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Weekly Chat - April 9-15

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Getting the weekly chat started!  Carlin - it's strange that you haven't been able to post for so long! 


I guess I don't actually have a lot to report so I am boring person to start the chat!  I guess the only news is that I am currently wearing a heart rate monitor because my palpitations got so bad.  I have an appt. tomorrow and will probably get some blood work done to check thyroid.  I am hoping to hear the heartbeat tomorrow too - this baby has been hiding!  

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Jend1002 - Keep us posted on your appointment tomorrow!

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Thanks Jen & 2ss for starting the chat, and to Carlin for trying- hope that gets resolved soon!


I just got back from the optometrist, and my eyes.. have improved? Apparently that's a thing for some women. I'd been on the lookout for changes for the worse, and it's true that my contacts have been less comfortable lately, but this is a first! I'll take it, and hope it sticks.


Suddenly my body is changing FAST. At 17 weeks and change, I'm not fully 'popped' yet, but if I put my hand just under my belly button, it's on top of my uterus, which I guess will be belly button-level within a couple weeks. I officially have two pairs of pants--two--that are okay for a) going out in public and b) the cool weather up here in MI, where I'll be for most of this month. And for work, which is the purpose of my visit, it's really just one. I brought other maternity jeans that I'd bought a while back, and even those are just.. weird right now. I don't know what I'm going to do. Really makes me appreciate that I'll be working from home for most of the rest of the pregnancy. ;)


This growth is complicating sleep.. I wanted to go get a massage this weekend for the lower back pain I'm getting overnight, but they were closed for the holiday.


On the bright side, this morning I swore I was getting a bunch of little kicks down on the right side. Cute. :)

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Hi mamas! It's a beautiful day here - almost 70 - and I'm so excited that summer is coming. I had a crazy/stressful weekend, but things are starting to fall into place and I'm feeling much more positive today. If you missed the drama in my other thread, the short story is that my midwife turned out to be a total flake, and she is pretty much the only HB midwife in my area (she has a backup, but that's complicated because of their relationship and how they work in the area). I will not birth in the hospital with a reason that I absolutely must, so I was feeling pretty stuck, but I think we've come up with two possible solutions. Either I will see a hospital MW, but just not go to the hospital when the time comes and will have a UC, or we will be going back to Seattle for the birth with the MW from my DD's birth, whom I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and will have the baby at a new birth center that just opened and looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm 100% comfortable with either option and actually feel better about either of these plans then I ever really did with the flakey midwife anyway. DH is super stressed right now about an exam he has to take tomorrow, so we are going to wait to make a decision until that is over.

The flakey MW did finally remember to send in the order for my US, so I scheduled for the 27th to find out the sex and take our second peek. My sister is coming over from Seattle for that, and dd is very excited to see her auntie. smile.gif
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It was a beautiful last 3 days here on this side of the Cascades too.  We pretended it was summer, got our bathing suits on and sat on the deck.  I did a bit of gardening too, but frustratingly enough bending to plant or pull weeds is causing major BH contractions.  Last preg they started at 20+ weeks, this time at 17.  After planting a bunch of herb starts over the weekend I went to pee and had some dark blackish blood streaks and what looked like a bit of my mucus plug!  I freaked and called my MW but she was out of town so I called her backup who was covering and she reassured me it seemed like old blood coming out.  She was unsure of the mucus plug bit but I opted to wait instead of go in for an u/s.  I monitored at home with the doppler.  Everything sounded fine and baby was moving its normal little weak bumps.  No more blood, but I did have a bit more of the mucus plug thing.  I have no doubt it was caused by the BH ctx.  So today I was back in my garden pulling weeds and I started having BH ctx again so I just left and went to sit down.  It's very frustrating, I think I might have to hire a friend to help me in the garden this year.  I have a huge veggie garden, a huge herb garden, and a huge flower garden...If I can't bend down how am I going to take care of them?  At least I was able to do standing things like trim dead flower stalks and water my seeds and starts, but still, not happy!

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Glad to hear you have two plans that you feel comfortable with!  I'd love to know which MW in Seattle you went with last time that you loved so much...I went to midwifery school in Seattle so many of the MWs there were my teachers, friends, or classmates :)

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Oh, and I cannot even WAIT for next week.  My u/s is scheduled for the 16th.  Considering all the problems I've had this pregnancy with the hyperemesis, I will be forever reassured to see the baby looking healthy and even though it was not a really big focus last time, this time I feel like I NEED to know the gender.  I just need something to feel like this is a real baby in there :)

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Those of you who have ultrasounds coming up are getting me all excited for mine, and it's definitely at least three weeks away! lol


I feel so much bigger right now at 16 weeks than I did the first time around, even though I haven't gained much weight yet.  I'm also experiencing sciatic nerve pain again (at least, I think that's what it is) and I'm annoyed that it's starting earlier this time around. I'm going to talk to my midwife about it tomorrow.  I already have a list of things I want to chat with her about :) 


Also, it seems that DS (who will be 2 on Wednesday!) is weaning.  He's only nursed once in the last two days, despite DH and I asking him frequently if he'd like to nurse. I'm kind of sad about it, even though it's been kind of painful lately when he nurses. Ooooh well. I wonder if we'll continue with this pattern for a while or what. Since he's my first, I don't really know what weaning's like. 


Hope all of you have a wonderful week! 

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my U/S is tomorrow (18w+6) the plan is to not find out the sex, but if the tech slips up and says something I won't be devastated winky.gif
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@Nukuspot: Take it easy mama. I'm sure everything is just fine but I can see where blood (even if brown) is scary.


@Madimamacita: You made me laugh. I'm too curious to not find out the sex. I don't think I could spend the entire pregnancy not knowing and I already have a boy and a girl so either sex, it's not new to me :).


That being said...my ultrasound is on April 23 and the whole family is excited. We will tape it again so we can watch it over and over and over and over ;).


@Domermommy: DS weaned at 13 months when I was 5 months pregnant with DD. He was less and less interested and then wouldn't nurse in the PM anymore. He ended up not asking for it anymore at all and even when I offered, he was not interested. That was the end of our nursing relationship but I was glad that he was the one leading it, not me pushing him to stop. The entire process took only a few days, maybe three or four days.


I made it through my two Zumba classes today. It feels so good to move around, even though I do look funny by now, doing certain moves haha.

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MissE -- You're right, it's definitely a better (and easier) situation with DS being the one leading the weaning. I have an aunt who was the extended nursing trailblazer in my family and nursed her youngest until she was almost three, and their (mother-led) weaning process was pretty hellish. I remember hearing stories about my little cousin crying and screaming out for nursies at night for weeks, so needless to say I was nervous about how all of this would play out. Thankfully that's not what's happening in my house :)


Seriously, guys, the ultrasound talk is making me so excited :) :) I have absolutely no preference one way or the other, but I can't handle not knowing.  Several of my friends have decided to wait until the birth to find out, and as fun as that is for them, I have plenty of fun finding out around halfway through the pregnancy ;) 

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19 weeks 2 days, and I threw up this morning! It's been weeks since the last time. I don't know if it's because I woke up early for work today (still, i had 10 hours of sleep) or because I was thinking about throwing up while I was brushing my teeth? But regardless, throwing up is definitely my most hated feature of pregnancy thus far. This weekend I tried on a pair of my pregnancy jeans, and while I don't really think I am big enough for them yet (they fall down if I am doing stuff, like playing on the floor with friends' babies) they stay up while I'm seated at my computer and SO MUCH more comfortable while riding my bike. My one-size-too big jeans which are generally comfortable now were really pressing on the lower belly when riding up hill, and these maternity jeans are soft and nice. I feel silly wearing them "so early" when I don't really think I am that big, but whatever. They will only get a couple months of use so why not start using them earlier than strictly necessary?


A friend of my sweetheart just had her baby at 26 weeks. The baby can breath now and is doing well enough that the hospital is driving the baby from the hospital where it was born to the hospital in the city where the parents live so the parents can go home... Thank goodness their child is doing alright now. How terrifying that a baby can be born so early.


Ilovejeff- I used to live in Richland and my goodness I hated the drive over to Seattle. I could never get friends to head east over the mountains, so I had to head west a lot. No doubt you are 100% fully informed, but is there a midwife option for you in the Tri-Cities? That is soooo much closer to Yakima than Seattle is. Are you confident that your labor would last long enough to get you to Seattle to the birthing center in time?


Nukuspot- I did my garden prep-work this weekend, I don't have any land at my apartment so it's all container gardening and my back was really hurting the next day. Hot water bottle is my miracle cure. I really hope you will be able to get back down to your plants.

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I have my US next week and I can't wait!  I spent the weekend all excited because I had my dates confused and thought it was this Wednesday (tomorrow) so it was a bit dissapointing when I realized it was another week away.  I think the pregnancy brain has set in.  I can't remember anything.  Names, dates, anything.  ugh.


My weight is still staying about the same and my blood sugar is doing what it's done the whole pregnancy.  After meals it's fine, early morning fasting it's a little high most of the time.  (120s -130s).  It's really aggravating,   I can't pinpoint what's causing it, and some mornings it will be under 105 where my Dr. wants it, and other mornings it's a little higher.  I don't feel it's really high enough to be all that concerned about but I'd like to know what's causing it.  I've varied my snacks at bedtime.  Ironically, the night I ate a brownie right before bed was the morning I had the best blood sugar.  Maybe I"ll have to bake some brownies again to see if that really makes a difference.  I just can't wrap my mind around how having something sweet like that can cause it to be lower in the morning.  If I eat anything else sweet, like candy or ice cream, it's not as low, but still not sky high.  Crazy. 


Otherwise I'm feeling better, my back is feeling better and I have more energy.  I really need to get back to walking every day.  I've been slacking off the past couple of weeks.  I really want to keep my blood sugar and blood pressure as under control as I can to avoid being induced as long as possible. 

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@nukuspot, my MW in seattle is Mel Parsons. She works at Seattle Midwife and she wonderful. When I was pg with dd, I told her that I wanted her to be my lifeguard, but that I trusted my body and I wanted to be able to just do my own thing. She told me later that she was sitting on her hands not to intervene more, but she did exactly as I asked..and she is just a really sweet person.

@mole, unfortunately, the only birth center in TriCities is now closed, so I wouldn't have anywhere to birth. We have family in Seattle area that we can stay with as long as necessary, so that's not a problem, we will just go over there at 38 weeks or so and hang out. Dh will appreciate the opportunity to spend extended time with his grandma anyway, since she will be 90 this year and we will be moving away from the northwest after he graduates at the end of the year.
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Hi mamas. Hope you all had lovely weekends. It seems like we were busy Fri-Sun from 7am - 11pm and it really took its toll on me. I fell asleep with my kids last night at 8:30 and slept until 7am this morning, only getting up to pee two or three times rather than my usual five or six. Yippee!


My dreams have been getting progressively weirder and more intense. Some are VERY hot and heavy!!


Re: gardening. I'm struggling with what to plant this year. We usually have a big veggie/herb garden and I'm nervous that I'll really neglect things if I go whole hog like I usually do. We're getting a CSA and love going to the farmers markets, so I might just do my usual herbs, a few veggies, and put annuals in the rest of the space for my vegetables. I think I might want to spend time at the beach rather than a hot garden when I'm 7, 8, 9 mo. pregnant!


So...my last comment is about my fingernails. They are getting very weak and peel-y. This is not typical for me in pregnancy and I'm wondering if anyone knows why it would be happening. At this point they are cut to the quick and are still peeling 1/4 - 1/2 way up my nail bed. Yikes! What to do? And does this mean anything in terms of my bones?



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Beans- I also wasn't sure how much to plant, and my sweetheart was all "it's easier to go outside and get some food than walk to the supermarket", so there's our opinion for you! But we don't live in a hot climate, so don't have that concern. 

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Oh, the heartburn!! But, on the flip side, the day I got heartburn, the nausea and diziness magically almost disappeared! I remember now that happened my last pregnancy too. I feel so much better. I'm starting to really pop now, probably because, at nearly 20 weeks, i am finally only a lb or two below my prepregnancy weight. My ultrasound is Friday!
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I'm planting my full garden, but as we have a tiny urban lot, it's pretty tiny to begin with. I'd love to have a big garden, and had thought about getting a plot at one of the community gardens around us but I'm going to put that off at least until next year. I'm so jealous of those of you who are already planting! Hopefully the snow will be gone this week but around here the traditional safe planting date isn't until May long weekend so there's still some time to go.


Amysue, I hope you get the blood sugar thing sorted out. It sounds like you're very knowledgeable and proactive about it which I'm sure gives you the best possible chance of avoiding induction.


Ilovejeff, I'm so glad you have some options you are comfortable with! Maybe this whole situation with your midwife has actually been for the best. Way better to find out she's flakey now than at 35 weeks!


Beans, I've read that brittle and pealing nails can be a normal pregnancy symptom. Mine actually get way harder and grow faster, but as far as I've read either one is OK -Just like some people have great skin when pregant and others (me) break out like crazy.


Madimamacita, Have you had your US yet? Any updates?


Domermommy, I think it's great that your DS is weaning on his own. DD needed a bit more of a push although it still went pretty smoothly. I'm super impressed by all of you who have nursed this far into your pregnancies. By 10 weeks, I absolutely couldn't stand it anymore. DD has now been weaned for almost 7 weeks and although I occassionally miss the tantrum calming ability of nursing for the most part I'm really glad. She's actually much more into hugs and cuddles now that she doesn't just want to nurse all the time, and although getting her to bed is still a serious challenge, she sleeps much better at night.


Mole, I need to figure out what to do about the maternity clothes situation too. I'm hoping I can borrow from friends because I really don't want to go out and buy a bunch and everything from my DD is for fall and winter and I need summer. Even though a lot of my non-pregnancy clothes still fit they are starting to get uncomfortable in certain situations. I'm basically living in yoga pants and sweats but I'd like to be able to get dressed every once in awhile.


AFM, 17 weeks tomorrow, and 2 weeks until my US! It's been about 5 days since I last threw up so I have my fingers crossed that I'm at the end of that stage of pregnancy, just in time to for the headaches and heartburn to kick in! I'm also surprised by how loose my hips and pelvis feel already. It's way sooner than with DD, which I suppose is normal for a 2nd pregnancy. I really need to get my exercise and eating back on track - I had way too much of DDs chocolate this weekend  and I'm a bit scared to see how much weight I've gained. I know I'll feel better if I'm eating better too.


On another note I've been doing some reading on some of the placenta abnormalities that we found when DD was born. She had a velamentous cord insertion, succenturiate placenta, and a single umbilical artery. Our 20 week ultrasound missed all of these things, and while everything turned out fine, there was a fairly significant risk of vasa previa (blood vessels going across the cervix) that it would have been good to know about prior to delivery. I know there's almost no chance of the same thing happening again, but I'm planning to ask the US tech to take a closer look at the placenta just to be sure. Does anyone know if all of these things should be visible on a normal US? I don't really want to do more than the one ultrasound but if I need to, I guess I will.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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I've been DDC stalking the August group, since my due date is Sept 5 and I'm not 100% sure of dates.  There's a thread there about single umbilical artery, and a couple different mamas who theirs was found at the 20 wk. U/S. 

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Thansk Amysue, I'll take a look! The SUA is actually of less concern than the Valametous Insertion but if they can count arteries on the US, they should be able to see exactly where it attaches too, I'd assume. Of course, I'll be asking my midwife all of this too but it's nice to get some input from people who've been there/done that!

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