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Put on pelvic rest already :(

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has anyone else been put on pelvic rest already?  i had some spotting two days ago, only when wiping and stopped yesterday, and today i passed a rather large clot. no bleeding but just passed that clot, i have no cramping at all . i called my doctor and i had to get blood test today and be put on pelvic rest. and i have to get another test done wed. :(  anyone else having any issues?

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I had this issue with both of my previous pregnancies (though strangely not this one so far).  Bleeding on and off that was heavier than spotting.  More like my period starting.  Both instances we did pelvic rest and repeat betas.  No issue was ever found either time and bleeding stopped by 9 weeks.  Both pregnancies went on to be normal.  Your 2nd beta should double from the first one - that will give you the best indicator of what is going on.  Fingers crossed.

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Curious to hear your outcome Nicole.


I had some bright red bleeding last night - more than spotting - and a little cramping. This morning I was still bleeding, although it was more dark red and seemed to be "thicker". I'm now just spotting dark brown stuff.


I put a call into my RE's office this morning and she told me to go on bedrest and I have to go back for another beta tomorrow morning.


I am a little concerned, although I feel deep down like baby is okay. I had very strong doubling betas at just under 5 weeks (I'm just over 6 weeks now). But I never bled with DD so of course I worry a little.


I'm just curious to know if your beta number was good and you stopped spotting, were you able to go off bedrest again right away? Anyone have any experience with this?



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i'm 9 1/2 weeks now, i've been spotting for a few days, today i was put on pelvic rest. it kind of worries me, i don'w want anything worse to happen.

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i was on pelvic rest with my first pregnancy from 10-18 weeks because i had repeated spotting and bleeding. and everything turned out fine, and i was up an about for the rest of my pregnancy. i never had repeat beta testing, because ultrasound showed my bleeding was due to a low lying placenta that later moved up on its own and the bleeding stopped. i was off pelvic rest the day that another ultrasound showed the placenta had moved. i've had a few spots so far this time, and any day i spot i put myself on pelvic rest until i've been spot free for 48 hours. it's much tougher to rest now that i have a toddler, but if you are able to enjoy the rest then just make the most of it and try not to let it frustrate you. it might mean you'll be on some form of rest the whole pregnancy, but it really could just be temporary. hang in there mamas, and try not to worry too much.

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I had a sudden gush of heavy bleeding and clots at 7 weeks that lasted for several hours.  They put me on pelvic rest and I had follow-up ultrasounds that showed the baby was fine and they couldn't find a subchorionic hematoma or anything that would have caused it.  It's possible I had a hematoma and it bled out completely.  It was a very frightening experience.  Just take it easy, be positive, and don't google too much because you can make yourself so stressed and worried sick over it.

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