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Kinza, I am so sorry to hear about what you are having to go through! Thinking and praying!

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Thanks for the sympathy, everyone. Things still suck, but I've been moved from critical care to a room, so my husband can bring my girls to see me now. He brought them in today and I got to hold them and nurse, which did stimulate a tiny bit of milk production. I'm too weak to hold them for long, but it made me so happy to be with them for a little while. He will bring them again tomorrow, if I'm still ok to see them.

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Kinza, I'm so sorry. Once the interventional radiologists fail, it's hysterectomy time. I hope hope hope they can get it done before your platelet count goes haywire.
The blood loss will kill your milk. If your pituitary is undamaged, you can get your milk back with domperidone, nursing, and pumping if your desire. (not sure I would, personally...)
If your pituitary has been damaged by the blood loss, no milk will return. Maybe a next pg, if...
Please make sure you've got a white board in your room. Make people write med times, return visits, when they will call, everything... With anemia comes poor memory. You'll improve as soon as they fix you up, but right now I'd be surprised if you remember 50%.

The uterine artery embolization has stopped the hemorrhaging, but I'm still bleeding enough that my hemoglobin and hematocrit are very low and dropping still. I need another transfusion, but the doctor wants to see if my levels will come up on their own now that the bleeding has slowed down a lot. I think my platelets are ok, or at least no one has expressed concern over them. And thank you for telling me about the potential for pituitary problems because the doctors haven't mentioned a thing about it! I was also wondering why I was so stupid all of a sudden. I guess somehow I didn't connect the massive blood loss with memory loss. Duh. I was already pumping because my milk supply was sabotaged by my first hemorrhage so I'll keep that up and try nursing when my babies are with me. And I would guess a decision on the hysterectomy will be made in the next day or two. I wonder how much extra damage im dealing with because the ER sent me home when I originally showed up on Monday. I went back on Monday night with a belly full of blood and gushed so much that nurses were screaming and doctors were shouting in horror. Really a bad experience.
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The stupid feeling is a direct result of blood loss. Not only are you not getting enough oxygen, you are bleeding out your enzymes and other useful things. Even your calories are getting lost. Transfusions will replace Just your red blood cells. Your body will need time, sleep, food, and care to replace everything else. It will happen. It just takes 2-3 months at least to get smart again.
The platelet thing is DIC. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. It can happen after blood loss. I'm 100% certain your docs are watching you. No worries.
There is no threshold for the pituitary milk thing. Some women get real
Low and do fine. Others lose less and lose their milk. I'm pulling for you.
Mama's like you are why I donate blood as often as I can. So you can go home to your babies sooner. I'm sure any other blood donor would be honored to know that's where it is going.
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TEAR!!!!  <3

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Kinza - So glad to hear a little bit of good news. I hope the bleeding has completely stopped now, and you are on your way to true recovery. Sounds like Jane has a lot of good info for you! I was going to say not to give up hope, that some moms are able to relactate if they have to wean for some reason, but she's given you a lot more to go on. I hope you can get things to work for you, but if not - having you there is going to be better for your girls than not! Still praying for a full recovery for you.

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Goodness, Kinza - what you've been through!!! Please give us an update so we know how you're doing now. Hugs.

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Kinza - thinking of you goodvibes.gif

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Kinza, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, and so glad to hear that things are moving slowly in a better direction.  What lucky babies to have a mama thinking about their milk when she's fighting for her life!  Once things are back to normal, if it's very important to you, you might look into donor breastmilk: many states/areas have facebook pages or other means of connecting mothers who need milk with mothers who have milk.  (Of course, you must balance the potential risk of unscreened donor milk against the risk of formula and decide what you're comfortable with.)  I've known other mamas for whom the milk itself was less important than the act of breastfeeding, and used an SNS to give their baby formula supplements for most feedings.  (You can even add beads to the tubing or buy/make something like this: http://www.melscrochetedcreations.com/product/supplimental-nursing-cowl.)  Please ignore all of my unsolicited information if you can't process right now, but I wanted to offer some additional options to think about if/when the time comes.

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Kinza, thinking of you!!! hug2.gifgoodvibes.gif I hope things have continued to improved. grouphug.gif

jill, good to see you and to see that ticker moving! How are you feeling? It's funny how many BSL Grads have now popped back in with surprise pregnancies. Speaking of which, KellyTTC, are you lurking? How are you feeling, too?
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jill that looks really awesome! I agree that an SNS might be a good idea if it's needed. I have a friend who had to breastfeed and use SNS with donor milk. It worked out GREAT for her and her daughter both! Def a nice option to have for those who need it.

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Thanks for checking up on me, guys. I'm home now, with strict instructions to call 911 at the first hint of another hemorrhage since I'm walking around with a low blood volume. I feel slightly better than I did but really tired and not great in general. Scared this will happen again. Really scared. Thinking our frozen embryos might never get used and really sad about that, but glad to be home with my girls. Thanks again for asking, and thanks to Jane for the info and others about breast feeding/sls. Still trying to figure that out.
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So glad you are home! Do they have you taking anything to help build back your blood? Not sure how it works in the case of blood loss, if supplements help with that. Anyway, hoping and praying things only go up from here!

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Glad you are home Kinza.  Thanks for checking in! 

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Kinza - So glad you are home.  I hope you continue to get better and no more trips to the hospital!!  Love those babies and the breastfeeding issues will work themselves out.  

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Kinza, glad you're home! 


Hi Tear!  I'm so excited for your new little one!  Kparker and I are plugging away in the November DDC :).  I feel really BIG, and am measuring about 4 weeks ahead, but the midwife is pretty sure there's only one baby in there (I haven't had an ultrasound).  If I have a big jump in size by my next appt, I'll probably have an ultrasound, but in the meantime, she attributes it to possible wrong due date (since if I were sure of my conception date I wouldn't be pregnant right now!), a little extra amniotic fluid, being a 4th baby, and/or baby's position (he/she is high and transverse).

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Originally Posted by jillc512 View Post I feel really BIG, and am measuring about 4 weeks ahead, but the midwife is pretty sure there's only one baby in there (I haven't had an ultrasound).


I measured 3 weeks ahead last midwife appt. I'm pretty scared this kid will be HUGE and I'll wind up with a c-section or something. It measured 1 week ahead on first 3 ultrasounds, and 1.5 weeks at the anatomy scan. I'm hoping the midwife is 1. wrong (not likely), 2. the kid is being carried high and/or I have a shorter torso, or 3. extra fluid or just a long kid.

I look like my friend did at her 36 week maternity photoshoot. I'm 24 weeks :(

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Back in the hospital again with another hemorrhage. They are talking hysterectomy. I just don't know if I'm done having babies yet.
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Kinza hug.gif I'm so sorry! I was thinking about you today and hoping all was well. You have lots of women here sending you good vibes. I'm so sorry you're facing a hysterectomy and the emotions of maybe not having more biological children. hug2.gif I know that my brain would be fixating on this, but try to put your energy into keeping yourself safe and healthy. Please update when you can! grouphug.gif
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jill and kparker, I'm glad you're both doing well and I hope you aren't growing big babies! For what it's worth, external sizing estimates can be way off. It sounds like that only reassures jill. Sorry kparker, but hopefully it's the short torso thing. thumb.gif

afu - I'm posting this on a separate post, but it still seems inappropriate what with what kinza is going through. Kinza, thinking of you love! blowkiss.gif We saw our baby's heartbeat today. It was measuring 6w6d, which is right on track with when I thought I ovulated. We're thrilled, and still trying to wrap our brains around this. joy.gif On a tougher note, my milk seems to be drying up and DD is devastated. I've been bawling since she fell asleep because she was so upset that there wasn't enough milk, or at least that's what we think is going on. Poor baby! Does anybody know how we can help her through this? She just turned a year old, and we were hoping to let her ease through the weaning process at her own pace. greensad.gif It's so confusing to be so sad about this, but so thrilled about the pregnancy that's causing it.
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Kinza, I'm so so sorry you're having such a difficult time and facing the possible loss of your uterus. greensad.gif
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