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Sleeping on back?

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Is it safe to still sleep on your back at 14-15 weeks?


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I say yes.  I sleep on my back until it becomes uncomfortable to do so.  Last time that didn't happen until about 30 weeks or so.  If it's harming the baby, it'll be uncomfortable for you too.

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Yes, as long as you are comfortable. 


Everything that I have read says third trimester. Depending on how big your belly is, you'll know when it's time! 

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When I find a position that I can actually sleep in (even if it was on my head yikes2.gif ) I'm sleeping in it!!!  I haven't slept more than 2 hours straight in weeks!! I'm also only averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night, and when I nap during the day I just sleep less at night, if that is even possible!I've got my wonderful body pillow that goes between my knees, but I sleep however I can get comfy.  I'm big on listen to your body. 


I know later on when there isn't much room in your belly they advise to sleep on your left side because it increases blood flow to the baby (or really doesn't dcrease it) Also I think it is closer to the 20 week mark they advise not doing anything laying flat on your back, mostly excercise. 



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When I was pregnant with DS sometimes I really needed to lie on back and stretch my body out. All I did was put a flatter pillow under one hip so I was kind of sleeping on an angle. It actually is really comfy for me right now again, being flat on my back isn't a comfortable sleeping position for me.

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I've been sleeping on my side and stomach for a week or two now, but not sure if it's psychologically or just physically more comfortable.


Last pregnancy I really started to despise side sleeping - it makes my shoulders ache terribly all day long. I don't look forward to the achy neck/shoulders again, so I try to sleep on my belly as much as possible, but when I put my son to bed, he likes me to cuddle him so I've gotta be on my side. And he takes so long to fall asleep, that I usually do too, for at least a few hours until I waken and transfer to my own bed. 


Esma -- wha?! How on earth do you manage to get through a day on so little sleep? I guess I did too (somehow!!) when my son was <18 months (until we nightweaned), but I honestly can't imagine going through a pregnancy like that! I feel for ya. I sleep like a rock these days, in four hour blocks--basically until my bladder pushes me out of bed. :)

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Sunny, I manage by sending my wonderful DS(8) off to school in the morning, getting a few things done around the house (thank goodness for my routines!!) and resting on the couch.  If I take a nap I can't sleep at all at night, so just sitting on the couch reading/watching tv/playing on the computer, basicly letting my body rest. I also have a wonderful DH who lets me sit around when he gets home at night.  Cause by then, I'm toast! We've been eating lots of spegetti, and things from the crockpot, but hey it works for us


I think my body is getting me ready for thoes first months (if this LO is anything like DS) of no sleep.  I don't remember much about the first 6 months except we did a lot of mall walking, and I would wake up and be feeding him but not have a clue as to how he or I got to the couch.  I guess that will happen when you average about 4 hours of sleep a night for months.  I wouldn't change it for the world though cause after about that 6 month mark, he slept for HOURS!!!!  sometimes 14 a night.  I guess to make up for all the time he spent awake? 


I guess my point is that your body is amazing and lets you do amazing things that you never thought possible.  It knows what it needs to survive, and thankfully it doesn't need much.

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SunnyPerch, thanks so much for posting this.  I was worried about this as well.  But it seems we have nothing to worry about, though!  Stretching out on my back feels so great these days, it would have been sad to give it up so soon.  

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I agree with esma, if I could find a position I could sleep it I would.. even if it meant sleeping in a weird position. Personally I find around 24-30 weeks I start getting really sick to my stomach if I sleep on my back. So I stop. I didn't even know you weren't "suppose to" until my 2nd pregnancy, it just seems a bit odd to me to worry about it.

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