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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

I don't think it truly hit me today until I went to buy cheese sticks and realized I hadn't bought them since I needed protein during my last pregnancy. I started crying right in the dairy section.


Okay, every time I read about you crying in the dairy section, I get all teary too.  YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!  Seriously though.  Y.A.Y.  luxlove.gifhappytears.gif  (and did you buy cottage cheese too? and nuts? and are they near you at all times?)

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Okay I teared up and had this HUGE grin on my face when I read Tear's post. Good luck! I look forward to your own tickers moving :D Go go go!


edit: speaking of which, time to move mine again! 22 weeks woo

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Originally Posted by kparker View Post

Okay I teared up and had this HUGE grin on my face when I read Tear's post. Good luck! 

This, exactly! Congrats!!

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Yeah Tear!  So happy for you!

Emaya-  Have fun on your ladies night and thanks for the compliment about te birth story.  I loved writing it.

Miriam- Look at those big beautiful girls.

Everyone else grouphug.gif

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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

 I'm pregnant. Yup, just like that.

Ho.Ly.Crap!  Brilliant news.  So happy for you Tear.  

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Congrats, Tear!!
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Congratulations Tear! I am so happy for you! joy.gif
Sticky sticky sticky!!!
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I've really been MIA... but I had a few minutes to myself and just wanted to sit quietly at the computer... so I decided to pop on and see how everyone on BSL is doing.

I am so excited, amazed, and HAPPY for you and DH! I hope that little bean has burrowed in super tight and happy and you will get that much wanted little sibling for Anika.


Hi to everyone else... some of you may recognize me... some not so much. redface.gif

Caleb turned 2 in the end of June. Crazy how time goes too fast. He's talking up a storm, he's the size of a 3 year old, and his hair finally started to grow and came in as super light blonde curls! I know they are baby curls, and will probably go away after the first haircut... but I love them right now!!!!!

Glad to see everyone is doing well!!!! Back to stalking... smile.gif
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Guys I keep hemorrhaging. Today was the third time and I almost didn't make it because my veins all clamped down and the ivs that were in infiltrated. It took almost two hours for someone to get a central line in my neck, then I got five units of blood immediately and once stabilized tried a procedure that will save my uterus if it works. If it doesn't work I will need a hysterectomy. But the doctors and nurses seriously thought I would bleed to death right in front of them because of my crappy veins. I'm a little scared still and I'm really worried about breastfeeding. It's been going badly and I'm afraid this separation and not being able to pump for 24 hours killed it.
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Kinza - Oh my gosh... that's awful! Will definitely be praying for you! I hope you are okay! hug.gif

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Omg, kinza how scary! I'm glad they were able to get you blood finally. I'm so sorry. I hope they're able to save your uterus and that you can keep breast feeding. Keep us posted! hug.gif

Lisko, it's great to hear from you! I can't believe Caleb is already 2! I hope you're holding up in the heat wave.

Thanks, everybody, for the congrats! :-). I have an ultrasound scheduled for July 30th so hopefully the little one will be nice and big and strong and have a heartbeat. I'm five weeks now and feeling n and off exhausted but not too symptomy. I remember that from last time and I'm trying to stay calm about it, but I'm definitely hoping for nausea soon. I'll whine when it happens, of course, but I hope for that symptom to reassure me. Anyway, gotta go for a walk with the little one and family. I'll check in later on kinza. grouphug.gif
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A little bird told me to check in!
9 month old baby boy, omg!
Busy busy, only ever online on my phone.
Catching up.
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Kinza- thinking of you!  Hope all is ok.


Baby had her 2 week check up today.  She is back up to her birth weight, plus 7 ounces after losing 10%.  All else checked out good too.  Happy mama today.

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Still bleeding, no end in sight unless I have a hysterectomy. Still in the hospital, no food since Monday. People touching me and looking at me and I can't even cry without setting off my heart rate monitor, which brings people running. My girls are a month old today and I am missing it, just like I missed the first day of their lives because I hemorrhaged then, too. And my milk is just gone, completely. Sorry to be a downer in this thread, but this has been the worst experience of my life. I just can't deal with this.
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Oh Kinza :( I'm so sorry.

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Congratulations Tear & IsisandOsiris!!!


Congratulations CA Country Girl - Your little one is too adorable with all that hair.


Congratulations LTB!!  I'm sorry you still feel haunted by the struggles with infertility.  I often wonder, if I will forget about it once I have this baby.  People keep asking me if we are going to have another one and it bugs me.  I don't know why I just really wish people didn't ask that....I guess because it reminds me of everything I had to do to get to this point.  Even my doctor was asking if I wanted birth control after this is born and I was like uhhh....you know my history.  But she said the best cure for infertility is pregnancy and she had seen a lot of "surprise" babies.


Don't feel guilty for wanting another one.  No one doubts how happy you are to have your little boy.


Kinza - I'm so sorry.  I can't imagine how you feel.  It's terrible to be faced with such medical issues and be separated from your babies.  I hope they get the bleeding under control w/o the hysterectomy.  I know you're upset about your milk drying up, but that's not something you have any control over.  You gave your babies breastmilk for as long you could and that's a good start.  They will be o.k. on formula and once they have their mommy back they won't care how you feed them.   


I hope you are able to find a way to heal...you've had a very rough time during a time that I'm sure you imagined would be very different. hug2.gif

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Kinza - I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this.  I'll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

I hope that the fact that the doctors haven't felt it medically necessary to give you this hysterectomy thus far means that they are trying everything possible.   

I can't imagine what it must be like to fearing for your life AND worrying about your girls.  


And Wissa is right.  You only can, and you have, done your best.  Don't beat yourself up about BF at a time like this.  Keep us posted x 

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Kinza-mecry.gif- so sorry you are having to deal with this.  Can't imagine the heartbreak you are going through.  But if you do have to have the hysterectomy, the most important thing is that you be here for your two beautiful daughters.  And I agree with Milk and Wissa-don't worry about the breast feeding.  The girls will be great as long as they have you.

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Kinza, I'm so sorry. Once the interventional radiologists fail, it's hysterectomy time. I hope hope hope they can get it done before your platelet count goes haywire.
The blood loss will kill your milk. If your pituitary is undamaged, you can get your milk back with domperidone, nursing, and pumping if your desire. (not sure I would, personally...)
If your pituitary has been damaged by the blood loss, no milk will return. Maybe a next pg, if...
Please make sure you've got a white board in your room. Make people write med times, return visits, when they will call, everything... With anemia comes poor memory. You'll improve as soon as they fix you up, but right now I'd be surprised if you remember 50%.
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