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The BSL Graduate/Stalking Thread Spring/Summer 2012

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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2012Thread!!
Looking forward to adding some of our BSLs to the list over here,
we need some new babies!

This is a spinoff of the Bitter Sushi Ladies Thread over on the TTC board. Some of us have very happily made it to the "other side" and we want to be able to keep track of each other.

Our fellow BSLs that are still on their TTC journey like to check up on us from time to time too - which we really appreciate - since they continue to be in the midst of a sometimes brutal and just "NOT FAIR" TTC journey...


~Our August 2012 Baby!~

Congrats to monkeyscience, and welcome Baby Pirate!

Born August 18, 2012, weighing 8 lbs 10 oz.

~Our July 2012 Baby!~

Congrats to CA Country Girl, and welcome Juniper Lee!

Born July 3rd weighing 7 lbs. 10 oz.



~Our June 2012 Babies!~

Congrats to Kinza, and welcome baby girls A.G. and M.R.!

Born June 19th weighing 4 lbs. 14 oz. and 4 lb. 10 oz. respectively


Congrats to LessTraveledBy, and welcome baby boy!

Born June 30, 2012

~Our May 2012 Baby!~

Congrats to sweetest77, and welcome baby boy!

Born May 18, 2012


~Our February 2012 Baby!~

Congrats to Kyamo, and welcome Nolan Quinn!

Born February 20, 2012, weighing 7lbs 7oz. 


~Our January 2012 Baby!~

Congrats to Sweet.Bee, and welcome Lyra!

Born January 9, 2012 weighing 6.6lbs. 


~Our December 2011 Babies~

Congrats to Emaya, and welcome Eugene, Forest, and Emmeline!

Born December 19, 2011 at 8:40.

Congrats to lavatea, and welcome Baby Boy!

Born December 11, 2011 at 8:37, weighing 7lbs 4oz.


~Our November 2011 Babies~

Congrats to miriam_bat_avraham, welcome Talulah and Susannah!

Born November 11th at 9:18 and 9:19

4lbs 12oz and 5lbs 5oz

Congrats to Mahnamahna/Code Name Mama,

welcome Ailia Genevieve, born Nov 24!


~Our October 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Hykue, and Welcome Raven Brisa!  

~Our September 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Jane, and Welcome Baby Boy, 

Born September 30th, weighing 7lbs 5oz!


~Our July 2011 Babies!~

Congrats to Tear78 and Welcome Anika!

Born on July 15, weighing 5 lbs 9oz

Congrats to Maurine and Welcome Phin!

Born on July 20


~Our June 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to slylives and Welcome Cameron!

Born on June 15th at 9:39pm weighing 9lbs 15oz


~Our April 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Kalamos23, and Welcome Roarke Henry!

Born April 27 weighing 9 lbs 1 oz and, 22 inches long

~Our March 2011 Babies~

Congrats to Nanette, Welcome Tristan Alexander and Cael Elijah!

Born March 18th at 6 lbs 11 ounces and 7 lbs 4 ounces respectively

19 and a half inches and 20 and 3/4 inches long

~Our February 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Finnegansmom, and Welcome Henry Beckett!

Born Feb 19 at 4:02am weighing 10lbs 5oz and, 22 inches long

~Our January 2011 Baby!~

Congrats to Jessica, and Welcome Asher Kingston!

Born January 20 at 9:18pm weighing 8lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long

~Our December 2010 Baby!~

Congrats to QBear'smama and Welcome Jack Everett

Born on December 17th, 9lbs 2.5 oz, 22 inches long


~Our November 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to KellyTTC#1 and Welcome Hilary and Charlotte

Born on November 11th, Hilary (6 lbs. 11 oz.) and Charlotte (5 lbs. 1 oz)


~Our October 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Carlyle and Welcome Baby Maggie
Born on October 9th, 11 pounds 2 ounces!

Congrats to Lyndzies and Welcome Baby Cadence James
Born on October 15th, 8:43pm, 10 pounds 9 ounces, 22 inches

Congrats to YummyYumYumMama and Welcome Baby Kieran
Born on October 27th, 11:32am, 5 pounds 12 ounces 17 inches

~Our September 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to Maeryn Pearl and Welcome Baby Maeryn Jean
Born on September 27th, 7lbs6oz and 20 in long

~Our August 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to colorbywords and Welcome Baby Emery Oaklynn
Born on August 3rd at 8:46 PM, 8 lbs 11 oz 20.5 inches long

~Our July 2010 Baby!~
Congrats to LZP and Welcome Baby Anna Veronica
Born at 36 weeks on July 18th at 4:04 AM, 7 lbs 2 oz 17.5 inches long

~Our June 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Pinoikoi and Welcome Baby Ursula Marisol
Born on June 23rd at  6:40 AM 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long 

Congrats to Lisko15 and Welcome Baby Caleb Benjamin
Born on June 24th at 7:36PM 9 lbs 1 oz, 22 inches long

~Our May 2010 Babies!~

Congrats to Jelinifer and Welcome Baby Finnegan Hubert
Born on May 1st, 8 lbs 10 oz, 21 1/2 inches long 

Congrats to jillc512 and Welcome Baby Albert Boaz
Born at home on May 4th at 3:29 pm, 8 lbs 11 oz, 20 3/4 inches long

Congrats to Starkyld and Welcome Baby Elliott Marlowe
Born at home  May 25th at 9:24AM, 9lbs 8 oz 21 inches long 

~Our February 2010 Baby~
Congrats to Lauren31 Welcome Baby 
Born February 7th at 10:40PM, 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 1/2 inches long

And the rest of us... still waiting... 
monkeyscience, TTC #1 for 1.5 years, due August 14, 2012  stork-boy.gif

wissa, due October 2012 stork-girl.gif

kparker, due November 17, 2012.  stork-suprise.gif

Kalamos23, cautiously expecting in March 2013

ISISandOSIRIS - Due with #1 Feb. 2013 after 3 years ttc.


Waiting for an update:

millefleur TTC #1 again since 6/09 after 12/08 loss, due October 31st! stork-boy.gif

Rachel88 TTC #1 for a year with 1 loss, due November 20th stork-suprise.gif



As always, we are sending a whole lot of  to you Ladies over on BSL Proper.
PLEASE GET OVER HERE to keep us company!!!!!

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kparker - Not sure if I officially welcomed you over here, but welcome! Have you started seeing your regular OB/midwife yet?


LTB - So glad this pregnancy has been easier on you than your first. It's great that you've been able to continue fostering little ones during this time. I'm guessing you'll take some sort of break when your own LO actually arrives? I'm still so excited for you to be pregnant!


Kyamo & Tear - wave.gif


MBA - Wow, babies grow up fast! At the same time, I would have sworn your babies were much older than my nephews, but they're actually less than a month apart. I'm glad they're doing well. And we'll appreciate the new pictures when you get the time for them.


wissa - Yay for joining over here! I just put you on the roster as due in October 2012. Let me know if you want a specific date on there, or any other info.


AFM, baby boy is doing well. He is getting pretty wiggly at times, and dh felt him move for the first time a couple of days ago. I, unfortunately, have finally come down with dh's cold. I'm hoping it will disappear quickly like last time. We have to be out of our apartment by the end of May, so I'm trying to figure out where we go from here. The grandmas have officially started buying baby clothes, so I now have 7 different newborn outfits. I still honestly think this little guy may come out big enough to be out of newborn clothes fast. I guess we will see!

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monkey, thanks for the new thread! We thought the same thing about DD since her cousins were big, but then we ended up having to go buy premie clothes (SO cute!). Glad things are going well for you!

MBA, great to see you! I'm glad you guys are doing well. pics?

kparker, how are you feeling? Have you had an u/s yet? Thinking of you!
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Tear - I luckily have an inside edge on baby clothes - SIL had twin boys in December, who I don't think ever wore preemie clothes (they were 6+ lbs at birth), but were in newborn clothes for a long time. So if I need them, I can definitely get a lot more from her. We will see!

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MBA - I agree with LTB on the iron rice thing.  Doesn't make sense to me either.  If the doc thinks the baby is not getting enough iron, why don't they just test for it?  Plus, there are supplements out there.  My DS hated that stuff...(Sorry for jumping in, I know I'm missing information.)


LTB - Sorry, you're bigger.  However, I'm sure in the end it won't matter and at least it has been an easier pregnancy so far.  I love that you are still fostering and that it has worked out so well for you.  It sounds like such a blessing to better able to touch the lives of those babies.


Monkey - Awe, to DH feeling the baby for the 1st time.  I'll update more on the other thread soon.  I'm at my mom's right now.



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I remember DH feeling DD for the first time. The look on his face was precious. love.gif
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Kparker and Wissa - Congratulations!  So great to see more graduates here joy.gif


MBA - can't believe it's been 5 months since you had your girls... so happy to hear you are doing well!


Monkey - glad to hear you are doing well.  Yay for feeling your little guy move! 


AFM -  Sorry I haven't been keeping up here... We are pretty much ready for our little guy to arrive!  My RCS is scheduled for May 14th, so 5 weeks (just past 39 weeks).  If I go into labor on my own before then, I will attempt another VBAC.  I'm being closely monitored due to baby's single umbilical artery (and my age!) and so far it looks like everything is fine.  Baby is very active and measuring big!  Now if we could just agree on a name...

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sweetest - Thanks for checking in! You are next up on our due list, so I was hoping we could hear from you. Glad everything is going well! Sounds like you will be getting an exciting Mother's Day present!

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Hey ladies! I've been so busy with my new job that I'm way behind on e-mails and forums. About the only thing I keep up with is facebook, but that's just b/c it's easy to do on my phone while I pump at work.

I'm so excited to see so many of you on here. I'm glad we can keep in touch a bit. I never dreamed how quickly the whole TTC would drop from my daily life. I'm starting to chart seriously again b/c DH wants to TTA and with all of the pumping, I'm afraid my fertility could sneak up on us. I'd welcome a new LO, but I know DH wouldn't, and we're not in the best place for that right now.

Anyway, my little man turned 4 months old today. Here he is yesterday at the park. smile.gif


ETA - If you want to update the header, his name is Asher. smile.gif
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Glad to see updates from everybody! And the cute baby pics.

Monkey - feeling baby is awesome! I've noticed that when I have N in the carrier and he squirms a certain way, it feels very very similar to when he was squirming on the inside.

7 weeks here. Starting to see some smiles, but haven't caught one on camera yet.

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Hi ladies!  I'm a graduate from long, long ago (see May 2010 -- Baby Albert born after 1 year of TTC and 1 m/c).  Back to announce that we're unexpectedly expecting baby #4 in November!  The shock is slowly wearing off -- we had to actively TTC with all of the others. 


I just love this thread  -- so much joy in a long-awaited pregnancy!

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Congratulations and welcome back Jillc!  I have heard of that happening before.  Glad to see more evidence that fertility issues aren't always forever.  


Kyamo and Lavatea- what cuties!


Monkey- It makes it more real for the Daddies when they feel the little one.  Glad it is going well.


Everyone else- hugs and best wishes.


AFM- I will hit 30 weeks in a few days.  The school year will be over in a few weeks and then I will really be in the home stretch.  All is going pretty well besides feeling a bit tired at work and getting some spider veins in my legs that I did not get with my first daughter.  Since I am a college lecturer, I am sometimes on my feet for awhile- not sure how to prevent that.  I will be going back in the fall with a 2.5 month old, so I am searching for an on campus sitter who is good with infants.  My six year old is really excited about her little sister, but disappointed that we are not going to let her pick the name.  Just read about a pamper yourself day on MDC's home page.  I think I will do that sometime in May when school is out.  Take care all.



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ok, I've been really lurky lately, but I had to pop on and say jill, hi! wave.gif Come hang out on here again, I'd love to hear about your surprise journey! love.gif

CA CG, wow you're getting close! I'm glad your term ends soon. I taught (5th grade) until I was 34-35 weeks and being on my feet was so hard. By the end I was sitting at my desk a lot and telling kids to come to me with work/questions. lol...

lavatea, kyamo, what beautiful little ones! Thank you for sharing pics! smile.gif

sweetest, I'm so glad that everything you're doing well. You're so close! How do you feel about the idea of a VBAC? If we're able to get pregnant again (please!), then I think I might want to try that, if the doc still says its ok. They said before that I probably could. I read vaginal birth stories and I get a bit sad, though I'm really just thrilled DD is healthy and here. I hope your birth is everything you want it to be! goodvibes.gif

OK, back to lurkdome. We're in PA for a few days fly fishing and showing DD some beautiful nature. joy.gif
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Yes, hi, whoops! Been sick as a dog STILL since about 3/4 weeks onward. Finally starting to get over the sinus crap, and have acquired a wicked migraine for the last two days. But anyway! I have graduated out of my RE's office at 8 weeks and have been released to go see whoever I want. My first midwife appointment is on the 26th :) I'm 9 weeks 2 days today. So far so good as far as I know. We saw and heard the little blob at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. The 8 week u/s looks hilarious - like an angry gummy bear. I can't wait for the next one, should look much more like a person. It's all very real to me, I kinda feel gypped - I never got excited, or shocked, or felt surreal that here we are 3.5 years later with a healthy fetus. It was kinda like, oh, well, there it is. And it's making me so sick that it's a bit hard to appreciate! I feel bad about that, but I know it's normal and I'll love it so much once I feel better. I mean, I love it now, but it's a begrudging love lol

Morning sickness since 6 weeks, fatigue out the wahzoo, only been awake for about 3-4 hrs today total. Yep, this is the life. Sucking down jello because it's the only thing that sounds good.

I wouldn't trade it for the world. Now if I could just quit with the forgetfulness...  Oh yeah, and we got a nice little doppler for at home use because it was cheap and it had good reviews. I already know that I'm going to be one of THOSE people, so we threw down on it and I look forward to being far enough along that it can detect the blob. Did anyone else here get/borrow/etc one?

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Per lisko's request... :-)  I will come out of lurkdom to congratulate all the new BSL graduates and share a quick update.  :-)


Our Cady is such a doll, and I can't believe she just turned 18 months this past weekend.  She started in the Toddler class at her 3x/week school, and is doing wonderfully.  She's very verbally advanced, with hundreds of words and starting on short sentences. She is clumsy, however, and has the bruised and scraped legs of a little tomboy.  She's sweet, but fiercely independent.  Snuggles are brief and I cherish each and every one, because I know this girl is going to grow up fast!

We've decided (for now, at least) to put on hold thoughts of another till Cady is school-aged.  Can't imagine having the cost of 2 in daycare, even part-time, and we are also really liking our little family-of-three dynamic right now. 


I'm doing really well... I've been on a weight-loss journey, and have lost over 75lbs (with the help of Weight Watchers) since the last time I weighed in at 41 weeks with Cady, and am more than 45lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm feeling fabulous and full of energy - which is great because it takes a lot of energy to keep up with our girl!

All the very best wishes to those of you expecting, and I'd love to see some more updates from old-timer BSLs, too!! 


Here's a couple pics:







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kparker, I feel you on the begrudging love.  I feel terrible by evening, and have a breakdown a few times a week when I go to bed (at 8 or 9!) from feeling nauseated and exhausted and overwhelmed.  Then I feel better and fall asleep and wake up feeling pretty decent in the morning and wonder what all the fuss was about.  I am trying not to buy a doppler :). It's strange -- last time, after the miscarriage, I was much more, I don't know, peaceful about the pregnancy -- I didn't even have one ultrasound because I knew that checking on the baby wouldn't make him stick, and if he was supposed to be here, he'd be here.  This time, I still know that but would totally have signed up for an early ultrasound if our insurance covered it, and am itching to hear that heartbeat, and am debating a 20-week ultrasound.  I work as a midwife's assistant, and may go to a birth today -- maybe I can sneak off with the doppler?


Lyndzies, Cadence is adorable!  She's such a little girl already! 


Tear, hi!  I remember your pregnancy announcement making me cry!  Also, Lauren's -- I think DH asked what was wrong because I actually gasped when I read it!

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Lavatea and Kyamo - they are so adorable!  Glad to hear all is going well for you both thumb.gif


JillC - congratulations... I love to hear stories about easy/surprise pregnancies after infertility (I've always secretly wanted a surprise pregnancy).  


CaCountryGirl - I've got the spider veins on one of my legs... already had a small patch before I got PG but it has gotten bigger over the last few months... 


KParker - sorry you're feeling icky... hopefully you get over it soon.  I wasn't sick with my first two but with this PG I was sick from about 6 weeks to around 10 or 11, I was actually thankful to be feeling sick because it was so reassuring to me!  Oh, and I did get a fetal heartrate monitor for this one - I was such a wreck between appointments that I needed the daily reassurance that baby was still ok.  I started using about half way through my 11th week and stopped using it once baby started getting very active - I always thought they were a waste of money but the fetal monitor saved my sanity and was worth every penny!


Tear - I actually had a VBAC with my 2nd baby.  If I go into labor on my own before 39 weeks I am planning on a trial of labor and hopefully a VBAC.  My first ended up in a C-section after a full labor with 2 hours of pushing and an attempt at vacuum extraction - her head was just too big (I was almost 42 weeks when I had her).  My VBAC was a very traumatic birth - DS needed help out with forceps and I had an almost complete tear that took a very long time to heal - he was born at a little past 38 weeks and also had a very large head!  This baby also has above average head measurements, so if he doesn't decide to come a little early I'm just going to go for a repeat C-section...  

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Lovely little girls!  And find a pediatrician you love.  It makes all the difference.  We have a naturopathic MD that we found after we quit the first pediatric practice where we felt like we were on an assembly line.  We pay out of network prices for her, but can call her personally anytime we are worried about something (no advice nurse go-between) so we have actually saved money.  She has talked directly to my daughter, now six, since she started with her at a year old and never pushes any prescribed ideas on us.  I do believe in vaccines, but have been selective and slowed the time table.  Also, I breast fed my daughter until she was 2 and a couple months.  Our Doctor has never discouraged any of my decisions and we have really felt like she is on our team.  Your girls look like very healthy breast fed babies.  No one should be pushing formula on you- they should be complementing your ability and determination to nurse your gorgeous twins.

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MbA they are precious! I too was just telling my husband how I loved coming back to MDC after a long break to see some of my BSLs with pregnancies or with babies. I felt like there really was a light at the end of this tunnel. :)

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