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Weekly Chat Thread April 9th

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How is everyone doing?  

This week is 24 weeks for me and for the first time yesterday I felt movement for a couple hours, especially in the morning, even DH could feel.  luxlove.gif  I had felt random movement, a kick here or there but not daily, not consistent, and not keeping up for an extended period of time!  What a great feeling.  I have an anterior placenta which I think acts as a shock absorber.  Finally I am starting to have a noticeable baby bellysmile.gif  It can still hide in normal clothes but certain maternity clothes really help show it off.

I also have had a return of M/S that has lasted for a few days.  

Hope everyone has a great week! 

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sol I think we share the same due date? I am losing track of what week I am all the time, this is horrible when people ask me and I sort of guess a range innocent.gif. Its exciting you are feeling kicks! I feel like this week they have really gone into high gear down there, my stomach is huge now and people are constantly asking when I am due. Lucky you're still able to wear normal clothes, I cant even put my baggy shirts on anymore without busting out a bit.



I am in the state for another week for work here in Pittsburgh- super super busy and long hours M-F but spent the weekend trying to walk some hills and enjoy the sun they have been getting here since its apparently going to rain this week. . . hoping to try out the gym in the early mornings since Im so jetlagged Ive been getting up at 5 most mornings anyway.


No real updates from me, we are having some work done on the apartment while we are here (to basically make a 'bedroom') and repaint the walls, so I am anxious to see what it looks like when we return. My birthday is next weekend and Im hoping to find a spa here I can go to for a few hours one day for a massage or something before we leave.



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I had dreams about nesting this morning. Hopefully this means I'll do some actual nesting soon? And I got kicked awake, which is still pretty cool even when it happens at 4:30am.

My 2nd try at the anatomy scan is tomorrow (between getting some cavities filled & my midwife appt, so it's gonna be a long day). Hoping we will finally find out this baby's sex!
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I guess I need to make some more changes this week, or get a workout of some kind in every day.  I gained another 1.5 lbs in the last week which is putting me quite a bit over my monthly goals.  Though maybe there are times when there is a growth spurt and it really doesn't matter so much what you do, because I feel like I was really concious of all that last week.  Irritating.

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sol, that's so exciting! i've been feeling some kicks and felt it on the outside, once, by accident. my placenta is also anterior, so only feeling stuff low, close to my pelvis. the baby was transverse at our anatomy scan and hasn't changed position much, from what i can tell. 


eleuthia, good luck with your second scan! hope the baby cooperates. 


i saw my family yesterday for the first time in a while...of course they were happy about my (small) bump. it was fun at first to have everyone looking and touching...but my sister and mom wouldn't quit, which annoyed me. i just don't like to be touched/tickled like that and i kept pushing their hands away (like was having a physical reaction, i couldn't help myself from taking their hands off of me!!). and of course now, it's a "thing." "oh you won't let us touch you and soon your pregnancy will be over and we'll have missed out." argghhhhhh. i can't win...either be uncomfortable or have to listen to their moaning about it. you can't even feel the baby kicking on the outside yet! blah. 


also, BH contractions are making me feel kind of yucky. this morning, it seems that my uterus won't fully relax. i have a call in to my midwives re: the SUA so i think that i'll get some feedback on this as well. logically, i know that bh are normal...i guess i'm just sort of feeling a bit uneasy (first pregnancy jitters). 


unrelated to pregnancy, our kitchen is moving along...the floors are getting a coat of poly today and the cabinets should be in by the end of the week. hopefully this time two weeks from now, i'll be back in business. 



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Sol, sorry about the m/s but that's wonderful about what you're feeling and that you could share it with your dh! I have been wearing a lot of maternity things and I agree that it's definitely more pronounced in them. Dh took a picture of me in the park on Saturday with regular workout clothes on and it's ambiguous (is she chubby around the middle or pregnant?).  I'll have to post soon on the belly thread.


Ithappened, I hope you enjoy the spring weather and some nice workouts. It sounds great that you'll return to an updated space!


Eleuthia, hope s/he's more cooperative at this 2nd try scan! Being kicked awake is pretty cool. I get up several times at night and realize that he's moving, but nothing that seems to have actually woken me up yet.


Ninetales, I'm also hoping I'm in a growth spurt because I woke up a few times lately hungry. That always seems to be a sign for me.


Waffler, you posted while I was (taking a long time to do it). Sorry about the touchy-feelie family. I know my mil would be like that if she were here. So far no one has approached my bump, though, but I am not really close to anyone where we live now. I still haven't experienced bh, but now that I've read more about them, I know what to look out for.


AFM, I have an ob appointment tomorrow (even dreamed about it last night; very strange dream). Dh and I went to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby (the second was definitely superior) to register in person. Buy buy baby offers personalized sessions to review strollers and car seats, so we are going to take advantage of that soon and do some more preliminary research before we do that. It was fun, but also overwhelming.

We had been considering the arm's reach co-sleeper, but upon really looking at it, I am not really convinced. I think we may sidecar a real crib or have a real crib very close to the bed. What worries me about the arm's reach is that it is surrounded by cloth at the top and bottom and mesh on the sides. Anyone have any thoughts? Do those who use the cosleeper also have another place for the baby to nap when you are not in the bed?


After a week of what seemed like a ton of movement, he was pretty low key over the weekend. I don't know if I've gotten used to it, so it's not as much of an event when I feel a little wiggle or he's just being quieter with the different rhythm of the weekend. I still feel movement during similar times and in similar places, so I'm not sure if it's that he changed position or what, although last night lying down with dh, he felt some pronounced movement and was thrilled. 

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Sol - Feeling that strong movement is so exciting! I just started to feel long periods of movement, too. We seem to have 4 or 5 good play periods a day.I definitely have a night owl in there! 


ithappened - I've seen a few of your fb posts. Your work is so interesting! I hope you find a nice relaxing spot for your birthday next weekend.


eleuthia - Good luck w your scan! I've been avoiding finding a dentist for DH and I. Ugh, I've always dreaded going to the dentist. They make me nauseous, not something I need help w lately. I know I just have to bite the bullet, it's on the April to-do list along w the Dermatologist. Woohoo.


Waffler - It's nice that your family is so excited about the pregnancy. But I can see how the touching would get irritating. Maybe reassure them that you promise to share the belly when LO is bigger and they can feel the kicks and head butts for themselves. Lol. I'm gearing up to share the belly this weekend, too. My parents are coming for the weekend to celebrate my Mom's bday and its the first time anyone close to us will be here since we found out. I'm looking forward to it but I'm sure sharing will take some getting used to when it's just been DH and I until now. I look at it as laying the ground work for many weekends at Grandma's to come! thumb.gif


AFM, (apparently I take forever to write these posts) our scan went pretty well on Friday. We have to wait until my MW appt this thursday to get the results, which is kind of a pain. The US was done by a tech who wouldn't even give a firm opinion on gender. Grrr. I'm getting my care at a miltary facility and the tech wasn't willing to offer an opinion because it's not their job to interpret and/or diagnose (that's how she put it). They just take the images. C'mon, I understand not commenting on abnormalities, etc, but sex is different. If you have a good view, which we did, you know what you are looking at. She said she'd say girl if she had to guess but that it was very inconclusive because she just didn't see anything there. Well, wouldn't that be because there isn't anything to see? I know its always possible that it was tucked up since we were viewing it from behind, LO was kneeling in childs pose at the time. The tech pointed out the legs and where we should be looking and I saw the three little wht lines but she wouldn't confirm! Oh well, I'm hoping that the MW will have something more definitive. For now we're going w girl, which has been my guess all along. She did say that everything looked great and I'm thrilled to say there is only one little (possibly girl) babe in there. shy.gif



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Hey everyone, glad things seem to be going well for everyone!

Sol, super exciting about the movement. I feel movement a lot, but after a few strong kicks in the early days it's now mostly rolling and such, which DH can't feel from the outside.  I really hope he gets to feel consistent movement soon.


Andaluza, what is it about the mesh/fabric that's making you nervous?  Suffocation risk?  We're going to borrow an AR, but I don't think we'll buy.


Waffler, sorry about the grabby family.  I don't mind people touching the tum, but I can understand your frustration.  We had a family function this weekend and it was the first time I've seen my sister and cousin (and some aunts and uncles) since I started showing, so there was a lot of excitement.  Not much grabbing though.  My family isn't super touchy-feely.


ithappened, did you find a bike to rent in Pitts?  My sister was a little concerned because Pittsburgh drivers are insane around bicyclists.


Ninetales, my weight jumped a ton last week. I'm still on track but getting a little worried about what the third tri will do.


My weekend was good but exhausting.  DH almost finished installing our new brick driveway, which is insane.  I can't believe how much work it was.  We did a 7 mile walk with my mom and sister and aunt and the dogs on Saturday and then helped move bricks around and squash sand into the cracks and I didn't realize quite how freaking tired I would be.  The babe was pretty quiet too, maybe because there was so much going on.  We had a nice brunch yesterday but I woke up today just drained.  The driveway will hopefully be finished this week and our painter is finishing the nursery and the living room this weekend and then DH starts installing hardwood floors.  It will be a few weeks before I get my house back, but I'm really really excited about the end result.  Can't wait!  I still haven't done any work or anything for the actual baby though.  It will just be wrapped in cloth diapers and nothing else for the first few months I guess.  eyesroll.gif




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I don't even remember the Braxton Hicks the first time.  I was at my last prenatal appoinment and the midwife was like, ooh you're having some B/H there, huh?  And I was just like, ok...  I couldn't feel them ever.  Or if I did I didn't realize it was a contraction.

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I hit the half-way point yesterday!  And I celebrated by puking (for the first time during pregnancy).  I ate more than I should have (but it was all healthy, I swear!), felt pretty awful, then puked in the car on the way home from the restaurant footinmouth.gif  That sucked.  But, on Saturday we had a long appointment with our midwife, which I loved, and heard the baby's heartbeat which never stops being exciting!  We have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday - hopefully we'll find out the sex then.


Waffler, so sorry about the family - it sucks when people (especially your family!) has such a hard time with boundaries.  I hope they lay off soon!

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Can you ladies believe we're all halfway (or thereabouts)?  For me it has felt like an eternity, but at the same time I can hardly believe we're here!


Ninetales - Would it make you feel better to just not know what your weight is?  Sometimes it's just better not to know so you won't obsess about it.  Depends on your personality, I think.


Sol - Isn't that the very best part?  :-)  Makes all the sickness and the stress worth it when you feel those little kicks.  That's great that your husband got to feel it too!


Pennywhistle and Eleuthia, good luck on your upcoming scans!


LilyTiger - Wow, that's a lot of exercise!  I don't think I'd make it through a day like that.  I think you have it right on the clothes, actually - my son wore nothing but cloth diapers, onesies, and footie sleepers for probably his first three months.  That was in the spring, so I'd think a late summer baby will need even less due to the heat.


LeAnn - That's really irritating!  I have had a bunch of scans through two pregnancies, and have never met a tech who wouldn't at least make a guess on gender, and say something like "you'll have to talk to the doctor, but everything looks good to me so far".  I think you just had a really rude one.


AFM, we are going craft happy around here.  Husband has made three double sided flannel blankets, I stitched up one single sided one, and now I'm making a little baby dress.  This is some of the first sewing I have ever done, and the machine intimidates me so I'm doing it all by hand.  Something about being pregnant turns me super domestic.  Thankfully home life is going well, because work and my midwives have me seeing red.  At the rate things are going, I'll be quitting early and just having the baby at home, with just Husband to assist.

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Sol-- I am also feeling consistent movement for the first time!  I felt my first definite kick last night (after a week or two of "flutters") and today the baby has been kicking me in the same spot since I woke up!

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Eleuthia, I didn't know you needed a second try at an anatomy scan! Was it just the sex that they couldn't determine or were there other things they couldn't see? What position was your babe in? My stupid ultrasound tech said they could see everything except the money shot. Baby was footling breech. Sigh. But I am hoping that my doctor will order another U/S anyway, I go back to the OB in a week.


Man, I feel like time is passing slowly. I am starting to feel more movement too. Some super strong kicks last night!  Although as I said during the day I still don't feel much, but sometimes! This is the longest stretch I'll go through without seeing the doc (a month) and I just have one more week. It's so reassuring to feel the movement daily, though.


It is amazing we are all around half way, but it's also crazy that we have so long to go. Haha. I have 28 more work days until I am out for summer break. Not that I'm counting. Not that there's a countdown on a post it on my desk, or anything ;)



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Boots, one of my favorite teachers in high school had a countdown of days to retirement on one side of the chalkboard and another "countup" of detentions given that year.  He was the best. 

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Hi Everyone! I'm not really able to keep up with this DDC this time around. I really wish I could, but I guess I'm just too busy with my DD, husband, and the constant work of trying to get this house in shape and keep it clean. I'm surprised to see how many people are doing work on their house. I've been moving furniture and trying to get my DD a "big girl" room ready recently as well. I've gotten her bedding in and I'm waiting on furntiture. I really want to paint, but I've never painted before and my DH doesn't want me to mess up. The room is baby blue right now, which matches her bedding I just think it would be a fun change. I'm thinking yellow or orange with purple accents maybe.


I'm definitely showing and feeling this baby move. I like feeling the movements but sometimes it seems like Baby is dancing on my bladder. We are not finding out the gender this time so that is fun! I'm just rambling now...


I hope I can get to know you all better this second half!

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lilytiger i did find one at the Inn but I haven't been using it at all.. just walking the hills here for an hour or so each day since it was so nice this weekend! If I have time, I also found a gym here 24/7 which I hope to try starting tomorrow morning



I am just so exhausted.. working 12-13 hours a day is really hard for me and the director here is expecting so much its been exhausting, Im on a dead run and its only Monday.. very nervous.. this afternoon I was in a class and it was super super hot and I started to feel like I was going to pass out.. horrible.

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

Eleuthia, I didn't know you needed a second try at an anatomy scan! Was it just the sex that they couldn't determine or were there other things they couldn't see? What position was your babe in? My stupid ultrasound tech said they could see everything except the money shot. Baby was footling breech. Sigh. But I am hoping that my doctor will order another U/S anyway, I go back to the OB in a week.

The baby was lying sideways at the very top of my uterus, facing away from us the whooooole time. They didn't get good views/measurements of the face, hands, and heart, which is why they're doing the repeat scan. Otherwise I'd have to wait for the 3rd trimester scan that I'll probably need (around 32 weeks/foreverrrr from now, haha). I hope you get another chance too! 


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oneo f mine is also in this position eleuthia but wont have another scan till the end of the mouth, agghh!

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the baby's moved around a lot since then (currently feeling kicks to my cervix!)... i just hope s/he doesn't get shy and turn away again tomorrow. 

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I do not worry about my weight at all when pregnant.  There are SO MANY factors involved in pregnancy weight gain that I just let my body do it's thing.  I know many of you are probably thinking about taking the weight off afterwards, but it FALLS off, if you are breastfeeding.  You can do next to nothing and it just comes off.  Trust me.  LOL.  I suggest, for anyone watching their weight, a book by the Brewers.  They talk lots and lots about the different kind of weight gain in pregnancy and how it's all okay and that your body will just do it's thing.  For me, I gain between 45-50 lbs EVERY SINGLE pregnancy, no matter how I eat or what I eat.  I take 30 off within 34 days.  Crazy.  I dont know why, that's just me. 


I use pregnancy as the one time in my life when I dont care how much I weigh.  I only step on the scales for my own curiousity.  Anyway....just hoping to encourage someone.


I haven't used the Arm's Reach, but Dr.  Sears loves it.  LOL  I have used side car, but our mattress wasnt flush against the crib mattress, so I was careful until  the baby got older.


Two of my children and my husband have gotten to feel the baby move over the last week or so.  They get really delighted.  My 2 year old IS the baby.  I mean, if you call her anything but baby, she'll correct you.  So when we talk about the baby she gets really confused.  She sort of understands I'm pregnant.  But she hasnt been around many babies. So I'm not sure what her little mind is thinking. 


My back has been KILLING me.  Anyone else having back aches?


And leaking pee. Love it.  LOL>  I sneeze about 10 times a day and the second sneeze is the one that causes the leakage.  I'm sure some Kegels will help so I've been doing some.

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