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Newborn parenting... not all it is cracked up to be! Little guy has been enormously fussy the last few days, especially at night, so Pirate and I have been doing shifts staying up with a baby that is often screaming inconsolably. He is about to wake up, it sounds like, so I will offer a quick pic and hopefully someday have a chance to add myself to the roster and tell you more!


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Aww Monkey he's gorgeous! Good job :)


So apparently I had an episode of vasovagal syncope today. Long story short I passed out somewhere between the toilet and the bed. Both kid and I are fine (I fell pretty perfectly, I've gathered) but man, I never knew about these sorts of things before being pregnant :\

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That is frightening kparker! So scary! I'm so glad you're ok and baby's ok. Nice job on falling perfectly while passed out.

Monkey, I feel for you - those first days can be tough. I hope what ever is ailing his young little life is solved soon. Not colic, is it? How long does he cry and are they painful cries? Poor little guy and poor parents. I know it's tough - my first cried for a couple hours at a time every day as a newborn, and my husband would walk circles around the house with her strapped to him (I was suffereing PPD and exhausted). But some miraculous luck, we got three quiet calm babies this time around and no PPD. Sending you hugs. 

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Aww, monkey what a cutie! And those first days are exhausting. I wonder if something you're eating is upsetting his tummy? Has your milk come in yet? With dd, I had to cut out onions, chocolate, and dairy and saw a huge difference. Just a thought. I hope it gets better soon! hug2.gif
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This is just a C&P from another thread... dh and baby are sleeping, I probably should, too!


Just wanted to update and say that my milk has come in, and we're doing way, way better with breastfeeding, which is make life (especially at night) much better for everyone. Poor dh can't seem to sleep/get back to sleep, so he's really struggling. I have my moments, still, but I am doing okay. I'm a little daunted by how life-consuming it is going to be to feed this little guy, but I'm trying to remember how much I wanted to be a SAHM, to make this my life. Baby is so precious and cute and I worry about him so, so much, but really enjoy looking at his sweet sleeping face. Slowly but surely we are making it through each new hurdle. I'm sure I'll be waiting for the "easy" part for the rest of my life, but after days of worrying about no dirty diapers, I'll take a pile of pee-soaked clothes and blankets with gratitude for now!

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Aww, he's so precious, Monkey. love.gif

I'm glad things are improving.

kparker - Yikes, glad you're both fine.

N is 6 months now, and wobbly sitting.
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:( Well, I started bleeding Sunday night and my HCG was at a 6 yesterday, at supposedly 5 weeks 3 days.


So now I'm 50/50 with spotting. Nothing like being a statistic!


I'm glad the worst of the miscarriage is over and now we get to decide whether we want to actively try again or not. I hear that the first couple cycles after a miscarriage are lucky. I guess we'll see.

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Oh no color :(

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So sorry. guilty.gif  There are lots of stories on here about healthy, lasting pregnancies in the first few cycles are a miscarriage.  candle.gif

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Thanks. I hope so. Our problem though is DH, not me.. not sure a miscarriage will suddenly make him make more swimmers, yanno? However, we were told we couldn't conceive without help and now we've done it twice... so here's hoping!!

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My problem was also male factor (although there is zero possibility of us doing it on our own). If you have done it twice, at least you have that chance! Might as well keep it up!

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color, I'm so sorry. hug.gif I hope you heal quickly and can conceive again without help grouphug.gif
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Hey, ladies!


Life is busy for us. Our baby girl is almost 8 months old! She's sitting and crawling (not so efficiently yet) and is still a real koala baby. We have been having some trouble getting her to gain weight (she's only 6.5kg, so ~5% percentile in weight, 50% in height), even though she eats day and night. Her diet is mama's milk and some fruit purees, and we have introduced yogurt (plain with some fruit puree mixed in) a bit early in the hope that it helps. She also like to chew on crackers/bread, though she still has no teeth.


Her big brother has started pre-K. He is doing really well and having a lot of fun at school. He is an amazing big brother, always giving her hugs and kisses.


Need to run again. Baby is awake!


Congratulations, Tear!

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Monkey Monkey Monkey!!! It makes my day to see your little one arrive!! wool.gif (just pretend that this sheep is a monkey jumping rope)

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colorbywords - So sorry for you and your family. Hoping you can beat the odds again. hug.gif


rcr - Thanks!


Kyamo - Oh my goodness - your little guy is getting so big! I love his little hat!


Please let me know if there are any roster updates needed - I feel like I have missed several! Also, would anyone like to take the fall thread?


AFM, I'm going to be exceptionally lazy and just refer you to a really long post on the Infertility One Grads thread. Baby is having a fussy day!

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Originally Posted by CA Country Girl View Post

Congratulations Monkey!  Glad he's here.  We had the birth with the added difficulty of a hand up by the face too; i did not know it had a name, but it does make it harder!  Get rested and enjoy your little boy.

Our little guy arrived with a hand up, also. While the labor was much easier than my first, the pushing stage was not fun... actually harder than the first.

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Hi Ladies!  

Sorry I have been out of touch.  It is a very busy life- back at work with a 12 week old.  Time has flown by.  Our new LO is a joy.  I thought I might be due for a difficult baby since my first was relatively easy, but the combination of being an experienced Mom (more confident than the 1st time around) and her lovely, flexible little personality since day one has been a great combination.  She wakes up a couple times a night, but returns easily to sleep nursing since we bed share.  She doesn't want to hang out for that long inside, but loves to be out and about doing things.  Unfortunately, she hates the car seat.  I miss her terribly when I am at work, even on my limited teaching schedule, but she does really well with caregivers.  My older daughter is a wonderful and loving big sister and enjoying first grade.  I wish I could loose this weight faster, exercise and breastfeeding have not been helping so far, but I have very little to complain about.  Life is good.  I hope all is well with you all too!

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I'll post pics of the cake later (it was a gorgeous cake) but we had the baby shower today and did the gender reveal for family/friends. So now I can spill to everyone else here: It's a boy!

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First birthday, already, what indeed! Has it been so long? Time is flying :O

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