related once my next group of 8th graders arrives. I imagine it takes some time to bring milk to scalding with a warmer?
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It takes me 2 to 3 mins in the bottle warmer to get it to scalding temp. 

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Oh wow. I've never used a bottle warmer bit I thought they heated slowly!
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Apparently not the cheapie munchkin one I linked lol.  I've never used one before this either so I can't really compare it to anything. If you heat in a glass bottle it takes much less time than a plastic one also. 

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