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Tear, that's awesome that you got to see the heartbeat and confirm everything is going well. joy.gif

Hi, Jane. *chirp chirp tweet tweet* sulkoff.gif
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Im ok. I was hospitalized again for several days with another hemorrhage but am home now and hopefully fixed. I was referred to a different specialist, who found something, had surgery and was sent home to lie around and do nothing. No picking up babies or driving or anything for at leat six weeks, hopefully no more near death experiences, etc., and then I can hope I'm safe. Anyway, thanks for asking, it's just been hectic around here.
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Kinza - Glad to hear an update, and glad they found something... I hope this is really, truly it and you can start to recover. I can't imagine how hard this has been/continues to be for you. Hang in there!


AFM, other than being unable to sleep because of hand/wrist/arm pain/numbness/tingling, and being a complete emotional wreck at random intervals, I'm doing fine. Next mw appointment on Monday, and I'll be 40 weeks on Tuesday. I think we've actually almost got everything we need ready for the birth. Which is surely what he's been waiting for, right? Anyway, not that I'm impatient... he can stay in as long as he likes... as long as it isn't past 42 weeks. That's where I draw the line!

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Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been 2 years since I had Emery! 


Here she is in her birthday glory!



And we just found out that a year after my first post partum period and not really trying/not preventing... we are expecting number 2 in April!! I can't believe I'm back here, again, on our own, after my DH's infertility diagnosis. Take that urologist. 


Happy to be here and hope I get to stay!


Congrats to everyone! 

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I have to say, I am really, really encouraged by all the moms getting pregnant spontaneously after long struggles with IF!


(And no, no baby here... though *maybe* I lost my mucus plug today?)

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Colorbywords, yay! I hope we get to share healthy happy long pregnancies together! We're due around the sAme time. And what a little cutie! I saw the pic and thought...wait...that can't be her kid so big!

Monkey, I was just wondering if you were on your baby moon. I hope you did lose your mucus plug and you're on your way! ELV!!!
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Okay, after a night of contractions and spotting, one of the midwives is on her way to my apartment to check me and the baby and see if it's time to head to the birth center. Not sure what answer I'm hoping for!
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Hi Tear! Trust me, I can't believe she's that big either!! And I can't believe that she'll be almost 3 when the new baby would be born!! Congrats on your surprise BFP too!! I'm due in late April so we'll be a few weeks apart but I'm happy to have someone to share it with! :) I have forgotten how tormenting the first weeks are! :( My lines were super light and my DH didn't really believe it, so this morning I went and got a digital and he can't deny a big fat Pregnant LOL! Now I've just been trying to think about what ob to use because I wasn't happy with my midwives at my old ob. And then it's sit and bake a baby which is tiring and I don't have much to do ;)


Monkey, good luck!!!!

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C&P'd from my DDC - more later!


Baby Pirate joined the crew last night at 7:30 pm. 8 lb. 10 oz, 22.5" long, with a 14" head and a nucchal hand. I'm torn and sore, but we did it!

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Congratulations Monkey!  Glad he's here.  We had the birth with the added difficulty of a hand up by the face too; i did not know it had a name, but it does make it harder!  Get rested and enjoy your little boy.

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Hey everyone!  Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I came across this thread and thought I'd share my update.  I recognize some of the names in this thread.  Congrats to everyone and their babies!  I was around when we came up with name BSL.  If I remember correctly, it was partly because at the end of every failed cycle, some of us would treat ourselves to sushi and wine, but also because we felt raw like sushi.  Well after 3 years of trying, and then not trying, and then trying (with some help)...we finally have a baby on the way.  This little boy is due on in two days - the 21st.  And I'm definitely craving some wine and sushi :) 


I'm in that place where I'm scouring the message boards for natural induction methods and trying to see if anything will work.  I'm trying to be patient, but definitely ready to have him out.


And Tear - Congratulations on your pregnancy!  That's super crazy and amazing after all you went through.  It's so great to read about all the happy endings / beginnings to all these stories.

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Yay Monkey!

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Congratulations to Monkey! I'm so glad you have your little guy in your arms now. And congratulations to the other BSLs, some of whom I recognize, others not, who are pregnant all of a sudden. What a joy. 


All fine here - three floor scooters, one sitter, one teether, no one crawling yet. All easy, laid-back babies still. I'm so enjoying my generous maternity leave, and trying to decide whether to go back to work in January or extended it until next August...I do love my job, but this is fun too.

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Congrats monkey!

Kinza, I've been popping in and watching this thread. I'm glad to hear that you seem to be over the worst of it and you're on the road to recovery.

I'm now in my 2nd trimester (14 weeks) and still pinching myself. I'm having the worst time sleeping though! I'm dreading go back to work next week with pre-dawn wake-up calls as this baby seems to keep me up at night (even though I don't feel him or her yet). I'm wide awake at 2am and exhausted the entire day. I suspect this baby is already training me for late night feedings. Wtf!

Tear, I'm not sure if I congratulated you... You're only about 6 weeks bend me, so I'll be checking in on your updates!
Court, congrats to you, too!
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COURT!!! SO good to hear from you and to hear your wonderful update! Please keep us posted as your little boy makes his arrival. I'm sending you tons of easy labor vibes!!! joy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gif. I'm so happy for you!!!

Monkey, congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!

Emaya I'm always amazed at how laid back you sound with three babies, mellow or not. They must have gotten in from you. :-D. Thanks for the congrats!

Isisandosiris, sorry you are having trouble sleeping. I hope that eases up soon. Tomorrow marks 10 weeks for us, so if all is well we're only bout 4 weeks behind you. Cool!
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Congratulations Monkey!! joy.gifjoy.gif

Can't wait to hear more.
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Congrats monkey!! 


I hate the first trimester. :( With Emery I spotted from 3 weeks to 8 weeks with varying colors and amounts. This time I had no spotting until a tiny bit last night, which totally had me worried except that that's all there was... except now I keep worrying about it restarting! I wish I could go to sleep and wake up safely in the second. That is all!

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