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Hi - I had "very a-typical" mole on my leg biopsied and my doctor is sending me to a plastic surgeon to have a chunk of the skin around the mole removed because it tested very close to skin cancer.  It is outpatient surgery and won't require any crazy drugs.  However, I nurse my little guy who is almost two.  He nurses sometimes like a newborn and sometimes only every few hours.  He also still nurses at night despite several attempts at nightweaning.  He just loves his "na na."


After my diagnosis and knowing that I also have adrenal fatigue, I'm wondering about the prospect of weaning my son so that I can heal myself.  As we all know, nursing requires a lot of nutrients and even though I eat a primal diet and take supplements, I feel sometimes like I'm depriving myself of nutrients (I feel very rundown at times).  I weaned my daughter at 28 months when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.  By that time she was only nursing a few times a day, so it wasn't a huge transition.  With my son, though, he nurses quite a lot.  If I do not nurse on demand, he gets very upset.  He doesn't just nurse for comfort.  He sucks down a lot of milk with each feeding.


He will be two in three weeks and has intolerances to dairy and nuts.  He won't drink coconut milk and I will not give him any soy products.  I understand that children do not need a milk substitute - however, I wonder if I should try to find some substitute to give him comfort and nutrients.  I know a lot of mothers who read on here believe totally in child-led weaning.  My health issues are scaring me enough that I need to cut back the nursing or maybe even wean him entirely even though he is not ready. mecry.gif